Iran 0 - 3 Brazil

Two nations' first ever face-off

ESPN: Brazil claimed a 3-0 win over Iran in a friendly match in the United Arab Emirates and continued their winning streak since their World Cup quarter-final exit. Goals by Dani Alves, Alexandre Pato and Nilmar gave Brazil their second win in as many games under new boss Mano Menezes, who coached the five-time World Cup winners to a 2-0 friendly triumph over the United States two months ago after he succeeded Dunga. In the first ever meeting between the sides Brazil showed no mercy with their opponents right from the start as they recorded five shots on goal in the opening 20 minutes, including a Robinho attempt which hit the left-hand post >>>


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by Saman on

Congrats to Eye-Ran. I thought it'd be 76 to 0. brasil futebol bebe.

Kamal M


by Kamal M on

Actually, it was Santos (Club team) not Brazil’s national team that came to Iran and it must have been before 1976 since Pele was playing for NY Cosmos by then and he left national team in 1971. So, Iran-Santos game was sometime around 1974, I believe. // 

Artificial Intelligence

I attended the 1976 game as well

by Artificial Intelligence on

My uncles took me. I was only 7 years old and I remeber it. There was not a single empty space in the stadium. I think the score was 5-0 as I recall.


Iran scored a good goal (disallowed), hit the post, and ...

by freeirannow on

This video doesn't capture the whole story of the game.  It's true that Brazil control the game, but Iran created chances as well.  Iran scored a good goal, which was mitakenly called offside, hit the post once, and created two one-on-one opportunities.

This video clip draws a more complete picture of the game:






Brazil is always Brazil...

by Arthimis on

Brazil is always Brazil... With any of their
teams :A,B,C,D,E,F ... My frustration was with our own team!! They
couldn't even complete three simple passes!!! Iran played a terrible game as usual, it was
painful to watch even 20 minutes of this boring/ one sided game... 

With a country, regime and so called leaders like
that, can't expect a better result!! In fact, had it not been for our
goal keeper's (Rahmati) individual efforts, we could have been demolished badly...
3-0 loss was a lucky score line for us!! Iranian teams will never be
successful with so much top to bottom backwardness, mismanagement and corruptions... Sadly, There is
no motivation for those kids on any level!! Just look at Iran's overall status in the world in any field!!! There is no hope until the whole Iran and its regime

God Of Iran, Please rid us of this Islamic cancer that has infected us for so long... Free our nation and our land from all its supporters who put us in this miserable situation ...


Red Wine

علامت خطر

Red Wine

علامت خطر !

ژاپن همین الان با تک گل اوکازاکی (یکی‌ از خوش تکنیک‌ترین بازیکنان ژاپن ) آرژانتین را در کشور ژاپن شکست داد،از همین الان باید مراقب این تیم بود.



Nader, I see as usual Iran prevailed in spite of Fred!

by Q on


Actually this is the 2nd time...

by Nader on

Actually this is the 2nd time that Iranian national team faces the Brazil, and the 1976 team was not our national team.

The team that played against Brazil in 1976 was a selection of our armed forces, and not the national team.

The first official encounter happened in 1972 Olympics in Munich. Believe it or not, Iran beat Brazil 1-0. Majid Halvai scored our single and historical goal.

Look at the official FIFA report for that game, and be proud. Look at the stars who played for Brazil. Some huge names are there.

Here is the official match report.



by P_T_B_A on

mahmoudg, you are right about the previous encounter in 1976.  I attended that game in the 100,000 Stadium.  At the time, team melli was out of the country for a match and younger players were recruited to face Brezil and Pele.  The referee was Ali Mozoon who did the worst job in the history of the soccer.  He was trying to stop brezil with his awful judgement.  It was so bad that even young Iranian players were objecting in addition to the spectators.  It was rainy too by the way.   


It's not a bad result

by azadi5 on

I am just glad the score was not 10 - 0. For Iran to lose by 3 goals to Brazil is not that bad. Although it doesn't look like either team really had their big names in there.


first meet between these two teams

by mahmoudg on

was in 1976 i believe which resulted in an 8-0 win for Brazil.


allocate more money into soccer

by iamfine on

Our government should allocate more money into sport. Iranians have talents and potential. They need budget and good management to bring them into the same level as EU and south American countries