Hossein Khodadadi

Iranian beside an Israeli at sports championship; first since 1979

Radio Zamaneh: During the World Masters Weightlifting Championships in Poland in an unprecedented move, an Iranian athlete took his place on the medal podium beside an Isreali athlete drawing criticism from Iranian authorities. Iran’s Student News Agency (ISNA) reported that Hossein Khodadadi, Iranian representative in the Masters Weightlifting Championships stood beside his Israeli peer in the medals ceremony. The event which took place in early October was in the 105 Kg category for the ages of 35 to 39. Sergio Britva, Israeli weightlifter took the first place lifting 300 kg in total and Hossein Khodadadi, the Iranian weightlifter took the silver medal lifting 296 kg. Khodadadi appeared on the podium to receive his medal beside the Israeli athlete and this move led to serious criticism from Iran. This is the first time since the 1979 Revolution in Iran that an Iranian athlete has appeared beside an Israeli athlete in an official championship >>>



Just more embarrassment for Iran

by statira on

The more I look at this picture, the more I get embarrassed from the act of some iranians. If he didn't go up there in the first place, it would have been better than standing over there like that. Na salamati, yani eenam varzeshkareh. Where is his athlete pose and muscles? What a shame!



by Pejman7 on


Dr. X

I agree, he should stand

by Dr. X on

I agree, he should stand there with his head held up high and to be proud of his accomplishment. The fanatics in the IRI need to let go of this BS about not competing against Israelis or whoever it may be, and not take away anything from the hard work, determination, and self sacrifice our Iranian athletes have put forth. If an athlete makes a personal choice whether to to compete or not, then so be it. When are these fascist hypocrites going to stop telling us what to wear, what to drink, what TV programs to watch, and who we can compete against. Enough is enough.



by yolanda on

A very awkward moment! He refused to shake the Israeli's hand.....made almost no eye contact with the guy.....he quickly left the podium.....definitely not a happy camper.......but I have to say it is a step forward that IRI let him compete against the Israeli.........I recall during Beijing Olympic Games, an Iranian swimmer was forced to play sick and withdraw when he was scheduled to swim against an Israeli in the same heat....


To Anonymous Observer

by Benyamin on

The Islamic republic or not, one just don`t stand like that on the podium. It is frowned upon. Right in that very moment, Khodadadi is representing himself more than anything and anybody else.

PS: he would get in trouble for that by the IRI if it were his decision. If it was not his decision then he didn`t need to worry about anything(which I am sure that was the case ). I say it is a shameful Picture for him and for all iranians. The Israeli guy standing so victoriously and he is standing as if he is the personofication of a loser. 


A courageous act

by statira on

Standing over there was a courageous act, but I wish he was standing more straight with heads up. He also needs to do some core exercise.


Rice belly

by iamfine on

Beer belly, potato belly, bread belly, and finally rice belly are common among different countries. In Iran, majority have the rice belly. Lets face it, with all those good Iranian dishes (chelo kabab, khoresht bodemjan, shireen polo, albalo polo, and others) one can not avoid not to have one. Having in mind that in Iran after lunch, a good one hour nap will contribute to add to the formation of a nice rounded belly.

کلاه مخملی

پهلوون میخوای، بیا ... :)

کلاه مخملی

Anonymous Observer

اننیموس جان شما اشتباه میکنی‌

Anonymous Observer

عمهٔ پدر بزرگش صیغه جنرال کاستر بوده. :-))


عمهٔ پدر بزرگشم عموی جنرال کاسترد بوده تو جنگ شاخ بزرگ کوچک!


مرتیکه احمق ادعای پهلوونی می‌کنه بعد خودشو با شیکم گندهای امثال فیروز آبادی مقایسه می‌کنه.  بخدا هر چی‌ داره از صدقه سره آقای جاوید داره و الله با پس گردنی از اینجا مینداختنش بیرون!

Everything is sacred



by Faramarz on

اگه به این سرگرد رو بدی، میگه کس و کارهاش تو المپیک دو هزار سال پیش تو یونان مدال طلا بردن!

این بابا نصفش سرخپوسته، نصف دیگش با جنرال پاتون فالوده میخورده، بقیه اش هم رفیق جونجونی  فیروزآبادیه!

ولی خوب  سوژه روزانه ما در اومده و مایع انبساط خاطره!     


sniff sniff....

by Fesenjoon on that the smell of IRI ass that's burning sky high?

An Israeli athlete beat the IRI? oooooo. That's gotta hurt.

Mona 19

Here is the video

by Mona 19 on

Watch Here (Medal ceremony)


mash Ghanbar

Bunch of Bullshit

by mash Ghanbar on

I don't believe this crap. As if he was sent there on his own volition and on a volunteer basis with absolutely no official or anyone at all accompanying him telling him what he needs to do on the day he is receiveing his medal and then there are Fierce reactionss... Boro baba khoda babato biamorzeh.

An Athlete Representing a country normally does not travel alone!



فکر کنم اینهم از فّک و فامیلهای سرگرد باشه!


Everything is sacred

Anonymous Observer

Brnyamin & Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

Benyamin:  he's probably standing like this because he's not sure if he should be on that podium next to the Israeli guy.  He's probably pondering the consequences of what he's doing at that moment, and perhaps is trying to at least look "disappointed" for having to stand next to the guy.

Faramarz: the obesity issue is across the board in the IR.  have you seen their military "officers?"  They are all overweight, with a chelo-kabob belly hanging over their belts.  Same thing with all their other officials.  And now it's seeping into sports as well.  


عجب شیکمی داره!



ورزشکاران تپل زورشون زیاده!

ننه جون، با نون بخور که سیر شی! پیاز کم نیاد!

آخه این چه جور ورزشکاریه!


This is embarresing!!!

by Benyamin on

I don`t care if he is second or third after all it is sport and you could be anything. What I am really disappointed of is the way he is standing it looks as if someone hit him (Khodadadi) in the head.

He should have stood up proud and manly not like this.

Sargord Pirouz

Real old school athlete!

by Sargord Pirouz on

Remarkable finish for such an older, pudgy athlete. He looks older than me!

Hoshang Targol

پاپوش برای وزنه‌بردار ايراني که در کنار وزنه بردار اسرائیلی ایست

Hoshang Targol

 خبرگزاری حکومتی ايسنا: در يك اقدام عجيب و بر خلاف موازين جمهوري اسلامي ايران، نماينده وزنه‌برداري كشورمان در رقابت‌هاي جهاني وزنه‌برداري پيشكسوتان، ضمن پيكار با نماينده‌اي از رژيم صهيونيستي، در مراسم اهداي مدال، بر روي سكويي قرار گرفت كه نفر اولش از رژيم اشغالگر قدس بود. آخرين روز رقابت‌هاي جهاني پيشكسوتان كه در تاريخ سوم مهرماه گذشته در لهستان برگزار شد، در وزن 105 كيلوگرم و در رده سني 35 تا 39 سال، "حسين خدادادي" به عنوان يكي از هفت وزنه‌بردار اعزامي فدراسيون وزنه‌برداري، در گروهي شركت كرد كه نماينده‌اي از رژيم صهيونيستي در آن حضور داشت. او در رقابت با حريفانش به مدال نقره مسابقه‌ها دست يافت و در حالي كه نماينده رژيم اشغالگر قدس به مدال طلا رسيده بود، در مراسم اهداي مدال حاضر شد و در كنار نماينده اين رژيم جعلي، بر روي سكو قرار گرفت. 

اين اتفاقي است كه در سال‌هاي پس از انقلاب و در چارچوب موازين نظام جمهوري اسلامي، تاكنون رخ نداده بود و اين براي نخستين بار است كه چنين رفتاري در يك رقابت رسمي صورت مي‌پذيرد