Sakineh WAS condemned to stoning

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani faces death penalty for alleged murder

Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejehie, former Intelligence Minister and current spokesman for the Juciary says Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was initially condemned to stoning for adultery but her alleged greater crime was committing murder and for that she has received a death sentence (not necessarily by stoning). Several senior officials, including Ahmadinejad on his recent trip to New York, have denied she had been condemned to stoning.



This is horrible

by NicholasRowe on

This is horrible

afshin jam

Shame , that's the least one can say...........

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با این عمامه و این ریش سفید ، هم چون تمام مسولان رژیم جنایت کار خجالت نمیکشد و دروغ میگوید:

۱-زمانیکه فرزندان سکینه هم قاتل پدر و هم مادرشان را بخشیدند ، پرونده قتل ،  بدون پرداخت "دیه" خون بها، برای همیشه بسته شد، و قاتل اصلی‌ هم پس از چند سال از زندان آزاد شد.

۲-"رجم" یا سنگسار در مورد زنا اجرا میشود و سنگسار در مورد قتل تا به حال دیده نشده ( در مورد قتل ، "قصاص" انجام میشود) . مگر اینکه بخواهند قانون جدید درست کنند که احمدی نژاد را از دروغی که گفته نجات دهند.

۳-سنگسار سکینه ، بخلاف گفتار این مردک شیاد ، کاملا قطعی بود ، چنانچه رئیس جمهور برزیل، :لولا دا سیلوا " و سرکوزی از فرانسه، درخواست وساست کردند و خواستند که سکینه و دو فرزندش را از ایران خارج کنند.

۴-مهمان دوست سخنگوی وزارت خارجه و لاریجانی ، نماینده خامنه‌ای مسول مسائل حقوق بشر به کرات گفتند که این موضوع یک موضوع داخلیست، و سکینه می‌ باید طبقه قانون اسلام "رجم" شود.

۵-قاضی که در تبریز حکم را صادر کرده و قصد سنگسار داشت ، در آخرین مصاحبه، زمانی‌ که تظاهرات در بالاترین حد بود، گفت که همه چیز برای سنگسار حاضر است، ولی‌ از تهران دستور آمده که چند روزی صبر کنیم.

تمام این جریانات هم در پرونده هست و هم در جراید کنترل شده خودشان ، ولی‌ وقاحت ، و دروغ گویی این حرامزاده‌ها از جمله احمدی نژاد و مشایی، آن هم رو بروی دوربین با میلیون‌ها بیننده و این یکی‌ با لباس و عمّامه و ریش سفید به جایی رسیده که واقعأ باید به صورتشان ، و دینشان تف کرد.  البته جنایات و کشتار اژه‌ای در این ۳۰ سال در پرونده‌های سازمان‌های حقوق بشری ثبت و محفوظ است. 

اینان خود خوب میدانند که سنگسار یک عمل کثیف، غیر انسانی‌ ، و غیر قابل بخشش است، و برای همین سعی میکنند موضوع را یک جوری ماست مالی کنند، ولی‌ حاضر نیستند از قانون ضد بشری خارجش کنند، برای همین ، در آینده باز هم حکم سنگسار خواهیم داشت.             



This is not about Sakineh any more.

by عموجان on

Since this became an international issue and if they stone and kill Sakineh be sure they are capable of doing more criminal act internationally to prove they are men of their words, including igniting the bomb (so their Imam Zaman can show up).  Sakineh becoming a turning point for them, they can’t back down or they will look weak to their supporters out side Iran. There is only one way left for IRI to stay in power and that is to kill, kill and get up next morning and kill more people in Iran.


BTW - other stonings in Islamic countries do not get attention

by MM on

until they happen.  e.g., see the recent report out of Pakistan regarding a stoning:


So, in a way, in an Islamic ruling territory like Taliban-controled Pakistan, there may not be an appeal-process and the stoning sentence could be carried out right away.  OK, IRI can claim that they are better than Taliban! 



by MM on

There may be a voluntary moratorium on stoning, depending on the world attention, however, stoning will not be abolished in Iran.  The reasons are:

1. Stoning is specifically written in Shari'a and Iran's civil law is based on Shari'a.

2. Based on Khomeini's legacy, Shari'a laws take precedence over any civil laws.

3. None of these joojeh-Ayatollahs have the authority to abolish stoning from Shari'a, nor do they have the authority to separate civil laws from Shari'a

The only way forward is for a secular democratic Iranian government to separate the 7th century Shari laws send them back to the stone-age.  Until that day, we will see overzealous judges (Mullahs actually) condemn folks to stoning.  As we speak, there are two other stoning cases pending in Iran, but the world attention is on Sakineh right now.



by yolanda on

Thank you, MM, for the proves that AN is a pathological and compulsive liar. Sajjad is smart! He has done all the right things to save his mom's life: calling foreign journalists and human right activists; spreading the word; standing by his mom.........if stoning is abolished in Iran one day, a lot of credit should go to Sajjad!


Another name

by Simorgh5555 on

to add to the execution list of members of the Islamic Republic. His trial and swift execution will come.


Here is Sakineh's written stoning sentence

by MM on

Here is Sakineh's written stoning sentence:


The case went all the way up to "the Supreme Court of Iran" (bunch of Mullahs with big egos and bad temper) and I lost the site where it showed the reciept of Sakineh's case.

AN can deny the facts all he wants, but he is in denial.


this psychopath Ejehi, was a "judge" during 1989 mass execution

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

of the political prisoners in Iran. Then he and his ilk carried out their murderous acts in secret. Now they have to defend their crimes with their pathtic excuses in the world public opinion arena. Soon they have to defend themselves for their own crimes of mass murder, rape and terrorism against Iran and Iranians in the courts of Iranian people.


Rabid Islamist Rapist

by Fred on

Is this “spokesman” the same Islamist Rapist who literally bit Essa Saharkhiz?