Moorcheh Daareh

Clip from TV series, mid-1970s

مورچه داره



Thanks for posting

by azadi5 on

When I watched this as a kid I didn't care much for the singing parts, but the dialogue between the two brothers (asdoli & abdoli) was hilarious, I could watch them over and over. I still find the show to be hilarious, but still has too much singing and dancing for my taste.

by the way, who is that girl singing the main lines?

Hoshang Targol

A.O. & L.L sorry for your childhood traumas with this show but

by Hoshang Targol on

not only I still enjoy its cheecky & cheesy song and dance (after almost 40 years) I lined up all the kids in the house to dance to it. And you thought your parents were bad? the youngsters' reaction was probably same as two of you back then ( they like it for a minute or two, or pretended to , and then got bored). I still think we're missing a lot of the "subversive" context and content in here:

A.O. you might be a bit young to remeber that T.V. show by Tom Hanks, Bosom Buddies ( back when he wasn't so famouse) these guys are basically your Iranian version of Bosom Buddies, almost ten years before the US show; were we avant-garde or what?!?

If you pay attention to the songs they're singing, she's giving birth to an illegitimate child ( harom zadeh) so the midwife initially refuses to help, and after she keeps hearing " offaina" over and over & she consents to help. The mother herself seems not to be so sure who's child it is either: she keeps asking who's seed ( tokhme keieh)is it?

I know:  you ( and my grandkids still hate it), and it still takes me to all those years ago , go figure, cheers



by yolanda on

Thank you, Comrade, for the insider's information....I stopped by here this morning and had no clue what was going on.... so this is a labor pain ritual!

Thank you!!!

Wow! Another sickle and hammer avatar inspired by Obama campaign logo:


Louie Louie

Same experience as AO

by Louie Louie on

Being so desperate and nothing good on TV, anywhere we went all the parties and gatherings this thing was played over and over and  what was so bad about it was the insistence of all the adults to make us kids to repeat the song and dance with it.
I am traumatized!

Anonymous Observer

I HATED this show!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

My parents had it on videotape and they used to play it ALL the F@@king time, and I HATED it.  Such a stupid show. Nothing worse than a cross dressing man trying to be funny.


For dear yolanda ,pre-emptive description

by comrade on

The scene shows a ceremonial ritual for an expectant woman in preparation for giving birth to a Persian boy, and boy only. Well, a tiny percentage of being a Muslim might be there too. Please forgive me for not having the lyric translated for you, but if you listen carefully you might catch the word "eoufaina" which comes from our pre-Islamic language and is used to express an exclamatory outcry of a pain which has followed a pleasure. The two ladies who are riding each other(sort of), symbolize the alternative lifestyle which could have otherwise saved the lady from the agony of her contribution to the pure Aryan race.

Now, you know...     

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Dirty Angel

when Harry met Sally moaning and groaning

by Dirty Angel on

with the  males' eyes covered. Kinky!

" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."