Shajarian gives vocal lesson

Iranian talent contest with Master Shajarian on panel


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FYI, It's not a talent show, it's a workshop

by exiranian on

And your alias suits you.


I loved it

by iamfine on

I love the traditional Iranian song. Nothing can beat that. It has nothing to do with the current government or mullahs. It should stay forever.


Hassan Naghashi documentary

by Yara on

This documentary, Raaz e Maana, was featured last December.



worthless talent shows

by i_support_khamenie on

You either have it or not. lessons help ones that are 8.5/10 and above. if you;re a 4 - take a hike or join the audience.

the world is moving forward and talent shows are full of energy and color-
in iran its still gray, black and white and boring, energy depressing shows

and this Master, how cheap can he be. can;t he dress us a little.

tired of this nation. we ready need a hiroshima nuke to get us to change our ways


"Khak Bar Saresh Mikoni Seda Ro"

by Khar on

Learning from the master himself, priceless! Dorood Bar Ostad Shajarian.