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Immortal Guard

English and Persian Language!

by Immortal Guard on

English and Persian language have many things in common.

English is to Great Britain what Persian is to the Greater Iran. In other words Persian is the official language of the Greater Iran although other languages such as Turkish etc. are also spoken within that sphere. The same goes for English being the official language within Great Britain where other languages such as Scottish, Welsh etc. are also spoken.

The linguistic development of English and Persian are also the same. I read in a German linguistic book that English is the Western equivalent of Persian or Persian is the Eastern equivalent of English as far their linguistic development are concerned. In 638 Iran was conquered by the Muslim Arabs and thus the Persian language underwent major changes and its vocabulary was expanded by Arab words and some Persian words were lost. The same thing happened in 1066 in England when it was occupied by William the Conqueror and Normans defeated the English. The English language underwent many changes and its vocabulary was enriched by French and Latin words and may Old English words were lost.

And then there is the old linguistic connection between Persian and English as being very close relatives. There is an article on the Internet about this under the title "Persian origins of Anglo-Saxon words".


It's great

by MRX1 on

that these master pieces are cared for by the people who genuinley care about them and seen by thousends every year. It will simply show them glory of true Iran.

The extent of damage to the historical pieces in Iran in the past thirty years have been horrifying to say the least, the desturction of achaeminid script in kharg island (an island that is closed to visitors), looting of recent discovery of jiroft civilzation, building of dam at near by persepolis, damage to taghe boston, damage to sio seh pol and many many others. I only hope by time  IRI is gone, there will be some thing left of the ancient Iran.... 


another one




by Khar on



Thick accent

by Doctor X on


he talks with heavy Afghani accent. And far from flunet...

But very good effort he has spearheaded and undertaken. Shout out for that:)

Sargord Pirouz

Agree, IRI.  Sticking up

by Sargord Pirouz on

Agree, IRI. 

Sticking up for looted treasures. Can you imagine Frenchmen sticking up for Goering's looted art treasures? In DK's world, that's how it is.

The problem with some of these anti-Iran exiles is they're hopelessly sycophantic toward the Meehan's former puppet masters. 


I think the British

by vildemose on

I think the British archeologist were the ones who excavated  these treasures. Can you imagine if Islamists pasdars of today had stumbled upon these treasures? They would have either been destroyed or smuggled out of Iran for their private profiteering.


Who the hell is he?

by IRI on

A promoter for British museum? thieves.


Well done

by Simorgh5555 on

Puts my farsi to shame!

Farah Rusta

Is his mom an Afghan?

by Farah Rusta on

Sounds like a Dari speaker.



He talks Farsi

by statira on

so good as if it's his mother language. Maybe he's half Iranian.


This reminds me of .....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

"double bagger Lisa" from Catford we all knew as young students in London. She also had willy on her mind and got kicked out of school before getting her GCSE's! 

Dirty Angel

My Foreign Office has gone schizo

by Dirty Angel on

Is it just because of Willy Vague (William Hague)?

"The paradox of freedom: sometimes people freely choose not to be free."

Darius Kadivar

Love This Guy

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks for sharing and glad to see him so fluent in Persian. Should Make us all proud !