Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani

Late author on Iranian Chauvinism

Ali-Akbar Sa'idi Sirjani (b. December 12 , 1931 in Sirjan - d. November 28, 1994) was an Iranian writer, poet and journalist who died in prison under mysterious circumstances after having been arrested for openly criticizing the government. He is widely believed to have been killed at the hands of the Islamic Republic intelligence ministry for criticizing of Iran's Supreme Leader >>> Wikipedia


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Hoshang Targol

Saidi Sirjani was an amazing genuis,

by Hoshang Targol on

Only weeks after the take over of US embassy by Imam's Line Students, he starts publishing a story ( as a serial) in Keyhan: "Shaikhe  Sanaan."

It was a barely disguised narrative of the hostage-taking fiasco. The story of a once  pious mullah, who attacks his rich neighbor's house, through a mass frenzy and "takes  over," in the process he is infatuated with the rich neighbor's beautiful wife " Ghodrat Khanom." It took them a few weeks to realize what he was writing, and they stopped it.

" Shaikhe Sanaan," by Saidi Sirjani and "Fateh'namehe  Moghaan," by Hoshang Golshiri are probably the two most outstanding works of fiction depicting the early years of IR.

May they both rest in peace.

Nader Vanaki

درود بر روان پاک سعیدی سیرجانی

Nader Vanaki

نامش در کنار فرخی یزدی، صوراسرافیل، گلسرخی و همه نویسندگانی که جانشان را فدای آزادی این ملت کردند تا ابد در تاریخ ایران باقی خواهد ماند.  روحش شاد.


Right on target, priceless!

by Khar on



Bavafa : "I wonder which group..."

by Kooshan on

Not a particular group.....It was a carpet bombing!!!!!!!!!!!


Yadesh be kheir va roohash

by Kooshan on

Yadesh be kheir va roohash shad; Ensan varasteh va azadi bood.


The truth is usually bitter but to accept it than deny it gives one long term happiness and peace of mind.

He is so damn right about LA mindset!!!!!

Bijan Douli

Iranjelos are lost people (mostly). Is that what he said?

by Bijan Douli on

so those who chant: " na gharbi, na sharghi........" are iranians from LA? did he mean many people on this site who are bashing the regime for lack of freedom of speech, and anytime one says something that s/he doesn't like they block him from this website?

Interesting! yeah, I don't think they do that on this site. No way! Nothing is sacred (secret)!

my foot! (oh no, i did it again?) obama



by masoudA on

Roohesh shaad.     He is absolutely correct about many Iranians in the west who have abandoned their easyern values, without having a clue what western values are.  

Fariba Amini

interview with his daughter

by Fariba Amini on

Omidvaar vojoudi ke az jahaan beravad
Miaan Khalgh be niki bemaanad aassaarash -- Sa'di

In Iranian neo-classical literature the name of Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani is engraved in gold. His contribution to the many aspects of Iranian literature is without a doubt impressive and phenomenal. Saeedi was not just a poet, a writer, a critic, a teacher, but above all a gentle human being.

There is only handful of the literary crowd that remains. Most have died, either from grief over the loss of their homeland or have been eliminated by those who have seized their homeland. Individuals like Gholam-Hoseein Saedi, Mohammad Mokhtari, Mahmoud Tafazoli, Ahmad Shamlou, Nader Naderpour, Feryedoun Moshiri and many others who died in the name of Iran and for Iran. Saeedi Sirjani, lived for Iran and died for Iran.



Oh no!

by al-dang on


was mysterious only for those who thought he died.

Hoshang Targol

Truly a giant of contemporary Iranian litreature,

by Hoshang Targol on

He wrote so many stories about Khomeini's rise to power and his manipulation of Iranian people, right under their nose, it took them a while to catch up with him. 

We should publish and translate his works as much, and as often as posssible. One of the greatest  chroniclers of "Islamic " revolution. His place in pantheon of modrn Iranian litreature is eternal. RIP.

Down with Islamic Republic.


I wonder which group he was talking about in Tehranjeles

by Bavafa on

wink wink

Rohesh shad bash



may nature bless his soul

by mahmoudg on

one of the first to openly criticize this regime and see the crack forming in the regime.  He will be happy to know his path is continued and this regime is at its end.


I love his accent and sense of humor, Ravanash Shaad

by Mehrban on

Thank you Fred for posting the poem.  


صبح راستین


پس کن ملامت

 ای خفته بر بالین گرم خواب راحت

 گیرم خطا کردم

 برخاستم پای طلب در ره نهادم

 وز نکبت فجر دروغین در چَه افتادم

 اما پشیمان نیستم

 کز قعر این چاه

 با آخرین فریاد خود شاید کسی را

 از بستر راحت پراندم

 و او را به شوق دیدن مهر جهان تاب

 بر بام آزادی کشاندم

 آخر نه این است کاندر قفای فجر کاذب

 هنگام رستاخیز صبح راستین است

  سعیدی سیرجانی