Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Lebanese University Honorary Phd, along with Khatami and Mohammad Reza Shah

DPA: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wrapping up a two-day visit to Lebanon, received Thursday an honourary doctorate degree from Lebanese University and in a speech blasted western nations for seeking a "monopoly" on nuclear technology. Ahmadinejad received the degree in political science from the university in Haddath, on the outskirts of Beirut's souther suburbs, visibly enjoying the warm welcome given him by his close allies Hezbollah and the Shiite Amal movements. In a speech at the university, the Iranian president said "we believe that real sciences and knowledge would serve mankind, peace, love, and brotherhood." He then switched to politics to take a swipe at the United States. "Nuclear energy has the ability to benefit humanity and we believe it can be used in at least 16 different fields. And yet, the US used this technology to create a bomb," he said >>>


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Lebanese university

by Anoush on

I didnt know that lebanese have a univesity at all!! Is it a F***ing Hizbolah university?! Long live Iran.. F**k Ahmadinejad !


Explain this

by alimostofi on

Explain this then


Lebanese Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri told Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Beirut will not join a regional axis 


Ali Mostofi




دکترا چند؟


این دانشگاه به هر خری مدرک میده،البته مجانی‌ نمیده.باید پرسید این عنتر چقدر داده؟


Madrak e Golaabi

by Khar on

We used to call the diploma which was obtained through cheating:-), back in college days.

shaayad keh

iran's flag....

by shaayad keh on

Do I see Iran's flag upside down at 1:22. Most of them look as red is on top and green on the bottom. Lebenan flag does not have any green in it. Am I right?


Shaayad Keh


For Over 30 years

by fidelio5 on

we have underestimated the IRI and they have beaten us over and over.

Its time we stop calling them stupid and start respecting them as worthy adversaries.

Then, and maybe then, we can push them back. 



I agree with DK and Comrad,

by Bavafa on


حدس میزنم، نتانیاهو و دوستاش (فرد) دارن لول لول تاریک میخورن



The Star of Lebanon

by Tavana on

Domestic Achievements Highlights: Elections Fraud, Substantial subsidies reductions, hot potatoes at everybody’s table, skyrocketing inflation, high unemployment, and etc.

International Achievements Highlights: Rhetoric Speeches, TV Interviews, Ceremonies, Round the Clock Travels, and etc.

PS: Mahmoud’s domestic Ph.D. had also been an honorary one given to him by Khatemi. In defiance of finding out about one of his ministers (now deceased Mr. Kordan) fake Ph.D. degree from Oxford Univ. Mahmoud had called any Ph.D. degree as a piece of ‘scratched paper.” Now he himself is receiving a free “scratch paper degree (Ph.D.)” under the neon lights in exchange for all years of giving free “scratch papers $$$$$$$” to Lebanon. MARHABA.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

As much

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


that I hate the IRI I agree with comrade. This AN is smarter than the Americans. IRI is getting a much better return than the USA does. Everyone out there hates the USA. The IRI is mostly hated by Iranians. All the Arabs specially the rabble love it.

The whole thing is ironic! It is a very strange day when the antar is smarter than US policy makers.


Shame on you for calling this disgrace an iranian

by jingooz on

A jew pretending to be an Iranian islamist, getting a higher degree from an arab, that in it self should be the joke of the century, It shows how stupid and ignorant people really are today, this puppet gives a billion of our dollars, rewarding the same people that waged war on iran killing our people destroying our industries and you call him iranian of the day, I hope the day when we can rinse our beloved country from all the trash the dead worshipers, and lizard lovers


I daresay...

by comrade on

One thing has to be acknowledged among the mayhem caused by A.N's trip.

It seems that the Iranian fund donated to Hezbollah has been managed properly so that it has translated into public support for Iran, whereas the American aid to the PA in the West Bank doesn't bring about the same level of pro-American sentiment. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Can't he wear a tie to the

by Simorgh5555 on

Can't he wear a tie to the cermony????

Darius Kadivar

As a Politician he deserves it.

by Darius Kadivar on

One has to credit him for playing ball in the Political Arena with a certain Brio.

Not my cup of tea but given his own standards he is doing quite well in luring his constituency and seeking support where he can.

Just like any politician.

His Goals are wrong but Not his strategy to achieve them. It is paying off for the time being ...

Now is he playing in the same league as his less fortunate predecessors also recipient of this prize ? ...

Only history will tell ...


"$100 for a PhD"??

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Darn, only if I knew this 14 years ago, that would have saved me 4 years of my life and hundreds of pounds of instant coffee to get my not so technical brain up to the task! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

وقتی‌ به مال مردم خوری،مال حرام خوری عادت کنی‌..دیگر نمیتوانی‌ از این کار کثیف دست بکشی،اینها که دیگر تازه گی ندارد،حال می‌خواهد ایرانی باشد و یا لبنانی،کسی‌ که طرفداری از حماس و حزب‌الله و اسرائیل بکند و مملکت خودش را فراموش کند،مجازاتش به زودی انجام خواهد شد.


Phd sold by weight

by divaneh on

I know this University. I receive some emails on daily basis from people who try to sell me Phd for a mere $100 or less. I think they come from this university.