Burning Man

Black Rock City, produced by Sharam Tayebi

This is an impressive documentary about 2009 Burning Man. The documentary team follows Grammy winning DJ/Producer Sharam Tayebi as he ventures in Black Rock City to perform his Get Wild tour. He is an unlikely guide into the crazy world of Burning Man. This is very well put together and impressive documentary. Also starring in this video is the legendary DJ/Producer: Carl Cox. WARNING: Strong language, nudity, and other types activity that may not be suitable for children.


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Burning Man 2009 - Black Rock City
Sep 03, 2010
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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Awesome video .

For me is a big honor to meet him in Ibiza... He is the unique one,God bless him .


DJ Sharam

by sorooshz on

Wow. really cool. did they just produce this for fans on youtube. Totally in step with burning man. I love this guy. His music and sets are more mature. Music is melodic and beautiful.  I was just sent this fan-site that was built for him to get Iranians to vote for him in a DJ competition, in case you guys want to support him:  //vote4sharam.com/