Azita Shafazand

Talks about her participation in the recent expats conference in Tehran


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I despise fascists and stalinists

Who is A. Shafazand

by I despise fascists and st... on

This woman lied so many times and has tried to mislead listeners. For instance, she claimed that opposition voices were allowed to be aired on Iranian media!! Can she please show us proof of that.

In another point, she compared The Pope to Khamenei saying they both are the same by the virtue that they both control their own countries, Vatican City and Iran. Hello, is she stupid? Vatican is nothing by a few streets, Khamanei controls and plays games with the lives of nearly 70 million Iranians? When was the last time the Pope called for the destruction country? When was the last time anybody was excuted under the Pope's rule? It was several.

She bills herself as a feminist yet she didn't disclose that she is a supporter of Ahmadinajad? How can someone who calls herself a feminist support a leader who stones women to death?


15 minutes of fame for a free loader......

by Gharib on

Free accommodations, nourishing years of personal  insecurity and inferiority complex, be it for few days..... and the hope of more free lunches in the future....

You have to admit, an Iranian living abroad had to separate herself from the poor & needy "Sundis" lover inside.....


این خانوم برای سال دیگر تلاش میکنه


از صحبتهای این خانوم کاملا معلومه که داره طوری حرف میزنه که سال دیگه هم یک بلیط مجانی از دولت ایران بگیره. ننگ بر تو که ذره ای برای خونهای ریخته شده جوانان ایران ارزش قایل نیستی


I haven't watched this video.........

by Souri on

Now that I saw it, I'm so frustrated!

This woman is really ignorant, she doesn't seem to have any knowledge and is very low class.

She doesn't deserves so much discussions about!

.....And for someone who didn't want to give the names of the participants at first.....LOL

She just denounced the ones she doesn't like!

Nader Vanaki

فرار مغزها به این میگن

Nader Vanaki

یه پرس چلوکباب و یه شب هتل مجانی کافیه که همه مدعی بشن که ایران بهشون خیلی نیاز داره و با این همه منت گذاری سر همه، تشریف میارن به کنفرانس.  به اندازه دوریال هم برای کشورکار نمیکنن و حالا برمیگردن که پز بدن گه چقدر تحویلشون گرفتن.  واقعآ ملت ما برای مفت خوری خلق شده.


Hahaha, Fred and Co. are too funny!!!!

by Javadagha on

The time is nearing for them buggers to start to make a legitimate living

Fred what do you do for living?  Get paid by AIPAC?  How about working for a change?  hahaha :-)


Islamist Palestinian crop-dusters

by Fred on

The time is nearing for them buggers to start to make a legitimate living and get off the Islamist Rapist Republic’s payroll.

Freeloaders got to work for a change.


In today's Iran,

by Bavafa on

I see two types of traitors to the Iranian people who are in direct competition with each other. One such group as in this video who give IRI the ever more needed legitimacy and the other group such as Fred Co. who are willing to sacrifice Iran and Iranian people for the good of other countries namely Israel and US.

Shame on both




by Agha_Irani on

Please share with us your views on Iran - are you for or against the islamist regime?

Do you believe in democracy?

Do you believe in secularism?

Thanks in advance! 


I watched the whole interview and both did a good job.

by Anonymouse on

The interviewer did a good job interviewing. 

Everything is sacred


Dear Hamsadeh Ghadimi

by Abarmard on

With "Chaleh Meyduni" language and mentality, which clearly shows your level of education and knowledge of matters (also class), you should fit well with some real supporters of the regime. If you care about the opposition, you should declare your support for the current regime so people would say, dumb people support the regime. 

With your mentality neither regime is threatened nor the opposition can benefit. So, what you got to say for yourself Hamsadeh?

Now consider yourself lucky for the advice, since there are some other "chaleh meyduni" dudes here that I don't even consider responding to.  


To Q

by pas-e-pardeh on

Dr Fatemi was not executed for the crime of nationalizing Iranian oil.  He was convicted of treason because after the Shah left Iran, he was the only government official to demand abolishment of the constitution and overthrow of monarchy altogether.  He led mobs onto the streets and pulled down statues of the Shah. some may think that was a good idea, but it was clearly a capital offense under the constitution at the time.  Nobody in the government, even Dr. Mosaddegh, disavowed the constitution 


بوزینه گان و کرم شب تاب



قدسی بند انداز و سکینه لال!

این همایش نبود، نمایش بود! 


What should we do with the 'Greens'?

by Simorgh5555 on

The attack on Karoubi's house does not disturb me in the slightest. Infact I quite welcome it. Mousavi, Khatami, Karoubi and Montazeri are part and parcel of the axis of evil which destroyed the lives of a whole generation of Iranians. An attack on Karoubi or his family is exacly what we want to act as a catalyst for further violent demosntrations against the regime. Some may argue, that Mousavi is sincere, but they should be prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice: their lives. This is their chance for redemption.

We should exploit the mortal existence of Mousavi, their lives and cheap and worth nothing to me , but if their death by the Iranian security forces can pave the way to arouse people's anger and emotions to cause them to riot then that would be very welcome. What we want is to see the regime devour each other like a pack of wolves until it is no more. Then hope Israel or America launches precision strikes against these terrorists and a new provisional government will be set up. After that, a constitutional monarchy should be established under a codified constitution enshrinig secular democracy.


To Q; Hold Your Horses!

by Neda_Azadi on

At the best........  Ms. Azita Shafazand and other who attended to the "Nokhbegan" Gathering are Political Prostitutes!

I have more respect for a Street Prostitute than a Political prostitute.

A street  Prostitute have more courage, honesty, and integrity.They don't  sell their soul.



Bella ciao, Iran



Javid Shah

by Simorgh5555 on

If the Shah had killed these Melli Mazhabis, Maxists fanatics and Islamists then Iran would have been stablised for years to come. The Shah showed too much clemency although he saved us from the catastrophe of Mossadeq's government which would have sent Iran into the clutches of the Soviets and/ or the Islamists.

I urge all Iranians to keep a record of the names of these charlatan 'Greens' who are dyed in the woold supporters of this terrorist Islamic regime. Use Mousavi, Karoubi and the Green rabble as pawns for now but put them on trial and execute them later when they have outlived their purpose - that is, if the Islamists have not finished them off first like the other sorry leftists/Liberals like Forouhar who regretted ever deposing the Shah.  




by Q on

Dr. Hossein Fatemi was executed by firing squad by the Puppet King Pahlavi for having dared to help nationalize Iran's oil industry.

You can cry like a baby all you want, but you can't change this historical fact.

And a bunch of ungrateful, opportunistic attack dogs are now disrespecting his wife for having helped with this conference, just because they are too fanatical and fascistic to accept political differences.

Dorood bar Khanom Fatemi va Shafazand. More courage, honesty and integrity in their small fingers than all you anonymous self-proclaimed nationalist clowns combined.

PS. The hosts claim of $300 Billion (US dollars) cost for this conference doesn't pass the laugh test but is very typical of fanatical expats whose basic math skills go out the window when they become blinded by hate.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on



خیلی‌ ممنون سرت رو خالی‌ کردی با اخبار فالس نیوز. حالا برو کمی‌ از "پرس تیوی" واسهٔ ما خبر بیار.  ولی‌ این دفعه یادت نره سیفون رو بکشی.

امضا: خس و خاشاک


آقای فردوس

بستگی داره از کدوم خبرگزاری میشنوی که چقدر خرج برداشته، چند نفر بوده‌اند، کی‌ بوده و چی‌ شده.  همین آزیتا خانوم رو میگن مهندس راه و ساختمان هست که ما فهمیدیم آرایشگر در ویرجینیاست.  حالا بعید هم نیست که جفتش باشه مثل بیژن مرتضوی که پشت سی‌ دی موسیقی‌اش مینویسند که مهندس راه و ساختمانه. تو خود ایران میگن چند ده میلیارد تومن، اینجا میگن یک میلیارد و نیم.  تو اخبار ایران میگن بین ۳ تا ۵ درصد ایرانیان مقیم خارج ضدّ رژیم ایران هستند! بله درست شنیدید.  سند سفسته خواستید، فراهم می‌کنم.  و این همایش برای ایرانیان خارج کشور ضروریت انکار‌ناپذیری دارد که بتوانند از پیشرفت‌های جدید جمهوری اسلامی پی‌ ببرند: اعدام نوجوانان، شکنجه، تجاوز مرد و زن، سنگسار، فلاکت اقتصادی، ...

Hoshang Targol

To Q, "attack dog" is you president

by Hoshang Targol on

and his entourage , harfe dahento befahm.

Dr.Fatemi was attacked relentlessly by Fadaian Isalm (AN's spiritual godfathers), all true independent Nationalists inside the country have been killed, tortured and jailed for the past 32 years, remember Daruish Forohar and his wife? and now all of a sudden you're more Catholic than Pope.

What's next in the Intelligence Ministry's guidance to inifiltraion of Iranians abroad? you all become vegetarians and animal rights supportes.


To Abarmard : All these "gatherings," in Iran are the prelimenary steps for Intelligence Ministry to fully infiltrate Iranian communities abroad.

The fact that individuals such as Ardeshire, O. ( who has called on IR to execute all of its opposition,  a position that  even AN with all his stupidities would never say, at least in public) attends this sham gathering speaks for it self.

Down with Islamic Republic.

Stop all executions in Iran.

Free all political prisoners in Iran.


"اسناد و مدارک


سناد و مدارک موجود است که هزینه تمام شده برای این همایش تنها یک و نیم میلیارد تومان بوده است باید بگویم آنچه ما از این همایش بدست آوردیم و درواقع دستاوردهای این همایش صد برابر هزینه ای بود که برای آن صرف شد" ............ چطور ممکن است در حالیکه فقط هزینه سفر یک گروه دو هزار نفری (که برگزار کنندگان ادعا میکنند) از خارج به ایران بیش از یک میلیارد تومان میشود هزینه کل این همایش فقط یک و نیم میلیارد تومان باشد؟


Cowards attacking real people, standing by their opinions

by Q on

such hypocrisy and cowardice.

It's now more than obvious that the anonymity of FredCo or other attack dogs below has nothing to do with IRI (convinient self-importance fantasy). It is the same reason many other people from all countries on the Internet are anonymous: they don't want the personal attention in their real lives.

If that is the case, they shouldn't be too eager to divulge personal information about other people, lest they be subject to the same unwanted tactic.

Thanks to this lady, and Mrs. Dr. Fatemi whom this lady mentioned, whose husband (Mossadegh's foreign minister) was executed by the former puppet dictator, for opening up this line of dialogue with Iranian expats. Hope to see more of this to the "koor chesmi" of fossilized fascists abroad.

Hoshang Targol

 نه تنها خجالت

Hoshang Targol

 نه تنها خجالت هم خوب چیزیه ، وقاحت هم حدی داره. وقتی که ایشون و بقیه حضار شرکت کننده داشتند چلو کباب هایشان را صرف  میکردند ، آیا صحبتی هم از ترانه موسوی، ندا آقا سلطان، سهراب، احسان، فرزاد ،... و دیگران به میان آمد؟ یا  اینکه  اساتید نمیخواستند اشتها یشان کور شود؟ و اگر ملت ایران خواستار کور شدن چشم این ارازل و اوباش " شرکت کننده" شود ، آیا میتوان بر ملت خورده گرفت؟ مسلما خیر.


خانم شفا زند


خانم شفا زند رویهمرفته نظرات جالبی دارند که در بعضی موارد حکایت از وسعت دیدگاه ایشان میکند اما ایرادهائی هم به ایشان وارد است که در لفاف واقعیت نگری نسبت به شرایط فعلی حاکم درجامعه ایران دچار عافیت جوئی و فرصت طلبی میشوند. ایشان اظهار میکنند که معتقدند ایرانیان باید خدمات خود را به جامعه ایران ارائه دهند و بطور نمونه از کمک به درمان یک کودک مبتلا به سرطان نام میبرند. اظهار این حرف بیشتر به یک تظاهر روشنفکرانه میماند تا یک دیدگاه واقعگرایانه. کمک به درمان یک کودک سرطانی در برابر کمک به دوام شرایطی که میلیونها ایرانی دیگر را در عمق ذلت و خفت نگاه میدارد تا یک گروه خاص و وابستگان آنها همه امکانات و منابع کشور را در دست خود داشته باشند و از آن تا آنجا که میتوانند در جهت مخالف مصالح و منافع ملی بهره ببرند و ریخت و پاش کنند و کمی هم به متخصصین از خارج آمده بدهند، نمیتواند بهانه ئی برای توجیه چنین عملی باشد. مسلما اگر خانم شفازند هم در این همایش شرکت نمیکردند چیزی عوض نمیشد ولی ایشان میتوانند نشان دهنده نمونه کوچکی از فرصت طلبیهای ما ایرانیان باشند که ریشه اصلی همه مشکلات ما در چند قرن اخیر بوده است. ضرب المثلی هست که میگوید اگر میخواهی شکم کسی را سیر کنی به او یک ماهی بده اما اگر میخواهی او را برای همیشه از گرسنگی نجات دهی به او ماهی گیری را یاد بده. رفتن به ایران برای بدست آوردن امکانات کاسبکارانه به این بهانه که مثلا فلان "اورتوپد" که در واقع همان شکسته بند خودمان است بتواند در ایران خدمات خودش را به ایرانیان ارائه بدهد بسیارکوته بینانه است. بیش از ده سال پیش من در یکی از بیمارستانهای کانادا از یک دکتر کانادائی متخصص قلب شنیدم که ما در ایران از خدمات بهترین متخصصان قلب برخورداریم و این مطلبی بود که من پیش از آن نمیدانستم. مشکل مردم ایران نبودن دکتر و متخصص نیست. بسیاری از دکتر ها و متخصصین ایرانی در داخل کشور بیکارند یا به کارهای بسیار بی ارزش مشغولند چون امکانات بهره برداری از تخصص مثل ایجاد بیمارستانها و سایر امکانات درمانی برای آنها بوسیله همین دولتی که میلیاردها خرج پذیرائی از عده ای تحصیلکرده فرصت طلب مقیم خارج از ایران میکند فراهم نمیشود و بسیاری از آنها به همین دلیل هر ساله راهی خارج میشوند. واقعا جای تاسف است.


آزيتا شفازند


عضو مركز حقوق بشر آمريكا در گفت‌وگو با فارس: واكنش ايران به هر تهديد غافلگيركننده خواهد بود

خبرگزاري فارس: شفازند با اشاره به نامه گروه متبوعش به سران كاخ سفيد و هشدار نسبت به هرگونه حمله احتمالي به ايران، گفت: به مسئولان آمريكايي تاكيد كرده‌ايم كه ايران، عراق و افغانستان نيست و هرگونه رفتار تهاجمي اتحاد ملت ايران را منسجم‌تر مي‌كند.

آزيتا شفازند مهندس راه‌ و ساختمان، ايراني مقيم آمريكا و از جمله مدعوين همايش ايرانيان مقيم خارج از كشور بود، در گفت‌وگو با خبرنگار سياسي خبرگزاري فارس، با بيان اينكه عملكرد منفي آمريكا مانع از ارتباط ايران با اين كشور شده است، اظهار داشت: اگر آمريكا مي‌خواهد با ايران ارتباط داشته باشد ابتدا بايد به آرمان‌هاي مردم اين كشور احترام بگذارد و سپس با ادبيات ملت ايران با مسئولان جمهوري اسلامي سخن بگويد.

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You are so shallow!

by Neda_Azadi on

The end does not justify the means. You Are Embarrassment to Humanity. SHAME ON YOU!

May we live to see a Free Iran….for Neda
and all the World… ... Watched it


Free flight, board and accommodation and Ashe Reshte

by Simorgh5555 on

When they pay a visit to Ame jan and sings praises to Ahmadinjead they come back and enjoy the freedoms in Amercian which millions of Iranians are deprived of. Whats good for them is not good enough for the other Iranians.



Shame on Iranians like her

by mahmoudg on

Sold out to the devil, the IRI, for perhaps some publicity and money sent to their bank accounts.

David ET


by David ET on

David ET

خانم !

David ET

 جواب ندا و سهراب‌ها را چه میدهی‌؟ من برای آنان که بدن خود را برای پول میفروشند بیشتر احترام میگذارم تا آنان که وجدان و ملت خود را به حراج می‌گذارند برای چند بلیت مجانی‌


Funny Islamists

by Fred on

Fred, you prove what many of have said: you are an idiot.

We need open communication.  This way problems will be exposed, NOT sanctions, hate, and name calling!! “


Those Islamists are just hilariously funny.