Greens at IRI concert

Iranian orchestra face the greens on European tour

Organized and paid for by the Islamic Republic, Tehran Symphony Orchestra is on a tour of European cities performing free "Hope and Peace" concerts. On the night of their performance in Brussels Monday (Jan 25), the Greens made their presence known. The next stop is Italy:


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vildemose: Yes, even to Israel regime

by Mehdi on

Both Hamas and Israel regime are violating the same principle. In fact, part of the reason Israeli murderers get away with killing civilians is Hamas. Otherwise those filthy creatures would also be brought to justice. As you probably know, Israel also currently refuses to allow Palestinians to have an established government. So they also want only the Palestinians to simply not exist. They are of course clearly insane. They can justify it all they want but the truth is that nothing is currently stopping Israel from providing a fairly complete proposal for peaceful coexistence. Hamas is also in the same boat. They can easily declare independently what would need to happen for them to end their animosity. The situation with Iran-West is also the same. There is no clear guidelines for either side as to what they should do in order for the animosity to cease to exist. Hence the insanity and a blame game continues. 


Mehdi: Do you give the same

by vildemose on

Mehdi: Do you give the same advice to Hamas and Hassan Nassrallah??


When is it OK to protest?

by Mehdi on

When there is TRULY no other way. We know that protest will have some destruction in it. So the only time a protest is OK is when the destruction it causes is less than the destruction that will be happening if the protest was not done. Now, of course, we can lie and exaggerate and make it look like the situation is that desperate. But that's besides the point.

The reason you see no way to express your ideas is that, respectfully, you are ignoring some facts. I don't see that at all. To me, if anybody is truly interested in improving Iran, has unlimited avenues!

But the thing is when one starts a movement that agrees only on destruction and cannot agree on any construction, then one should expect nothing but opposition. Currently, the Green is a mob style movement that has no leader, no clear goal, no real plan, no nothing - except for one: destruction. Although it is still called green, most people involved in it are asking for the toppling of the regime. Well, with all due respect, that is not Green anymore. So why do we lie? The least we could do is be honest about it.

If you tell a government that you have no provision for when you would stop your activities against them and only want their removal, then why should that government give you any opportunity? It is like telling someone to either kill themselves or that you will kill them. Why would they surrender? And that is why you don't see any way to express yourself. You are simply an enemy that wants them dead (gone).

Right now you can't even get 1000 Iranian to agree on a flag/form of government/constitution/etc. They only want "freedom." But you will not be able to get them to agree on a list of things that if IRI did, we'd leave them alone.

If a large number of Iranians, inside or outside, could form an organization and agree on some constructive ideas, and then gather the support of millions of others, nothing could stop them and they would not need to have even one demonstration! But they won't do that. They are frustrated, sure they are. But that is not a valid excuse for demonstration.

In 1979, at some point, Shah was supposedly willing to listen and give people what they wanted. Maybe it was all talk, I don't know, but the point is "people" and Khomeini refused to even state what the hell we wanted. Supposedly Shah's system was too corrupt to allow true reform. But looking back, was it? Looking back, we can easily see that there was more than enough room for reform. But back then everybody was so excited and we all wanted the destruction of the regime without really having a clue about what we wanted to replace it with.

So, yes, I am afraid it is insane to act that way. It is insane to just fight anything and have no plan at all for building. That's worse than Rajavi's ideas - at least he makes some attempt at creating what he consider is an ideal group/society. It is a lie that once we destroy everything we will somehow magically know and agree on what we want to build. Nothing is stopping us right now from building that ideal regime. So why are we not doing it? Between 3-10 million Iranians supposedly live outside and are not subject to government coercing. So how come they have no real solution? What is the membership number of the largest Iranian group? Embarrassing and at the same time revealing, don't you agree?

I don't like what I see in Iran either but I will not support a mob whose intention is ONLY destruction. We did that in 79. I will not repeat it. Despite what some people claim, the current system is in fact creating significant improvement. I am not saying it can't be bettered. But you show me a solid plan and see if I support it or not.

Jahanshah Javid

Pardon the "interruption"

by Jahanshah Javid on

Mehdi, where's the interruption? The person with the green flag made an appearance AFTER the performance.

When is ok for people to protest? ANY form of protest is crushed in Iran. Any demonstration is met with force. There are no opposition newspapers, political parties... nothing.

When there's no normal avenues to express criticism or frustration, protesters will show up wherever they can. Including at concerts organized by the Islamic Republic to improve its bloody image.


What is insanity

by Mehdi on

A good definition for insanity is "inability to tell the difference." An individual who sees a table and say, " Cute kitten!' is insane. When an individual is unable to tell the difference between a good act and a bad act, he is insane. An international concert is a good act and must be supported - not interrupted. When an individual does not recognize the difference between good and bad anymore, he is insane and he will only create destruction and confusion. That is how 1979 "revolution" went. People started to identify ANYTHING even vaguely connected to the system as evil. We paid for our insanity dearly!


Remaining concert cities

by Hovakhshatare on

Rome, Saarbrücken, Roterdam, Geneva, Vienna 

Don't have all dates yet. Here is some pix including AN //

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Green professionals are likely building that road and power plant. The Greens have high representation among educated Iranians, the orchestra members included.


Mehdi: How much do you stand

by vildemose on

Mehdi: How much do you stand to lose if the regime is toppled? Will the companies you have bamboozeled out  of others through bribes and connection with the IRGC and no bid contracts you've gotten will end? Is that your fear??


Mehdi Eslami, How do you live with yourself????

by mehdi2009 on

Dear Mehdi Eslami,

How do you live with yourself, spewing all of the nonsense that you have put on this marvellous forum on a daily basis???? Is it something that someone dictates to you, or you just twist the logic all by yourself??!!

If there is any DESTRUCTION in Iran, it has come ONLY from the Murderous Regime that you, Phony Sargord P and the rest of your ilk so loyally support.

You just need to visit Iran and see for yourself as I did, how your beloved thuggish Regime has brutalized, maimed, raped, tortured and killed PEACEFUL Demonstrators. We Iranians are emotional and Stubborn people, and throughout history others have marveled at the fact that we have kept our culture, language and heritage in spite of numerous invasions by foreigners.

However, when Thugs such as your beloved Murderous Regime destroys almost all of their dignity repeatedly, then Iranian people will find other ways of showing their Protestation. Throwing a Green Shirt at a concert is nothing to do with destruction, but has to do everything as a Symbolic Protest. If in the end it leads to the destruction of the Evil Murderous Regime, then and only then Iranian people will be Victorious.

Salutations to ALL True Sons and Daughters of Iran.



Green plans r grn. They don't want 2 understand in regime's camp

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Ali P jaan handing them a bouquet of green flowers?!

by Mehdi on

The Green is the opposition - it is about OPPOSING. It is not about merging or joining. Giving a bouquet of flower would indicate a desire to bring together whereas the Green is about breaking apart. Anything that the government does, the Green will fight and try to destroy. If the regime builds a power plant, the Green will try to destroy is because building that power plant will empower the regime! If the regime builds a new road, the Green will try to destroy it because that road will give more support to the regime. You get the idea? The Green is what Rajavi was 28 years ago or so - it wants destruction of it all! It has NO provision for bringing together or joining. It wants domination - win or let other side win - no in between. I hope you understand now.


Ali P jaan handing them a bouquet of green flowers?!

by Anonymouse on

Like in World Cup when Iranian soccer players handed the American players small Persian rugs and gaz and sohan?! American players tossed them aside when they went back to their bench.  Some kicked them aside! Remember that?

Or couple years ago when Ahmadi gave the British sailors again rugs and Ahmadi style suits!

I'm all for green but bouquet of green flowers?!  Ahhh what the heck, I'm with you!  All green all the time!

Everything is sacred.


Green = Destruction

by Mehdi on

So far that is all that the Green has done. It destroys anything in its path. If there is a concert, where Iranian artists have a chance to become known internationally, and where interchange of cultures could take place, Green comes in and ruins it for everyone.

Since Green has no organization, no leader, no specific goals, and no clear direction, anybody of course can do anything and claim it is green. There is no responsibility, no accountability and no clear purpose. Destruction seems to be the only common purpose among the Greenies. It makes sense that destructive acts are the only thing that could be accomplished when there is no accoutability.

May the destruction lead to modernity in a magic and unknown way!


The best part

by masoudA on

was the note at the end of the clip -  Band members begging the Green to attend their next performance in Italy!! 

IR Islamists trying to win some love using MUSIC!!! of all things.  Biggots


Sargord, it ends with the toppling of the regime

by mahmoudg on

and with it, the Islamic demented way of thought, in Iran.  We invite you to come to Iran or if you live there to join us celebrate the day we bury Muhamaden way of thought.


A guy with two T-shirts

by ghalam-doon on

Who were all these people who were clapping for this I.R. sponsored concert? Were there Iranians among them? Was it an "invitation only" gathering?

There are artists and people inside the country who are boycotting I.R. sponsored events. But still we see some people here who have attended this concert instead of boycotting it!

We don't have all the facts but it seems there should be more than a guy with two T-shirts for green movement to make its presence known.


I am so proud of Iranians

by Mehrban on

even under this chagho kesh regime, they shine both on stage as musicians and off stage as protesters of this tyranny.  

Ali P.

Civilized protest

by Ali P. on

There was no shouting, or disruption of the concert.

One single green piece was placed in front of the band, at the end.

You have to admire that.

(I wonder what their reaction would have been, had they handed them a bouquet of green flowers)

Ali P.



by AMIR1973 on


For the supporter of a regime that has promoted hostage taking and plane hijacking, to accuse others of "hijacking" is, well, rich. No?


Does anybody know

by water. on

Does anybody know which cities the orchestra will visit and when????

if anybody has information on the program please DO LET US KNOW.... we have to mobilize our green army and show our presence. It's very important.

 Thanks a lot.


آفرین و دست مریزاد


آفرین و دست مریزاد. واقعا که خسته نباشید. پوز این رژیم و هواداران آن را باید همه جا زد.

باید از هر فرصتی برای بی‌ آبرو کردن بیشتر این رژیم نامشروع و ضد بشری استفاده کرد به خصوص ما که در خارج کشور هستیم و محدود‌یتهای داخل ایران رو نداریم.
حمایت از جنبش مردم ایران برای دستیابی به‌ دموکراسی‌ و آزادی و نجات از دست آدمخوران متجاوز وظیفهٔ هر ایرانی‌ شرافتمند و میهندوست می‌باشد.


exactly and right on JJ,

by Bavafa on


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

That's right Sargord, lots of hijackings going on by a single political/religious force that has a monopoly on politics, security, media and economy. The "hijacking" you see at this concert is a mere symbolic protest at the monumental hijackings under the command and control of Khamenei and his gang. Not all people can be silenced into submission.


oh my... what happened SP? ran of normal sounding things to say

by Hovakhshatare on

to defend the rapist regime? Come on. You have been a good loyal gomashteh. Don't break down on us now. 

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Lots'a hijackin' goin' on. When does it all end? Nobody knows.


Sargord I thought you have some thing to say...

by Khar on

when you started posting in IC, but more you post the more you show our true self. where do you get off from band wagon of promoting the thugs government in Iran and bashing anything that counter your terrorist masters? I got to hand it to you, you are nothing but a Gomaashteh!

Jahanshah Javid

Very funny

by Jahanshah Javid on

Sargord, when the country is hijacked, the constitution is hijacked, the presidency is hijacked, the newspapers and magazines are hijacked, when Seda and Seema is hijacked, when students and protesters and women seeking equality are hijacked, when all human rights are hijacked, this is the least to expect from those who still have some dignity left.


Good jobs...

by ahvazi on


By the Greens. Another thing while the men musicians were dress with the suit and papion, the women are made to dress the IRI Uniform. Enshallah bezoodi Jombouri Islami nabood shavad.


This is a preview of what's to come as IRR reaches the end

by Hovakhshatare on

for you SP it'll likely lead to arrest, re-training & humanizing, or possibly a health facility.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

The so-called Greens hijack events in Tehran, and the disgruntled exiles hijack the so-called Greens in Europe. Where does it all lead? Nobody knows.