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Scenes from Mohsen Makhmalbaf's 2005 film

A 40-year-old man who has celebrated his birthday alone by himself invites his four lovers to a dance class that he teaches in order to search for the roots of his own loneliness and by reminiscing the memories of how each of his love affairs were evolved and diminished, he realizes that the more the contemporary world has become sexually oriented the farther it has moved away from love.


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13th Legion


by 13th Legion on

I think Divaneh’s title for the 2nd clip “LASS KHOSHKEH” hits the spot ;))


I think your observation about his MB’s work being influenced by a mid age crisis may be true,

For as a fact I know that mid age men tend to become fascinated and prefer younger women do to the fact that it makes them feel younger and associating with them may give them the illusion or sensation of capturing lost youth and on the other hand younger women tend to get attracted to mid age men do to the fact that they may find them to be a bit more seasoned: wiser, experienced with life, more philosophical and intriguing, in the 2nd clip “LASS KHOSHKEH”  ;) what comes out of his mouth is as fresh and beautiful as a flower. Also at the end: flower in the wind = lost youth!

As for the 1st clip, I found the symbolism to be a bit confusing, I didn’t get it! Don’t know why it reminded me of this joke:

غضنفر مي ره تماشاي رقص باله از اول تا آخرش خواب بوده. بعد ازش مي پرسن چه طور بود؟ ميگه آدماي خيلي خوبي بودن. ديدن من خوابم، رو نوك انگشت راه مي رفتن

I prefer his earlier work and hope to see him make more movies.


اسمش اشتباهیه


این که ما اینجا دیدیم بهش میگن لاس خشکه


Very old movie.  I found

by bambi on

Very old movie.  I found the imagery beautiful, but didn't think the actors' age or physique matched.  I was revolted when I saw the love scenes of an old man, and a much younger woman.    And he looked more like 60, than 40.  Makhmalbaf's later works tend to put young women, with old men. ( eg. scream of ants, with Luna Shad.... overall good movie, but again old, ugly guy, with young, cute girl).  He needs to get off this boring formula:

 old, ugly man+

cute, young  woman+

some nice imagery+

 make it appear intellectual with some eastern philosophy=

  his recent movies

I wonder if he is going through some middle age crisis.

Dirty Angel

Too brave

by Dirty Angel on

to let the red bleed and not quite sure about the obvious, didactic "symbolism". (That rose and those candles act like female bromine....)'Would however possibly see the whole film.

"Ceci n'est pas a very dirty post"