Oil for 20th Century

1951 British documentary including rare clips of Abadan, Iranian oil industry

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Chicken or Egg?

by mrlayl on

Once someone asked me, wasn't it the car that gave gasoline its value? 

Before the invention of combustible engines, oil was in the ground and practically worthless.  

What'o you think?


jenab sargord

by bihonar on

do us all a favor, stop this imperialistic nonsense talk and get a life.

It is always easy to blame others for your short comings, no?

Immortal Guard

Sting of the Sun!

by Immortal Guard on

There is another jovial saying amongst some Persians: "The reason for our backwardness is that the sun relatively speaking shines more on our heads that on the heads of the Europeans!"

I wish we had retained the name Persia instead of switching to Iran. As this documentary demonstrates the word Persian is repeatedly used and has a more authentic ring to it. Now we have to put up with our language being called Farsi as if it is a strange new language! Some people even mistake it for "Far Sea"!

I liked the Persian traditional dress (e.g. the characteristic Persian hat etc.) I guess that kind of dress is too cumbersome for today's fast-paced lives!

It would be nice to know why the British decided to look for and explore oil in southern Iran instead of Saudi Arabia at that time! Was there any strategic reasoning or geoppolitical calculations involved?

It would also be interesting to be able to have a comparative study between let's say Iran and Texas since 1901! How would Abadan have looked if it truly was British territory?

In Iran BP stood for "Benzineh Pars" whereby abroad BP stands for "British Petroleum".

And last but not least imagine if the Middle East did not have any oil to begin with! Then the transfer of ideas and sciences would have been far slower! Also imagine if the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution had happened in the Orient as opposed to the Occident and with no oil in the Occident they would have always stayed in the Dark Ages! So maybe there is a Grand Design to all this afterall! Call it a higher form of intelligence or God or whatever!

Sargord Pirouz

Easy to see how we got to

by Sargord Pirouz on

Easy to see how we got to where we are now, watching this imperialistic rubbish.