Russia to repay for cancelled missile order

Officials complain on Iranian TV

BBC: Russia will pay back Iran's downpayment on an order for a missile system after refusing to fulfil the contract, a top Russian official says The Kremlin last month banned the sale of the S-300 air defence system to Iran after it was outlawed by UN sanctions Sergei Chemezov, head of Russia's state weapons exporter, said it had annulled the contract and would repay Iran's $166m (£105m) advance payment  >>>


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Dr. X

The Mullahs can make their

by Dr. X on

The Mullahs can make their own? Are you kidding me? They cant even build a reliable automobile. You want them to build an air defense missile system that is up to par with those of the US? u gotta be kidding


so let me get this straight, you Islamic Morons

by mahmoudg on

Russia is not your friend (you realized it after 30 years of wasting money on their inferior technology which will not stand up for one minute to the superior US/Israel power), the arabs are your enemy, Taliban in Afganistan want you gone, The Iraqis can't stand your stench, Pakistan is your enemies friend, so therefore your enemy, The US wants you gone, Israel has no love lost for you, Saudis and Wahabis (themselves less important than a coc roach) want you dead, India nd China (supposedly you friends are turning their back on you), Europe has never been your friend.  HAVE YOU MORONS LEFT ANY FRIENDS FOR YOURSLEVES ON THIS EARTH????? 

Iraneh Azad

The Mullahs have the technology

by Iraneh Azad on

To make their own version. They should not be complaining. I mean look at all the great stealth aircraft, boats, submarines they have built. The S300 should be a piece of cake for them. Who needs the Russians anyways. The IRI is self sufficient.


Yet another lesson learned.....

by Bavafa on

Try to be self sufficient as much as you can, otherwise you will be at their mercy as Iran has been for the last 100 years.

And another good reason to keep and mastering the enrichment program.


Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Does the history lesson come with the invoice ? ...