Khamenei calls those who cause social/political unrest "microbes"

“People stood up to that sedition movement,” he added. “Last year’s sedition actually vaccinated the country against microbes, which can be political or social microbes….and increased [people’s] insight.” -- Ali Khamenei's speech in Qom



A New Name for Mullahs

by HHH on


Manzooresh az microb basijiha hastan keh mellat ba shenakhtaneshun vaaksineh shod. yani az in be ba'ad digeh mellat midunan chetor ba in heiwoonha raftar konan.


all these people should be bombed

by Parthian on

All these people, and all of Qom should be bombed out of existence, hopefully someday by the US Airforce.


A memory

by Benyamin on

I remembver 25 years ago one of my relatives said at the time of bombordment of Iran by Iraqi planes.

He said "There will be a day, that people start killing Mollahs for the crimes they did against humanity and Iranian people. when that happen I will pay 10 Tomaam for any Mollah corpse"

I believe that day is getting closer and closer.


میکروب اخوندی


خیلی با حاله که علی چولاق عصبانی میشه چون این گدا میدونه که کارش تمام شده و فقط پارس میکنه مثل سگ شپشدار. این قاتل با ۳۲ میلیارد دلار در بانکهای خارجی میخواد چکار بکنه . ایا فکر میکنه برای همیشه زندگی میکنه.

Dariush Kabir

It takes a Microb to know Microb!

by Dariush Kabir on

He is nothing but a parasite, he and the rest of the mullahs are bunch of free loaders, he has never had one productive day in his miserable life, all of his life have been spent in lies and crimes. Soon he will have to answer in a court of law about all the blood that he is responsible for. Is there anyone with an once of wisdom who can defend this criminal?

Take away Basij and Sepah see how long he will last!?

Artificial Intelligence

Microb is his brand of Islam

by Artificial Intelligence on

And his velayat.