Alireza Panahian

Says opponents of Velayate Faghih should be executed


Good Nature

Dear Genuine Iranians

by Good Nature on

Good Nature //

ایرانیان راستین زمان موعود نزدیک است،  عزم خود را جزم کنید، هر یک از درختان خیابان پهلوی برای بدار آویختن یک آخوند بکار خواهد رفت. ما تفاله اسلام را بجوی فاضلاب خواهیم فرستاد.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

If you bomb the Islamic Republic then

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

this problem will go away!


nation of cowards

by bihonar on

don't blame this stupid ass, blame yourself, blame me and blame the rest of the Iranian nation who deserve him.

we are a nation of cowards, otherwise we would have gotten rid of them 1400 years ago.


What a beautiful Rozhe khooni it is a classic

by عموجان on

I wish only they could do it in HD tv. I only can listen to this when I am watching it on a monitor(after couple of smokes) if I was listing to it live where he was, I don't know either I would have been dead or him. Please if there is a god say something or do something these are your employees, they are working for you.  


حجه السلام و المسلمین پناهیان


This is who this "khoshtip" is, for more chert-o-pert from him look here


Also check out the rest of their stupid site




Free money

by divaneh on

That's what happens when you get free money (pool moft) for talking nonesense all day long. Seminaries are full of these parasites.

gitdoun ver.2.0

i need this

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i used to believe in these clerics. goes without saying i was born after the revolution and i need to see these videos to de-brainwash myself from the bull$hit lies i was fed for 25yrs.

-Down with the Satanic Velayat Faqih !! Long Live IRAN !!!!


Ajab Dayoos haii

by masoudA on

dar Iran peyda shodeh ast.

Fruits of 31 years of stupidity


I like watching guys like this these days

by pas-e-pardeh on

First of all because I can smell the fear in their threats.  They have nothing left in their bag of tricks except lies and violence

Secondly, these sermons are going to get duly attached to their file when they go to trial



they had waited for 1400 years

by mahmoudg on

to blurb this kind of filth.  But then again, this is what happens to you when you solely read the Quran and base your worldly views on it.  31 years of this type of blind following is what got us into trouble.  Oh well! the only salvation from these types of animals is to surgically remove them from the society and that day is near. 


SHAME - as khaleh mosheh said - who amongst you defend him?

by MM on


khaleh mosheh

truly a disgrace

by khaleh mosheh on

Where are the groupies to claim they are the victims now?


We have been hearing this for 31 years now.

by fooladi on

So, frankly, this kind of threats are losing their edge. I think Iranian people have pretty much decided what should be done to this regime. But thank you for posting it. I am sure there are people who still believe that "velayate faghih" can be reformed.


Anybody Know

by fidelio5 on

What this monkey's name is?