Woman vs Woman

Fascinating dialogue in a series aired on state TV


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by Benyamin on

She is more militant than Alqaeda members are. I wonder if she is carrying a machine gun under her "chador".

Multiple Personality Disorder

Setting aside any...

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Setting aside any ideological, social, and political messages they want to send with this TV series, I liked the acting, dialogue, and cinematography.  Both female actors delivered their lines flawlessly and fluently.  Their facial expressions are natural and the casting is great.

Sheila K

Chadori is Mystery

by Sheila K on

My guess is that the Chadori girl is his sister, not a girl friend representing his Islamic roots. 

Btw, I've noticed that the new TV shows in Iran have tighter Hejab than before. Anyone else noticed that? 


the other side of TV seriesstory

by Saead Soltanpour on


 ba salam

it is not failure of Zarghami but it looks they are spending millions of dollars on TV series narrating whatever is going on the streets of Tehran whitin the teens and the families, the older generation and the new ones who think differnetly .

however, there are some reports that they could gain some audience after losing them during the election.  they also, could beat some of the TV channels out of country who can not afford to make the tv series on Iranian community and the concersn.

what ever that is on the screen , has been said by so many in the public, they obsurb so many teens of the green movement and the youth of their own side whille , political issues and concerns such as

free election, making decision by the people elected mps, velayat faghih would be untouched.

it is time to thnik twice, they have money and analsyis how to make alternative ways to control the youth and the democracy movement , yet.

do not deveive yourself. do not judge from outside, to get the result we ahve to have right information .







I don't think is

by rtayebi1 on

I don't think is about that JJ I think is more about the Spanish show Victoria. Another word paralleled with west. U have dariush in west we will find someone like dariush, u have Ebi we will find someone like Ebi. Very strange game they R playing

Jahanshah Javid

Relevant drama

by Jahanshah Javid on

You go girl with no chador!

Seriously, good acting, frank dialogue, strong characters. And of course very relevant, nice camera work.

The non-religious girlfriend comes off as a manipulative bitch. But the chadori, representing the establishment, is even uglier: a self-righteous loser.

Whoever created this drama and got it through the censors, bravo!