Mohammed Reza Heydari

Iran diplomat quits over protests

OSLO (Reuters) – A diplomat at the Iranian embassy in Norway told Norwegian television on Wednesday that he had resigned in protest over a crackdown on demonstrators in Iran but the government in Tehran denied the report. "It was the Iranian authorities' treatment of demonstrators during the Christmas week that made me realize I couldn't continue," public broadcaster NRK (watch report) quoted Mohammed Reza Heydari as saying. NRK, which said it had spoken to Heydari, presented his quotes in text rather than audio or video form. Heydari, who NRK said has served as a consul at the embassy for the last three years, was not reachable for comment. A friend of Heydari who was contacted by Reuters in Oslo said the diplomat remains in Norway but was not willing to make further statements for the time being.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told Reuters: "The report is baseless. A diplomat returns to the country when his mission is finished in another country." "Sometimes they stay longer in the country where they served as diplomats for various reasons, including waiting for the end of school semesters of their children," Mehmanparast added >>>


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Rats fleeing a sinking ship!

by PArviz on

While this is bad news for the IRI thugs and good for the people's movement (and no doubt we will see more defectors like him) but Anonymoses said it best. Now that the ship is sinking all the rats are getting out fast. 

No doubt this news should be used to the hilt against the regime but remember who these people are/were. They are/were culprits in crimes committed against Iranians by the IRI regime. They helped keep this regime in power for their own petty gains. They represented and defended a regime that has killed, tortured and plundered Iranians and Iran for the last 30 years.

Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic in any form or shape! 


Thank you Heydari!

by ptehrani on

Mr. Mohammed Reza Heydari,

You are with the people of Iran and a model and the perfect example for others who have helped the regime in the past but now want to redeem themselves.

We know that as a consul, you passed on the worldly perks offered by the regime and chose the path of freedom! We greatly appreciate your decision.

 We invite all other men and women holding key positions in the unpopular and uniranian regime of Tehran to join the people as in any case their position will not last for much more.

Baa sepaas,



The years

by Anonymoses on

The years of oppression were fine, now that ship's going down they abandon fort and run to the immigration centers. I suggest he go back to the country, or reimburse the money that he was paid ever since the country he represents began committing crimes.

Darius Kadivar

Great News ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Keep Them Coming ...



Awesome, my cousin may now get a shot

by mannya2001 on

Oh, please more resignations.....Damn it my cousin has been on waiting list for ambassadorship somewhere

Jahanshah Javid

Yeah baby!

by Jahanshah Javid on

There will be more defections by diplomats, especially those who have been stationed abroad for a few years. Many of them cannot help but get attracted to the greater freedoms and opportunities. And with spiraling problems at home, defection becomes a real possibility.


Damesh garm if true. Now we need more of them to resign

by Bavafa on