Kayhan Kalhor: Songs of Hope

Life and music of a master of the kamancheh, or Persian spike fiddle

Link TV: Filmed in Karaj, Iran and New York City, "Songs of Hope" explores the life and music of Kayhan Kalhor, a master of the kamancheh, or Persian spike fiddle. The love he showed for the instrument as a child led him to the life as a prodigy who left Iran in 1981 after the 1979 Islamic Revolution so he could continue his musical studies. He is renowned as a soloist and composer and as a founder and member of several ensembles, including Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, with which we see him rehearsing one of his compositions in the film >>>


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Mona 19

Enjoyed watching it ...

by Mona 19 on

Thanks Ghormeh Sabzi jan

Mona ;)

Artificial Intelligence


by Artificial Intelligence on

I have seen him play live 3 times now and he is just amazing. I also liked that his wife was not wearing hijab during the interview in Iran. That is a great subtle political statement. 

Immortal Guard

Very Interesting!

by Immortal Guard on

This guy looks similar to Sam Elliot:




by yolanda on

Nice documentary......he brings a lot of emotions out of his Kamancheh.....it is amazing that he is able to walk on the delicate rope to perform both inside and outside Iran freely......

Thank you for sharing!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on


استاد کلهر از معدود نوازنده گانیست که خوش تکنیک است و کمانچه را با اصولی فرا گرفته است که در قرن قبل فرا می‌گرفتند و خوش دستی‌ را مدیون استاد بهاری هستند.

کمانچه سازیست بسیار عشقی‌ است و نوازنده میبایستی عاشق باشد.

هنرمردی والا و گوهری توانا در زمینه موسیقی‌ اصیل ایرانی.خداوند ایشان را برای ما..اهل موسیقی‌ اصیل ایرانی حفظ کند.