Gordafarid's Story

Fatemeh Habibizad, female naqqal or narrator of Shahnameh

Documentary about by Hadi Afarideh. Iranian Women's Studies Foundation Presents: (www.iwsf.org) "Naqali by Gordafarid" on Friday May 7th and Saturday May 8th, 2010, Central Stage. Richmond, California, 94804. Ticket reservation: 408-243-2222. email: norab777@yahoo. com


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by humanbeing on

the film and the woman are breathtaking. she is a real performer, and very very wise for her years. a verse she quoted also incarnates the experience of the naghal in the current atmosphere: "if you choose the path of love you should not worry about losing face". they are pursuing a labour of love.

thank you for posting this.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Great documentary

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Fatemeh Habibizad is intelligent, hardworking, and tough.  A person like her who is trying to preserve a precious part of our heritage should be respected and supported, not discouraged as the regime in constantly trying to do.  It is a shame that the ruling government in Iran is continually throwing obstacles in her way.  I wish her all the success in the world.  The hardship she has been going through is unbelievable just for wanting to practice an art form that she loves.

David ET

درود بر تو ای شیر زن ایران

David ET



Magnificent Gordafarid! Hezar Afarin!

by Mehman on


This lady is magnificent! Her endeavors at learning and practicing Naghali over 11 years are priceless.

 She studied the art of naghali by learning it from the few masters alive and now she is exhibiting it in Iran and around the world. Recently she had several performances in California.





by benross on

The content, the subjects, the film making and my tears, all priceless.