"Bavar 2" Flying Boats

Iran unveils squadrons of flying boats

CNN: Iran unveiled three squadrons of new flying boats on Tuesday, Iranian news agencies reported. The craft, dubbed the Bavar 2, is armed with a machine gun and carries surveillance cameras, according to a report from the Iranian Student News Agency. "Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the few countries which managed to design, build and use flying boats in a short time," said Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, who oversaw the delivering of the aircraft at the Bandar Abbas naval facility on the Persian Gulf near the Strait of Hormuz. The delivery comes as Iran celebrates its Week of Sacred Defense, which commemorates its eight-year-long resistance to the 1980 Iraqi invasion, according to the Fars News Agency >>>


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Nasrallah Military Forum,

by AMIR1973 on

South Korean navy operates the similar WIG flying boat

South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced states in the world and a major exporter of high-tech goods (its manufactured goods have a major presence in Asian, North American and European markets); the pathetic IRI is a Third World Islamist hellhole with a GDP per capita lower than Botswana and Gabon! There is no comparison between the IRI and South Korea, O Nasrallah Military Forum. In 1979, however, Iran's economy was bigger than that of South Korea -- 31 years of Islamist Rapist leadership have made sure that is very far from the case now. Now, South Korea's economy is much bigger than that of the pathetic IRI. It's clear that you are a "bi savad" in every way imaginable. Cheers  :-) 


For those less intelligent

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

commentators here on Bavar-2, the following link would prove that Iran's Bavar-2 is not as prtrayed but some traitors and cloaked Zionists here. South Korean navy operates the similar WIG flying boat:



Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

About a year ago there was a news item mentioning that a flying boat was under development. It seems reasonable to assume that the original Bavar-1 was further developed into a Bavar-2, to be formally delivered this week to the IRGCN.

Immortal Guard

But hey...

by Immortal Guard on

But hey Iran seems to be displaying a new military equipment at progressively shorter time intervals! Submarines, Flying Bombs, Flying Boats, Destroyers, Missiles, Space Rockets etc. I wonder what comes next?









was there ever a Bavar 1?

by azadi5 on

or they just jumped right into Bavar 2?


در عصر اینترنت هم دروغگویی این جوری بسیار ابلهانه است



برای آزادی آریا آرام نژاد اطلاع رسانی کنید



آریا آرام نژاد آهنگ زیبا و پرمعنای ظهر عاشورا را بمناسبت کشتار جوانان ایران بدست چماقداران یزید زمان خامنه ای  را در

بهمن ماه سال گذشته ساخت و از آن پس در زندان بسر میبرد و پدر و مادر این جوان غیور ایرانی اهل بابل از این بیمناک هستند

که رژیم سفاک وی را اعدام کند.  آهنگ ظهر عاشورا را در زیر مشاهده کنید



پِتِل پورت



زمان عهد بوق شاه وزوزه در بازگشت از سفر فرنگ در باب پیشرفهای نظامی برای امیران لشگر توضیح میداد که «این فرنگیان سِلاحی دارند مخّرب باسم توپ!  فی الواقع همان تفنگ است منتهی یه همچین! کارآمد اسلحه ایست که از فرسنگها راه دور دشمن را کُن فَیَکون میکند!»

یکی از امیران خایه مال پرید جلو و گفت «قبلهء عالم بسلامت، بودجه و زمان بدهید تا من نیز توپ تهیّه نمایم»

قَدَر قدرت فرمان داد هزار کرور اشرفی و شش ماه زمان داده شود!

سردار خایه مال الدّوله پنج ماه و نیم با اشرفی ها حال کرد و دو هفتهء آخر بفکر ساختن «توپ» افتاد!

یه فرقون ورداشت و دو تا لوله بخاری سر هم لحیم کرد و در قسمت جلوی فرقون قرار داد و دورشو گِل گرفت و روز موعود بُرد به دربار و گفت قربان توپ حاضره!

شاه وزوزه پرسید «حالا این چطور عمل میکند» که در اینموقع امیر شروع کرد از سر لوله بخاری باروت و لَتّه کهنه و باروت و لَتّه کهنه و باروت و......تپاند و تپاند و چلاند و تپاند و .......... «قبلهء عالم توپ حاضر و مسلّح است، کجا را بزنیم؟»

استخاره ای فرمودند و تصمیم جلالت مآب بر انهدام پِتِل پورت (پطرز بورگ ) قرار گرفت!

عرض کنم به حضورتون  که «سردار جعفری» اونموقع  دسته های  فرقون رو گرفته و بعد از مطابقت سر لولهء بخاری با گِرای سوق الجییشی پِتِل پورت کبریتی کشیدند  و ...........پووووووووف!!

دود باروت و کهنه سوخته دربار را فرا گرفت و صدای مهیب  انفجار بیضتین شوکت آفاق رو لرزوند!

_  مرتیکهء پدر سوخته این چه قشقرقی بود علم کردی؟

_  قبلهء عالم بسلامت باد، اینجارو اینجوری کرده تصوّر بفرمائید الآن در پِتل پورت چه محشر کبرائیست!

«باور» نمیکنین؟ اگه شما ضدّ انقلابها آخرش سوسگ نشدین از دیفال برین بالا!

Artificial Intelligence

This should be called "Bavar Nakon" "Bavar Nakonid" or

by Artificial Intelligence on

"Bavar Nakardani" What a joke this IRI is.



by Faramarz on

This is evolving for sure!

The first generation of Bavar used a Baadbezan Dasti, the kind that you use to make Kabob!

The next generation will use a more advanced Cooler Arj! Give it some time, they will get there!


Too bad they have not

by Bavafa on

Too bad they have not provided any numbers, gross weight, dry weight, speed and endurance? Last time they provided numbers, it did not add up so either they had mistyped it or just figure no one may look to see if they made sense.

From the looks of it, it is running on a two cycle rotax engine but I could be wrong.

Either way, I can't see how this would be an effective tool in any military but then again I am not a military guy (thank god)



somebody talked about these things evolving..I am still

by Parthian on

Some IR supporter is talking about these pankeh ghayegh evolving to 2nd generation, however, I am still waiting for the last monkey who was suppose to evolve and make the transition to Homo Sapien Sapien to evolve. When will that happen? any news or update on our monkey evolving anytime soon? Please, that is far important than these flying carpets...


Bavar 3

by Miko on

I hear that the Bavar 3 has a fish finder attached so they can locate submarines.

hamsade ghadimi

pankeh boats

by hamsade ghadimi on

divaneh, your comment is hilarious.  it also reminded me of the fan boats in the florida everglades.  there was a tv series called gentle ben where the father of the boy in the show rode a fan boat in the florida swamps. 

no fear's comment was funny too. but i don't think that bavar 2 is the first generation of these airplanes.  i think it was doroogh 1!


Looks like Wright Brothers plane

by divaneh on

This supposes to be a war plane but then they put a panke (fan) for the pilot on top of it.

I think these can be best used to smuggle Winston cigarettes from Persian Gulf emirates to Iran.


Great shot-gun practice

by Peykan on

For the US marines....sadly, I may add.


Islamist delusions

by AMIR1973 on

The delusions of West-residing adolescent retards notwithstanding, it would be best if the IRI Groupies not believe too much of their own silly propaganda. It has had negative consequences before:


No Fear

Great to see !

by No Fear on

Bavar 2 can be excellent for reconnaissance missions. Even if you use it in a swarm mission along with fast boats, it could easily exhaust .50 machine guns on a battle ship. As another poster mentioned, how many machine guns can you have on a battle ship , anyway?

We can't possibly match up against the technologically advanced US fleet in our gulf. Swarm tactics in an asymmetrical warfare is very cheap, fast and effective.

Besides, This is the first generation. We have to see how they would evolve.



Suprised? We are the first & only nation with FLYING CARPETS!


And flies without using any petroleum. we were GREEN 1000 years ago. Now you tell me, can Russia beat that? Has any country been able to copy that? Thank you!

Don't underestimate our magical power. Speaking of magic, did you know magic is a Persian word? Ok, that's your answer. We are back in making magical stuff whether you BAVAR or not!


Fery jan,

by Mehman on

It was really funny, I was thinking of exactly what you were thinking but you preceded me in commenting... this is called: "teleghati".

well, if Shazdeh had one of these, we could have started a Duck Nursery Center in Manitoba!


راهبه پرنده!


فرامرز خیلی بامزه بود...



by Faramarz on

I think that Shazde's goat can take care of these flying boats the same way he took care of Madagascar Ducks!



A Joke

by Fair on

Both the idea and the claim that it is "domestically developed".  As usual, this regime copies other people's obsolete junk, puts a name like "ghamare bani hashem" on it, and says it is their creation. Meanwhile the outside world laughs at them.  This thing could maybe sink a tugboat if no one is fighting back.

"Swarming tactics", yeah right.  Remember how for 8 years they tried these 'tactics", which had no effect, meanwhile the other side was pounding Kharg from the air and putting serious pressure on Iran, driving the price of oil down to single digits eventually, and in the end the big guns were what won and forced that countryless Khomeini to "drink poison", the same Khomeini who as Amir correctly pointed out, said "America can't do a damn thing"  and that Imam Zaman will make you victorious even if you have have inferior weapons. Well that same America wiped out most of the Iranian navy in a few minutes and Imam Zaman was the one who didn't do a damn thing.  It was easy for Khomeini to make these calls, it wasn't his country that was burning.

This junk will just be target practice.  At least as Roozbeh said, whoever named it had a good sense of humor!  


Realistically, a kamikaze plane flying slower than WWII junk

by MM on

, but fill it up with bombs and one can run faster.


What’s wrong with this picture?

by عموجان on

IRGC knows this is so comic that they even didn’t put Iranian Havaniroz logo on these recreation boats. Another set of useless toysfor IRGC

hamsade ghadimi

flying pigs with lipsticks

by hamsade ghadimi on

the link mehman provided noted an interesting fact that these airplanes are painted bright red and blue.  military planes are usually painted the drab gray so that it would be less detectable (to blend in with the horizon/sky).  it seems that the practical purpose of these planes is just propaganda rather then useability. 

arabmard's comment was also noteworthy that if iran sinks two american ships with these flying gizmos, "it would be a success."  ahlan va sahlan, did you forget the consequence of this "success" in terms of iranian casualties?  or you think the u.s. will shrug its shoulders and move on in such scenario.  as they say: "shotor dar khab binad panbeh daneh...." :)  btw, i did read the entirety of your comment; don't pull a mola loghati on me.  maybe u.s. will decide to bomb iran to the bronze age instead of stone age.


Anonymous Observer

by Abarmard on

I have already answered that. That is not what US would do. If so, this means a real war. Read my entire comment.

Anonymous Observer

Abarmard, you have a very odd definition of "victory"

by Anonymous Observer on

This is a joke when it comes to a real battle but the objective is the key. What it is that you (Iran) wish(s) to accomplish? For Iran sinking two ships might be enough to accomplish their objectives and declare victory.

So, let me get this straight...and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.  But let's imagine a scenario where there is a war between Iran and the U.S.  The U.S. bombs the whole contry and sends Iran's infrastructure back to the stone age.  Hundreds of thousands of people die while the mullahs and their cronies are hiding in a bunker somewhere.  Then one of these pieces of 40 year old Soviet junk manages to do a Kamikaze on a ship and set in on fire.  At that time, according to you, the mullahs can come of their spider holes and declare victory?  Really?!!  Is that really victory?!! A Hezbollah style-half of my country is destroyed, but I'm still alive, therefore I won--type of thing? 

Anonymous Observer

And what is this thing supposed to do?

by Anonymous Observer on

It has no weapons, no missiles, nothing...and it flies with a propeller.  What is this copy of the 40 year old Soviet technology (see Red Wine's comment below) supposed to accomplish?     


I.R. to Unveil Flying Carpets Next Week!

by Faramarz on

محمود درنقش راهبه پرنده! 


!Flying Boats, Flying Carpets, Flying Horse Feathers


!Now, I want to see Firoozabadi as Genie in the Lamp