Jews of Iran

French TV report


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Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Hey Afsheen go and change your name!

By the way do happen to be a passionate self-hater?


Iran & Israel

by Haj-Khanum on

This visit has nothing to do with Israel. It has taken place in 1959, eight years before "SIX_DAY WAR" in June 1967.


 East Jerusalem was not a part of Israel then.




by AryamehrNYC on

Any educated and civilized person knows of the historic bond between Iranians (Persians) and the Jews.  This regime tries to rewrite history as of 1400 AD simply to create drama as a means to an end.  However, it is evident that the majority of Iranians (inside and outside of Iran) know and understand that the Mullahcracy, currently gripping our homeland by the throat, does not represent the Iranian nation as a whole.   

Iran will rise once again.   


illusory freedom

by afshin on

don't think for a second jews have any special treatment in iran.  the only reason the iranian government is allowing them to have religious autonomy, and more importantly for this french news crew to obtain press credentials is so they can say to the world that jews have freedom in iran.  which in and of itself is preposterous.  shia muslims don't have freedom in iran, what makes you think jews would be treated any differently.

i was in yazd a few years ago in a cab on my way to visit the zorastrian fire temple.  the cabby was going on and on about our zorastrian heritage.  when i asked him about his zorastrian friends, he actually looked at me with a straight face and said they're najes.  this is the paradox of iran.  it's sad, and i take no pleasure in saying this, but iran will never get better, it is what it is, not because of the stars and the moons.  iran is the way it is, because of our culture and our customs, and in reality our lack of culture. You go to iran, nobody respects anyone's rights, no one respects anybody.  people have no manners.  all they think about is how to rip off the next person.  sure there are exceptions, but the above is more of the norm than not.  your vision of iran is mix of nostalgia with a sprinkle of wishful thinking.  sure there is cyrus, there is ferdowsi, there is hafez.  but iran hasn't really been much of anything for centuries.  it's a backward country caught in the glory of 25 centuries ago, which is about 5 centuries before jesus was even born.  and frankly if we were so great then, how did we lose our "glorious" empire to a bunch of men in skirts from macedonia, who not even the greeks took seriously?

anyway, just felt like ranting a bit.  iran will never be what you think it is, or what it should be.  so make yourself at home wherever you are, take care of your family, and enjoy the exile. 


Very Informative!

by aaminian on

Love the English subtitles...

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Shah of Iran visits Israel by Tapesh

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

L'Iran est une Democratie ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

When was this Report made prior or after last June's Elections ? ...

I must have missed something ...