Abi (Blue)

Self-portrait by Asa Soltan Rahmati

"ABI, is a second in a series of 4 self-portrait video art pieces (see (be)longing). ABI started as a poem then became a three dimensional expression. This piece was created and edited by me in absolute isolation - from conception, poetry, shooting, performance, and editing."


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Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Your passion, love and sensuality come through beautifully. I admire your courage.


you don't like ?

by Fatollah on

well, then don't watch nor listen to it ...


regarding second video in the comment section

by Bavafa on

I think I could almost see those fried chickens inside her thigh and tummy

If there was ever to make a point for the use for "chador" here it is to hide out stuff.



Obama: The fact that you were trying very hard to avoid ..

by reader1 on

 ... censorship made it so hilarious to read.  Perhaps you could have  softened your description of her as a “j ...” with a correctly qualified term of “a j... of artistic inclination.”!


Re: reader1, i had to change in order to stay on this site!

by obama on

I used to be "gol-dust" on this site for years, after  afew months ago I made a comment about this girl on the same video that is posted here again on one of the comments. At that time I called her a "j.....!" As a result, i was kicked out for good! I returned under this name now!! 

I guess, this site has taught me a lesson that the antifreedom of expression is not limited to IRI! So, I have be to be more discrete in my criticism. You should thank this site for forcing me to learn the language of diplomacy, not allowing me to speak my mind!


Obama: I nearly laughed my head off reading your comment

by reader1 on

I like your sense of humour. You cheered me up today!

خلفای راشدین


خلفای راشدین

حالا شما‌ها هرچی‌ میخواین بگین. بابا یکی‌ بیاد منو از توی، به قول
مجید، آینده این دختره بکشه بیرون.


Paper Pusher

I have to say. . .(well I don't have to but I want to)

by Paper Pusher on

Positively a rudimentary attempt at being "Artsy Fartsy" with the end result being more Fartsy than Artsy.  

Thank God this is Beverly Hills so we don't have to worry about her making a living with this stuff.  

I would best characterize this as "Snoop Dogg's entourage reciting Persian Poetry in a nostalgic Freaknik costume."

Then again I probably make a lousy "art critic".


The only good part!

by shahabshahab on

The only good part is Haydeh's great song!

The woman in the video cannot dance or move.



by Majid on


You have a great future behind you!


And more skin + rear end! Is this a soft porn or art?

by obama on

Thank you for granting my previous request for showing more skin, and now this! I am looking forward to see the next one! probably the little material would be removed and you turn around exposing the other side as well! is that why IRI covered you? That's shame! We don't need an Iran with this kind of maorality police! Show us more!