Mashhad's "Arab Town"

Arabs from southwestern Iran displaced by Iran-Iraq war

علی فاضلی, جديدآنلاين: برای خیلی‌های دیگر جنگ یادگارهایی گذاشت که داغ آن را تا به امروز فراموش نکرده‌اند. عدۀ زیادی مجبور به ترک خانه‌هایشان شدند. برخی حتا فرصت نکردند چیزی بردارند؛ تنها لباس تن‌شان و یک پتو کل بساط‌شان بود. شهرهای دورتر از جبهه شدند میزبان این عدۀ جنگ‌زده. مشهد هم یکی از این شهرها بود. شهرک مهاجران مشهد یا شهرک شهید بهشتی که معروف به شهرک عرب‌هاست، یادگاری از همان روزهای سهمگین است. مردم عرب جنوب یکی پس از دیگری آمدند و اینجا را مکان امنی یافتند، به‌دور از غرش موشک‌ها و شکاری‌های عراق، و ماندگار شدند >>>


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ما عرب هستیم و


ما عرب هستیم و از دیدن پیشرفت یکدیگر دچار بخل و حسد نمی‌شویم... حالا نوبت توست پرشین غیور!



by babrazi on

IRI should spend money on improving living condition of these arabs rather than the one living in Lebanon.


so what?

by Parthianshot91 on

Why don't we talk about all the ethnic Persians in arab states that are facing racism and hardship from the chauvinistic facist Arabs, why give attention to these tazis? The ethnic Persians in Kuwait are numbered to be 40%, 20% in UAE, and 40% plus in Bahrain, and these people have been living there for thousands of years, since the the days of the old Persian empires and dynasties.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

 "I'd rather be hated for w

Immortal Guard

Comparatively speaking........

by Immortal Guard on

Comparatively speaking the Arabs in Iran have fared far better than the Persians in Iraq. In the 1960s and during the Iran-Iraq war most of the Persians were expelled from Iraq.

By regional standards compared to other majority countries in the Middle-East the Persians have by far better nature than let's say the Turks and Arabs. One can just refer to the situation of Armenians in Turkey and are there even any Jews left in Arab countries? The kurds in Iraq were even gased by Saddam!

And remember that Iran has been through a lot of hardships (war, sanctions and media demonization) and Persian Iran never lashed out against other ethnic people!

I guess the Iranian contribution to UAE in the business and medical field is worth mentioning as well.

Jahanshah Javid

I learned a lot

by Jahanshah Javid on

What an excellent report. It's amazing how many of these ethnic and religious pockets we have all over the country. We hear far too little from them.