Mohammad Ali Ramin

Deputy ershad minister curses at presenter on live radio



We have a choice to make

by shahabshahab on

Our choice is between hooligans and alvat like this idiot Ramin, Ahmadinezhad and others like him OR the so-called intellctuals like the ones who have immigrated to the West. I know that the fiirst grioup is very easy to manage because they are simpliy morans with money and a hot head. I am more worried about the second grioup, who think they have it right. They ar both wrong. Iran needs a government made up of smart people who  are not stupid like Ramin or Ahmadinezhad and his kind nor like the ones who like Obama think they can actually talk to the people like Ramin and hs kind,

Nader Vanaki

Jesus Christ Superstar چاکر آقا

Nader Vanaki

حال نوشتن چیزی ندارم فقط یه متلک به ریشش می خوام ببافم.


No Beer

by choghok on

Ok, so I just don't get it. And everybody else here on Iranian who does not accept your ideas do not get it, and you cannot explain to us what is we do not suppose to get, we just have to accept the fact that you are right.

 OK. I love your reason. Maybe we should all reason like you, then would be something that even mr Ramin would feel at home with.

No Fear


by No Fear on

Your outlook on politics is on the surface and one dimensional. Relying on news on the TV and internet as the main source of info. will turn you into a mainstream news zombie. At the very least, question the news feeds and double check before forming a very strong opinion about it.

Is Ahmadinejad guilty of murdering Iranians?  Maybe yes., Maybe Not. It is certainly not like the previous administrations who were directly involved in mass executions and the disappearances of many political prisoners. While you have opposed any politician who is related to the "rapist islamists IR" in vain for the last 30 years, i have decided to support those who have made meaningful changes.

The fact that every political prisoner in Iran is getting media coverage and their trials are open to the media and their names are published, has been a dream of many activists for the last 30 yrs. This has become a reality during Ahmadinejad's era. Is this enough? ofcourse not, but it is certainly in the right direction. This is not something you find in the news sections since the news follow the day to day events and are incapable of following progressions and developements in a wider time span. When you follow this form of " fact finding " sources by listening to the news, you become a reactionary news zombie.

You references to Jannati and Mesbah is the same type of reactions you are displaying based on your street level knowledge of the events. I don't have the time to bring you up to speed and try to analyze this with you. Its better if we stick to the general aspect of our politics without getting into the specific personalities and their political tendencies, atleast for now. agreed? Maybe when we can learn to speak the same language, then we can expand our discussion into the "specifics" ? But for now, take what you came to believe from the news outlets with a grain of salt.



No Fever

by choghok on

Well I must admit that I do not have the same contacts as you do, I just watch and follow the news on TV, internet and so on, like the news where Ahmaghi prior getting power says we do not want to tell youth how to have their hair and clothes and then some months ago his own government issues new sets of clothes for working women and national hair cuts for men. 

Another problem is that it seems for you it is totally ok for Ahmaghi and his friends to kill people as long as he maybe really opposed to some Mullas. Now I wonder what you would feel if a close person to you would have got his teeth knocked off while just walking quietly in the streets or his house smashed by "phony" basijis. Would you feel the same?

Ooh and one thing, you did not elaborate on how Temsah and Jannati would be against Sharia? And how is Ahmaghinejad against Sharia? Give us some examples? I really want to know. Dont come with insults and inuendos like I will send you a link and you should know yourself, come with some juicy fact so we can also start supporting Ahmaghinejad and hail him while people are jailed and killed for expressing their opinion. 

And one more thing you say that you do not idolize... Then why do you use an idol? the picture you chose says something else. I did not choose any picture, that pomegranate picture was random given, so no I do not idolize pome, I just love it.


this type of behavior

by statira on

is very normal in Iran among everyday people esp after the Slumic Revolution. People are depressed and under lots of stress. I remember the last time we went to Iran, once we wanted to get a direction from a random guy in the street, he started cussing us.


What do you expect from a bunch of "chaghoo kesh"

by Onlyiran on

"laat va loots?"  How do you think he got his job?  he was probably an IRGC member.

BTW, a picture says a thousand words.  Here he is with David Duke.  



Enough said! 


No Fear

by Agha_Irani on

"I will not get into the specifics of our internal politics with your references to Mesbah yazdi and Jannati, simply because your political knowledge seems to be at street level."

Does this mean that you, with your apparently self-important views have more knowledge?  Perhaps your knowledge here is as accurate as your islamist stats on shia's LOL 






بی تربیت


یک مشت آدم بیسواد و بی ادب و بی همه چیز دارند مملکت را می چاپند و هر روز هم نماز میخوا نند..این اسلام واقعیست اگر کسی اسلامی غیر از این و یا اسلام بن لادن و یا طا لبان سراغ داره لطفا به ما هم معرفی کنه 

No Fear


by No Fear on

     I have put aside idealistic solutions such as the emergence of a " savior " long time ago. There isn't any individual politician in our current politics that could be the answer to all of our problems. Even to think in such a mindset is slightly insulting to any sane person's intelligence. I have also adopted non revolutionary methods and solutions in a gradual process to be the most tangible and effective way to bring about changes in Iran.

Having said that; I regard Ahmadinejad as a medium ( tool ) who has both the will and means to lead us in the right direction. It would be unrealistic to expect Ahmadinejad can single handedly change the political structure of IR.

I will not get into the specifics of our internal politics with your references to Mesbah yazdi and Jannati, simply because your political knowledge seems to be at street level. However, just to give you the benefit of doubt, i pose this question. Why do you think Jannati no longer heads the guardian council?  How did the reformists gain control over the guardian council? Were you aware of this take over which happened nearly 5 months ago? Besides, haven't you heard of Jannati and Mesbah Yazdi sharp criticism of Ahmadinejad's government?

Iran's politics are complex. Even the IRGC which you claim is in total control of policy making has its differences with Ahmadinejad. IRGC recent statement about Ahmadinejad trip to New York was very interesting to read. Have you read the statement? want a link?

You might decide not to be bothered by digging deep to find out what is really going on in Iran and like many other posters on this site, divide our politics to black and white, Us and them or this or that, and make it understandable by over simplifying it.

But then, you be just a fool. Wouldn't you say so?




All whom see Ahmaghinejad as a savior

by choghok on

Lets see, you talk as if Ahmaghinejad is against Sharia and so on. His patrons are Jannati and Temsahe yazdi. Both of them not only do beleive in Sharia, they also beleive that Khamenei is godsent and any person who is against hinm should die. And they did all in their power legally and illegaly to see to that reformists lost the election. So Jannati and Temsah must both crazy to be against "sharia lovers" and then bring in Ahmaghinejad and his thugs into power according to your logic.

Now I guess you have some kind of a scenario in your minds that Ahmaghinead is not really their followers and would kill them or something like that after Khamenei is gone, but what fact do you have? These are just scenarios in your mind. And even if he did all that, how is a country run by Revolutionary Guards different to ordinary people than IRI? Look at North Korea, Burma, Syria and Pakistan, where few families run whole country through the armed forces. Do you see these countries as role models?

Would you feel liberated then if President Mashaei decides that woman singing is allowed, but you still have to live in dictatorship?


Thanks Vildmose for Introducing the brain dead islamist thug!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

This arrogant, disconnect from reality attitude amongst the falling dictators is actualy quite common. It is documented that Hitler whilst hiding in his bunker as the Red army advanced through the rubbles of Berlin, was planning on a major counter attack om Moscow! And of course the confidence of Saddam's spokesman about beating US forces as US missiles could be heard hammering Baghdad!  

The difference here is that both Saddam and Hitler had the balls to stay and fight. These cowardly islamist leaders will be on the first money laden plane fleeing to the west to join their exiled islamist fan club on!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

No Fear


by No Fear on

If you had to choose between the two, which one will you choose;

1- A revolutionary clergy who believes in the implementations of sharia laws in all aspect of the society and politics while advocating reforms.

2- A person who has doubt over the numbers of Jews killed in the holocaust but a firm believer in the reduction of religious influences over our politics.


more on Ramin

by vildemose on

Having first coached his eager pupil Ahmadinejad, Ramin later praised the President for having voiced his doubts over the Holocaust and the need for relocating the Jews to Europe if Europeans really did the massacre during the Second World War. Ramin then suggested publicly that Ahmadinejad establish a committee for clarifying the "real extent" of the Holocaust.

To those, who criticize Ramin and his government's position on denying the Holocaust, and the serial murders of Iranian intellectuals by the Ministry of Intelligence, he responds:

"The Islamic Revolution has already shaken the world and [...] the unexpected epidemics such as the Asian Flu and AIDS [are] emerging [...] The world [is] too envious to witness the success of Iran’s young generation."

To all of you, who reflexively dismiss these clearly stated goals as hype and hysteria, I say, it is with historical curiosity and fascination, that I appreciate your stance, for it allows me to time-travel some 70-75 years into the past and experience first hand what it must have been like for those, who saw the writing on the wall.

I am much more concerned about Ramin than about 'Thug-in-Chief' Ahmadinejad. After all, thanks to the President's forthrightness, Iran has managed to mobilize the whole world against itself in just 6 months.

Mohammad-Ali Ramin appears moderate, calm and reasonable. Yet his views are the same that led without fail to the biggest atrocities and genocidal crimes committed by man-kind. My translation of a short passage from a German interview in June 2004, well before the election of extremist Ahmadinejad, shows why this soft-spoken ideology always ends in disaster:

"We have never claimed to be a democratic system fashioned after the Western model, nor that we even seek to establish one. We don't believe that Western democracies are the ideal governing system, but believe that other people ["Völker"] with different cultures are able to establish better systems which are truly governed by the people and much more humane ["menschlicher"]. We don't want a system where people like George Bush can be elected as their leader, but instead want a system where the selection is ensured by reasonable and wise individuals."

UPDATE: Quite the operator our Ramin--so much for trustworthiness and credibility. Read his indignant assurances made a few months before Ahmadinejad's kindly informed us of Ramin's true intentions. What a stark difference to, “We will acquire this [nuclear] technology


"""Introducing The Angel Of

by vildemose on

"""Introducing The Angel Of Death

Who is Mohammad-Ali Ramin and why should we pay very close attention to what he has to say?

He is what Joseph Goebbels was to Hitler. He is the brain behind "Thug-In-Chief" Ahmadinejad, his hardline presidential advisor.

He is the editor-in-chief of Emamat monthly, a founder of the Association of the Islamic Path in Europe, and director of the Holocaust seminar in Tehran.

Like Ahmadinejad, he too is a member of the Shi'a branch of Islam, that rejects the first three Sunni caliphs and regards Ali, the fourth caliph, as Muhammad's first true successor.

He is Ahmadinejad's architect of the Caliphat, charged with the careful planning and realization of the global Dar-al-Islam, the time when Islam has subjugated the whole world, the time when Islam will be 'tolerant' for there will be none left to oppose or differ.

Born 1954, it is an eerie irony, that he was brought up and educated in the 'Vaterland' ; only after  completing his major in Mechanical Engineering and after founding the "Islamische Gemeinschaft in Clausthal e.V." (Clausthal is an hour's drive from Hannover, Germany) as well as other unspecified 'political activism', did he move his wife and three children back to his native home, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Apart from bringing about the global Dar-al-Islam, his passion and academic work is dedicated to the revision of the Holocaust 'Myth'. Ramin was the one who initiated the idea of the "relocation of Israel" and also the idea, that "Holocaust is a myth". Ahmadinejad was just the messenger.

He himself accepted the full responsibility of this action. In an interview with the Financial Times (German version), Ramin stated that he has also initiated the "Holocaust commission" and that he is the founder of the Conference on Holocaust in Tehran.

His logic is as simple as it is evil: Should his committee determine that indeed 6 million Jews had been killed by the Nazis, then another committee must be assembled and determine a just punishment for Germany, which, oh quelle surprise, must include the transfer of German territory so as to establish a Jewish State.

Should it however establish, that Holocaust was a 'Myth', Ramin would have successfully vilified the Jews and exonerated the Nazis. He would then hope to re-open the debate questioning the legality of the State of Israel and bring him one step closer to return Israel's territories to Arab rule. Destruction of Israel is only the last resort option. Much preferred is to usurp Israel 'peacefully', and hand control over to Arab leaders. I wonder what he'd call the new nation... """

Sargord Pirouz

You know, it's funny how in

by Sargord Pirouz on

You know, it's funny how in Amir's negative comments, he always has to resort to elaborate name-calling. It's like listening to a rude, ignorant preteen on the schoolyard at recess.  


To the clueless West-residing IRI Groupie No Fear

by AMIR1973 on


faction within our parliament 

The IRI's "Majles" is a parliament like its Saeqeh is an advanced fighter plane. To call that collection of Islamist cutthroats a "parliament" as if the IRI is some sort of democracy shows your ignorance of democratic norms. But then again, how can one expect an Islamist ape to understand the ways of human beings, even if that ape currently resides in a free society Regards.


The point is that

by iroooni on

He used indescent language. Regardless of his point.


foregive him

by pas-e-pardeh on

they are a little "tense" these days, seeing how their rule is coming to an end, and not being sure how people will take revenge on them.  They are distracted pondering what GOH they should eat now. 

Still, odd language for a leader of "ershad"! 

No Fear

LOL @ clueless commentators on this thread...

by No Fear on

Did you even listen to the audio clip?

Mohammad Taghi Rahbar is the head of a faction within our parliament which represents the Akhounds and the clergies in the Majlis.

This dinosaur once said ; “There are religious doubts over the abilities of women when it comes to management,” 

This scum is rightly accusing Mohammad ali Ramin for his beliefs in the seperation of politics and religion (based on their policies) and his faction attempts to purge Akhounds from our politics.

The radio host used this as a factual assumption and threw a bomb in Ramin's lap. Ramin could have easily dodged the bullet by denying his intentions of reducing religious influences in our politics. But he didn't do that. why? what do you think?

Ramin realized the trap laid by the radio host and decides not to play that game. He put the host in his place without clearly addressing the main point which was the acceptance of clergy and religious entities in our politics.

Now, what were you saying?


Unphuking believable!!!

by Benyamin on

I say all of them in majles and rahbar and all the ministers and president ghalat mikonand.

Immortal Guard

Great Depression!

by Immortal Guard on

It almost gave me a Great Depression!

Maryam Hojjat

fesenjoon, GOl Gofti

by Maryam Hojjat on

not only a bunch of loto loot but Arabs the old enemies of IRANIANS & their culture 7 their civilization.



by shushtari on

alee goftee!!!


Darius Kadivar

Bah,Bah ... Carla Bruni is a Whore, Ambassador Wife Tumor remark

by Darius Kadivar on

and Now you need to shut up before inviting someone to an open debate ...

What's Next ? ...



still see Khomeini on the Moon?

by Fesenjoon on

لیاقت ایران و ایرانی همینه. تا شما باشید پس از ۷۰۰۰ سال تمدن و افتخار، انقلاب کنید و حکومت را بدید دست یک مشت لات بی سواد بی سروپا. ازدواج سیاست با دین همینه. بکِشید. نوش جان.


pride before the fall?

by choghok on

Do they feel so cocky now that they do not even want to answer to the things they say in public? Or maybe this is just a comedy theatre to amuse the people under heavy financial problems in Iran thanks to the policies of recent years?


what a bunch of clowns

by mahmoudg on

when the President of this so called regime, goes on public tribunals and opens his mouth to spew garbage what is to be expected of his underlings.  I can only surmise that reading too much Quran and listening to too much of the sermons of the Islamic Priests has mushed their brains to this point.