Ahmadinejad: Surrender to Emam Zaman

World powers have reached a dead-end, he says



Dear Tavana

by faryarm on

Dear Tavana

I thought this might be of interest to you, since you say: 

"I strongly believe in Quran & also believe in all the prophets sent before Mohammed..."






by Tavana on

Thanks for your quick reply. There has never existed such religion as "Shia Islam." In case you have read Quran you know that no sects or no cults are allowed in Islam. The said term has been generated by the so called "Doctors in Religion!!" that apparently your leader Bab was one of them. The Prophet Mohammed himself was an illiterate man & like almost all prophets before him had never attended any of those so called religious schools & had no shiny publications as such. I strongly believe in Quran & also believe in all the prophets sent before Mohammed. They all had been, of course, selected by the creator to deliver the "same message" but none ever claimed to know about the "unseen world", to know when the judgement day was coming, or to have any partnership with GOD in saving/managing the world in any way as "Shiasm in IRAN" associates such power with his IMAM MEHDI. PERIOD.   


Dear Tavana

by faryarm on

Your rejection of "Shiasm" in its current corrupt state can be understood, as a religion that has outlasted its time and place, but your outright rejection of the Bab's mission and religion that abrogated Shia Islam in preperation for a new age of mankind is difficult to comprehend.

The "exteremly weak human " partners you refer to have been from the beginning of time, responsible for being the chosen mouth piece of the Creator, instilled with Divine Knowledge as distinct from the acquired kind They have been the basis for the moral and spiritual education and connection to the creator.

As for the Bab, I ask you to be fair minded and examine the history of the Bab, arguably the most important episode in recent history in terms of the social and political changes it brought about.

//reference.bahai.org/en/t/se/GPB/gpb-2.html //www.huffingtonpost.com/brent-poirier/celebr...

With due respect. Fairy tales are only fairy tales for those who choose to ignore history and recorded facts.




by Tavana on

Bahaism is an illegitimate child of Shiaism! They are both nothing but fairy tales! No wonder prince of your dream story was born in Shi-Raz! The reality of time/trains/stations is only & only with the creator who manages the universe affairs & does not need any "extremely weak human partner" whether his name be Bab or Mehdi! 



by fullback1 on

You people!!!! how blind can you be, I have seen Emam Zaman , he is here among us in Kunduz, he is no other than Emir Osama Bin Laden, currently living in Afganistan, not in a well as AN claims, but in a Gaary ,in toe by a Talaban , disguised as potato day merchant. He has choseen a Gaary ( Cart) due to relentless Drone stikes by the NATO forces. This Gaary (cart) is equiped with latest communication stuff available in Afganistan, Powerd by 4, 12 volt Car batteries connected in Series. This Emam Zaman is also Eco fiendly as he is looking to install a solar panel to the Garry (cart) to suppliment the power usage.A few days ago I ran into him and the cart, and was forced to buy 2 kilos of rotten potatos. I am not happy about that.


Sargord you are full of Shiiats

by Khar on



گوش میدی "سرگرد"؟


جعبه مارگیری تو جمع کن ... جنگ مغلوبه شده ... تو هم باختی 

میایم سراغت

برو از الان رد پا گم کن چون به سرنوشت این آقا "دوکتور" مواجه ای

بپا اسمت از از پرونده ای در نیاد فردا ... ما به خون کودتا چی تشنه ایم! 


bye .. bye ..

by pas-e-pardeh on

کفگیرش معلومه به ته دیگ خورده .. 

خودشم معلومه میدونه حنای این کرسی شعر ها دیگه رنگی نداره 

ولی هنوزم داره میتازه! زهی بلاهت

!آفرین بر این تهور!

اینها معلومه نه تنها میخوان شهید بشن (به دست مردم ستم دیده ایران)، بلکه به استقبالش میرن!  جالبه

این آقا آخر عاقبت خوبی نخواهد داشت .. زشت و پر از خون خواهد بود .. ولی خودش اصرار کرد ... 



Ahmadi .. bye .. bye ...

by pas-e-pardeh on

You are witnessing the collapse of the great liars.  



Dear Mr President: The "Train" has left the Station!

by faryarm on

In light of Ahmadinejad's passionate belief in the imminent arrival of the awaited Qaim, and the changes He is supposed to bring to the world, it would be interesting to examine the unprecedented changes, not to mention the exponential change and upheaval in the every facet of human life from that day in Shiraz on May 23 1844.

Up until this time in 1844, human life the world over, had remained altogether unchanged.

On the same day, Samuel Morse the inventor of the Telegraph, opens the Bible and chooses the first verse his eyes set upon which read: :What Hath God wrought..." and sends it as his first Telegraphic message in MOrse Code.

What followed after this date, in retrospect can be seen as a quantum leap of progress in every  area of human life, from industry, agriculture, technology, transportation, the list goes on...

Most Iranians may not be aware of the historical significance of this date:and what took place in Shiraz in May 23 1844 and the movement that led to the advent of a new age of human life.




I agree. He should stop

by norooz on

I agree. He should stop preaching so much and focus on resolving the problems, 



by sam jade on

The IMAM that majority of Muslim population , never heard of him, and do not accept such a superstatios..

Does he think people are stupid or what ,,

this guy is FULL OF IT


I saw the Imame Zaman

by Simorgh5555 on

On Missing caption on a milk carton. It read as follows:

Name: Imam Zaman

Appearance: Nobody known. Probably Middle Eastern looking.Massive hooked nose.

Last seen: In the immagination of one M.Ahmadinejad's brain. 

Job: Supposed Messiah. Will come to save the world riding a camel carrying a double edged dagger. 


and it goes on and on and on...

by Rashti on

More garbage from the shitlamic republic of iran....



by yolanda on

AN is pretty desperate...wow! He put on his Keffiyeh....he must be serious

..It looks like IRI is falling apart......


1) The centrifuges have stopped working.........


2) UN condemned IRI for human rights violations

3) The whole world is rallying behind Sakineh

4) Economic sanctions....pistachio and Persian carpet embargo

5) Russia cancelled s-300 sale

6) IRI can't get a seat in UN Women's committee


it is why AN needs Divine intervention!

Lets see how long AN will last!


The Saga Continues

by dhhcfo on

Sargord...You continue dragging your feet and making no sense on top of a very poor command of English language.  There are on-line courses that you may use to brush up on your communication. That’s a least you can do to be acceptable in this community.



F Bomb on Antari and Emam

by Arthimis on

F Bomb on Antari and Emam Zaman!!!


AN (A Nobody) Vain World !!

by Demo on

ای ذسته گل مهدی--به شهر ما خوش آمدی
مظهر فریب و نیرنگی--چو غافل از خالق آمدی
عکس ظالمان در بالا-- شال عربی بر شانه آمدی
چو از روز جزا نترسیدی--  شیطان وار به زنجان آمدی

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

It's raining right now so I can't. Otherwise I would. :(


31 years of empty slogans

by aynak on


Listen to it carefully.

There is not a single statement on how to construct a better Iran.

There is not a single statement on how to address the many issues from unemployment. pollution, drug addiction, hopelessness ......

When a stupid mijid is given the task of running  a huge country, and he is clueless on how to tackle the many issues we face including some of the basics  like how to not have a bread that is too salty?  or the water that is so poulluted that pregnant women are warned against drinking it by their own health minister,  that is what we get.  

In the meantime, the best and the brightest are fleeing Iran, to come to the places where Ahmaghi Neja is promising their immeint demise.

When you listen to a lier, the best thing to do is to the opposite of what he says, and that is indeed what many of the educated are doing.   Sad.


President or Mullah?

by choghok on

I think this guy really wanted to be in "hoziye" elmiyeh and since he did not he wants to act as af he has done it.

What is really the point of a head of a state to talk about religious stuff? Lets think that 100% of people voted for him. Did they want him to preach for them or fix the countries problems? Well it seems he either cannot fix the problems so he wants to talk about something else or he really in a wrong job, he has to put a bath robe and a towel on his head and grow beard. 

Hoshang Targol

Sar tah , try getting a life, and not spending 7/24 on this site

by Hoshang Targol on

Then, after you got a life ( highly unlikely) think about what you have been told in response to you most stupid queries. 

If the security forces of IR, NAJA are pulled out of the city corners and streets, Islamic Republic will be overthrwon in less than a day. Not even a full day. Now go ride your " motorcycle" and hush. That's a good boy.

Sargord Pirouz

Maryam, that's what you

by Sargord Pirouz on

Maryam, that's what you people claimed last year. Before that, the year before. And before that... well, you get my point.

Try a dose of reality, sister. That's my advice. 

Maryam Hojjat

IRI/IRR has reached DEAD END!

by Maryam Hojjat on

AN always talks this way and divert attention from IRI/IRR to the world.