Nazanin Aghakhani

First female conductor of Tehran Symphony Orchestra

خبرانلاین: بعد از تردیدهای بسیار درباره فعالیت نازنین آقاخانی به عنوان اولین رهبر ارکستر سمفونیک تهران، این خبر به صورت رسمی توسط انجمن موسیقی ایران اعلام شد>>> I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, to a family of Persian heritage. By the age of eight I already knew I would dedicate my life to creating orchestral sound. Encouraged by the full support of my family I trained as a classical pianist, and at the age of 12 I also started taking my first private lessons in score reading, counterpoint and harmony with Thomas Christian David >>>

Here's Aghakhani conducting an orchestra in Helsinki (Finland) Temple Church in 2008:


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Are there any more concerts?

by classic on

Can anybody tell me if there are still concerts this week or the next week?

thanks a lot :)


Beauty everywhere!

by Milan on

Such beautifully attired women producing stunning music. Neither would be possible if this had been Tehran's Philharmonic.


Great job, great music, totally enjoyed it

by Bavafa on



There is no Tehran PHILHARMONIC

by Pejman7 on

There is no Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra, it's Tehran Symphony Orchestra. What game is behnid this, god knows! no sorry! god and Islamic Republic!!


Well done

by divaneh on

Lovely performance. Hope we see more of these.

Hoshang Targol

Would she have to cover her hair while conducting? Or

by Hoshang Targol on

will the male audience be asked to close their eyes and just listen?!?

I know it sounds absurd, but we're talking about Islamic "Republic" remember? On that note, will they increase her pay to compensate for the "Islamic " attire?  cheers

 P.S. One must be really in love with promotion of Classical music to submit to such working/living conditions. Power to Ms. AghaKhani.  Johann Sebastian, Ludwig and friends must be smiling.