Ancient Iran in Jerusalem

Many extraordinary items in Israel Museum

آثاری از تمدن ایران باستان را می توان در هر موزه معتبری در جهان پیدا کرد، اما گنجینه بخش ایران در موزه اسرائیل، از جهات بسیاری بی نظیر است، به ویژه به لحاظ تنوع و غنای آثار خطی و مینیاتوری آن. گزارش محمد منظرپور، بی بی سی فارسی


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No Fear

Stolen Artifacts

by No Fear on

As far as i know, taking Iranian artifacts outside of Iran has always been illegal unless it was given as a loan to another museum.

Take the " donation " claim with a grain of salt.  Its common practice to sell stolen or smuggled artifacts to museum but claim it as a donation to white wash the original crime. Sometimes artifacts could get confiscated by police in other countries and they force the smuggler to donate it to a local museum so they won't have to return it to the country of origin. The smuggler won't even get a criminal record if he " donates " the artifacts.



Dubious loyalty and Hypocrisy

by reader1 on

Both Johanna Davood and Ayoob Rabna had the opportunity to donate their invaluable collections back to their country of birth but instead decided to give it to a foreign country which they related to only by  religion.  I wonder what excuses they had for their decision when at the time of donation we had no Mullas ruling the country. How hypocritical of those criticizing  our Mullas for destroying their Iranian heritage in favour of  their Islamic heritage but condone the action of these two individuals.

No respect for the Mullas nor for these two individuals.

Immortal Guard

Is this ancient Iran or Medieval Iran???

by Immortal Guard on

This is more like Medieval Iran and not ancient Iran.

I liked the information about Iran being the center of Islamic art between 11th and 13th century and also Iranians having been the originators of the art of decorating metalwork which found its way to Egypt etc.


They will showcase Islamic stuff

by mahmoudg on

They are proud to showcase these items, and talk about the greatness of our country and let the public learn about Iran.  And what do the Islamic Rapists ruling iran do in return? They deny Israel and publicly call for its destrcution.  Islamists, try not to destroy them, but try to be like them and even better.