Women's Hammam

1973 film, "Jonoobi"

With Farangis Forouhar and Shahnaz Tehrani. Info on the film:


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by ghalam-doon on

For those of us who preferred brainless Italian trash:




by benross on

I like this blog, Islamist friends dont "contribute" to it :) 

Oh they do. They did, with a big bang... and some minor change in dress code. Same culture.

Anyhow I'm glad you became a Sunday monarchist. But if return of Monarchy means this, I know what will be my next revolution! 


Golden era of Iranian Abghoushti cinema

by Khar on



I prefer black and whites though!

by fooladi on

But thanks Comrade and Ahura for latest additions.

I like this blog, Islamist friends dont "contribute" to it :) 


Ditto Souri Khanoom...

by Solitude on

I would like to eco Ms. Souri's sentiment and say that every time I either watch or am reminded of such trashy (forgive me for the lack of better word) aspect of what Iranian Cinema used to be, I shiver with disgust and can't help but to be (to a very small extend) thankful to the Islamic Revolution to revamp the cinematic industry of Iran, and opening the forum for genius filmmakers, the likes of Majid Majidi, Jafar Panahi, Hatami, and a great number of others who despite all the limitations, restrictions, sanctions, arrests and intimidations, have brought class, content and quality back to the movie industry and continuously made us (and those inside Iran) proud to call ourselves Iranian.


یکی‌ نیس بگه، خجالت بکش پیرمرد


You are right. It's the Sunday edition:




Comrade & Fooladi Thanks, More Nostalgia….

by Ahura on

Now that we have expanded Ghormeh Sabzi’s post to a potpourri here is another one, although a repeat post. Enjoy it.



X- Rated Taghooti Movies!

by fooladi on

OK, No Revolution/regime change/reform on sundays then.

But thanks a lot for all three clips, I kinda liked them, maybe I am a monarchist in denial :).   


I can't beat Ahura, but ...

by comrade on




“Khair Nabieny Hamoomi” Song

by Ahura on

Thanks Ghormeh Sabzi for your contributions. This one could be augmented with the “Hamoomi” song to give it some spice!



Farhang e ebtezaal!

by Souri on

Dear GS

I always enjoy your contribution through the good video you post here.

But each time I see this kind of video, I ask myself if we really need to be reminded of this poor part of our movies-cinema culture, so frequently?

This video and the one before (again with Shahnaz Tehran and the other one with a bandari dance during a wedding) are among the ugliest pictures of our old cinema.

Why should we be reminded of this, as nostalgia? Don't we have better things from that era, to post here? I don't think we miss these things so much, here in the West.

And if we do, we can always switch to the the California-Iranian TV, they provide this kind of show in mass ....and in a modern plate!