Mohammad Taqi Khalaji

Prominent supporter of Ayatollah Montazeri arrested

On Tuesday (Janurary 12) afternoon four agents of intelligence ministry went to our home in Qom and arrested my father Mohammad Taqi Khalaji. They searched the home and collected hundreds of his notes, books, personal letters, computer and also our satellite receiver. They also took the passport of whole family and said that all members of family are banned from leaving Iran. My parents along with my daughter were planning to come to United States on March to visit me for two weeks. My family does not know where my father is held and Iranian officials do not give them any information.

My father is a prominent cleric who was close to Ayatollah Montazeri. He is one of closet clerics to Ayatollah Sanei who was recently attacked by regime. My father was an outspoken cleric who supported the green movement and criticized the regime for its policy in his recent speeches in Tehran and also in Qom.

His photos as well as the audio file of his speech on Ashoura eve in the house of Ayatollah Sanei are available. I believe spreading the news is better than keeping silent. I deeply appreciate any effort to disseminate the news of my father arrest and I am ready to discuss it this with media.


Mehdi Khalaji

The Washington Institute


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So now anyone who is

by TheMrs on

So now anyone who is associated with Montazeri is a good guy? Give me a break. If you're asking for sympathy, you won't get any from me.

This regime, and it's justice system, was created and supported by clerics. It's a bitch when it bites back isn't it? They all have a moral responsibility for what has happened to us. Even this one.


Separation of Mosque and State

by Daadaash on

Iranians should realize that religion and politics should not be mixed.  Mullahs should do namaaz and leave the politics to politicians.

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

it's interesting reading some of khomeini's speeches and writings from the 60's and 70's. he always lashed against the Shah for harassing and imprisoning clerics.  And so one has to ask "what has khomeini's government been doing since it's inception till today ????"   --i see no difference. 

Adib Masumian

If they arrested him

by Adib Masumian on

He must have a strong moral compass indeed. My prayers are with your father.


Nice Connection

by darius on

This is strange, father an ayatoallah and the son  working for Washington Institute .I don't know if being close to Montazeri makes any difference in what has happened in the last 30 yrs. Thousands of men and Iranian women have been murdered and tortured by the IRI  without any recognition and  at this point of time treating people with name and connection alone does alone does not make  a man a liberator .

I guess , we have along way to go to have a clear vision of all these




Bahram G

A Brutal Regime

by Bahram G on

This regime that claims to be the champion of Islam has no qualms about even arresting eminent Islamic clerics. How many more can they imprison? How many more are they willing to torture and kill?

I sincerely hope that your father is released immediately, along with all the other innocent victims of this heartless regime.

Shifteh Ansari

Sorry about the bad news

by Shifteh Ansari on

I hope he is released soon and that you will get together with your daughter.

Here's the bad news from an Iranian website.  History will remember your father for having taken an important stand at a time when Iranian people needed him the most.  His defense of people's right to protest a fraudulent elections is admirable.



Hope he gets released soon

by divaneh on

I am sorry to hear the news of your father's arrest. That is only an endorsement of his high principals, as regime will only arrest those clerics who are not for sale. I sincerely hope he gets released soon.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Sorry to hear that your father has been arrested

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Hopefully IRI regime will be gone soon and all political prisoners would return to their families safe and sound.