Effat Mahbaz

Author and former political prisoner speaks at U.N.


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thank you mehrban

by pas-e-pardeh on

i liked alinejad's speech too

B- Vafa

Marg bar Israel

by B- Vafa on

We have come along way.......and we will p........


Below is Masih Alinejaad at the same event

by Mehrban on

Below is Masih Alinejaad at the same event;


Thank you Ms. Mahbaaz and Alinejaad.


Tahbaz or Mahbaz

by onlyinamrica on

Please correct, since the meaning is awful.Hopefully the error is unintentional and non malicious.


Thank you

by Rastgoo on

Thank you and all the other political groups and individuals who stood up to this medieval regime from the beginning.  Unlike our new democrats who only woke up after Khomeini died these people (MKO, Fadai, Kurds, Peykar,....) fought against this barbaric regime from the start and paid with their lives.  It is sad how their ideals of freedom, end to the Iran-Iraq war, etc are only being discussed now as if no one in the past 30+ years had noticed the desperate situation of our country.


God Bless

by AlexInFlorida on

Brave Soul

I adore you and your dignified stand.