Written, Edited and Directed by Saeed Sourati

This film is about a few major questions: why a Muslim women can't have more than one husband while a Muslim man can have up to four wives? why does it seem so irrational? Iranian men are not willing to be the second husband of a women while on the contrary they expect the same from their wife.

Jasmine from Mohammad Tamizifar on Vimeo.


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This is the most stupid video

by statira on

I ever seen. Even one husband is too much.She wants two?



by yolanda on

Bigamy, polygamy, and polyandry (woman with multiple hubbies) are no good! It is out of balance, out of equilibrium, and out of equality.

OMG! The guy in the green sweater is so good-looking!


Never met an Iranian

by Parthianshot91 on

I've never met an Iranian man that had two wives in Iran. These things in my experience are very rare and are only limited to some Arab wannabe mullah filth.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

 "I'd rather be hated for w


This is dumb

by KingReza on

I don't believe Islam's policy of allowing  multiple wives is right, but the discussion should be focused on "Why men shouldn't more than one wife" and not "Why can't women have multiple husbands."



by amirkabear4u on

you should ask yourself if a muslem man meant to have only one wife and the extremist are taking the advantage of a historic issue related to population shortage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also you should ask why jews have the same arrangement too and they do not complain.


Fairness and Equality in Justice


Farmarz jaan, or better yet

by Bavafa on

Butch cassidy and sundance kid


mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on


Totally possible:) They were checking one another out while she was crying like abre bahari.


مش قنبر


من فکر کنم که آخرش برنامه اینها مثل کمدی بنی هیل بشه!

دو تا مردا با هم مشغول بشن و خانومه هم بره بافتنی ببافه!

mash Ghanbar

Agha jaan

by mash Ghanbar on

Inke ghose nadare...

Division of Labor Agha jan!


Are u takeeeing ebuutt menajaaa tooaaa??:))


The guy in red scarf & hat is Ahmadi's son's cousin! Seriously.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


به این سه تا میگن واکسن ضد سکس!


این سه تا چرا عزا گرفتن؟ یکی از یکی بی حال تر و غرغرو تر! با با سه تایی بپرین تو تخت و حال کنین! 


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