Traditional Iranain Wedding

Traditional wedding ceremony in Sarab, Eastern Azerbaijan

1. Guests dance and socialize inside the Men's Section:

2. Entertainment inside the Men's Section:

3. People give their cash gifts to the groom:


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Loved it! Arward larin haardaa dee? Where were women!?

by obama on

Didn't you see the one dancing with chador? That's as much a woman you'll get! Of course, women are in a separate room. They have gorgeous women and horny men that's why they should be  separated!

There is one thing good about the worthless Iranian money here - people can be generous!

Remember, they are from the neighboring city where a widowed woman is scheduled to be put to death by stoning for having sex with a man who wasn't her husband evn though her husband is already dead!  


Turkish Private Wedding

by onlyinamrica on




by yolanda on

So the groom stood alone solemnly!


Video no. 2 ;o)

by Rea on

The audience somewhat subdued but loved the guy ! ;o)

Btw, where is the women's section ?


Private wedding party and not a single woman on sight!

by reader1 on

I don't want to be there!