Farah Pahlavi visiting orphanage

Interviewed by German reporter in early 1960's at a girls' orphanage in Tehran


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I agree

by Elisenda on

I saw the images on TV, what a shame !!


Chaviz & Ahmadinejad's wife

by bahramthegreat on

A few weeks ago, I saw a clip of Ahmadinejad meeting with Chavez. It was embarrassing and humiliating to see his wife with black chador coming from airplane. She suddenly disappeared (she was not allowed to see men). What a difference between our Iranian women before and after revolution.


U should see mahmoud's wife in her chador and garmsari accent!

by obama on

We have come a long way! I mean, we moved back a lon long way!

BTW what does this this person know about the fashion for a queen? I guess some people like to parazeet, to show that they exist!

The Phantom Of The Opera

There must be a God; a just, and revengeful one!!

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

I wanna be there when the next episode happens. Some might know what
I'm  talking about. It's not the video at all. Someone pinch me! Please!!Unless it is a setup.

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Ari Siletz

Iranian women are beautiful

by Ari Siletz on

"Morticia, I go wild when you speak French to me."

Gomez Adams.


FR, you are stretching your feelings to her wardrobe!?

by Hovakhshatare on

She was and is an elegant lady whether your politics are rigt, left or middle and she dressed that way all the time. They did not have PR consultants then and if you look around the world all leaders went formal to all kinds of events 50 years ago. I think your criticism says more about you and your sensibilities than about her sense of what/when to wear.

Perhaps you can open your eyes beyond blind hate or dislike and see how soft & kind she is with kids pestering her.


Say what you want.

by pedro on

But look at her, she is gorgeous, educated, dressed beautiful, and she is in an orphanage. Some of you are critical no matter what. She could have used this time to have fun at the beach or i don't know, do shopping. The fact that she took time to go to orphanage give her a hi mark in my book.

We need people that are clean, presntable, smell good ( Not like GOLAB + Sweat), educated, knowledgeable and nationalist.

Frankly, I can throw up every time I see a akhoond or basiji.


and that there is a chance

by benross on

and that there is a chance to "civilize"/"modernize" her people

Obviously there was none.

payam s

She BETTER look good!

by payam s on

After all, it was because of their shopping expenses that these poor kids ended up in orphanages or "halabi abaads". 

And why is she responding French to a German question? What, all of a sudden she forgot persian? She's just dying to show her European moftkhor counterparts that she identifies herself with them, and that there is a chance to "civilize"/"modernize" her people. 


She is dressed like a

by benross on

She is dressed like a Queen.

And Queens are not always a fashion statement! But she is a lovely lady and she shines even more facing mediocrity of some.

اختر خانوم

Queen of Yves saint Laurent

by اختر خانوم on

خُبه خُبه دیگه دارین از سکوت من و نجابت سلطنت طلبانه من سؤ
استفاده می‌کنین. علیاحضرت خیلی‌ هم خوب میدونستن چی‌ بپوشن، چی‌ نپوشن.
اتفاقا اون روز من خودم شرفیاب بودم، دم در ماشین عرض کردم : اوا خدا مرگم
بده، بدون گردنبند الماس دارین تشریف میبرین؟ سرشونو آوردن نزدیک
گوشم،مبادا که اون "افسر پلیس"که نزدیک وایساده بود بشنوه و بهش بر بخوره،
فرمودند: "میترسم
این بچه پرورشگاهی‌ها پارَش کنن، حالا ممد رضا هیچی‌، حوصله
ادا اطوار و زخم زبون خواهرمادرشو ندارم". بعله، ایشون یه همچین ملاحظاتی
داشتن و حالا شماها نشس...

Farah Rusta

No dress sense

by Farah Rusta on

Shabanu has never had a sense to wear the right dress for the right occasion.  




Classy Lady

by ghalam-doon on

What an appropriate dress for a photo-op in an orphanage!

After this photo-op, they used her hat to make shoorba for all boys and girls who happend to wear uniform underwear.




She was so beautiful!

by Monda on

even wearing that hat!


روز 22 بهمن نزدیک است


رژیم جهل و جنایت جمهوری اسلامی ایران مانند یک کفتار زخم خورده شده است که با یک حرکت عظیم دیگر سبزها فرو خواهد ریخت. وظیفه همه ما ایرانیان با غیرت چه در ایران و چه در خارج از ایران این است که با تمام توان خود در مورد مهم بودن این روز اطلاع رسانی کنیم . ما پیروزیم چون حق با ماست و ما بیشماریم


Look Forward

by masoudA on

Please guys - we are at a very important junction in our history. What are your plans for 22 Bahman? Shouldn't us Iranians outside Iran be making a LOUD statement against IR?  

With all due respect to GS and his great contributions.


Don't say lies, please

by Elisenda on

Jasonrobardas, please, don't say more lies, Empress Farah did a lot for iranian people, she helped and contributed to the health, living conditions, education, etc. of all your compatriots.


What a charitable lady (???????????)

by jasonrobardas on

   All propaganda for the corrupt dictatorial regime if his husband "  Rahbare Alighadr va Azimolshan Ala  Hazrat Shahanshah Mohamad Reza Shah Aryamehr , bla bla bla " .

    I remember Iranian newspapers were full of these fake "photo opportunities " everyday , while the kids were hungry and barefoot . Shame on the Pahlavis .