Table Dance

A scene from "Ensanha" (People), 1960s

The actress dancing is Paria. The film stars also Fardin and Arman.


Sargord Pirouz

Hey, if you happen to like

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, if you happen to like fat broads gesticulating on table tops, that's up to you, fella!

\/ \/ \/ 

I despise fascists and stalinists

sp's mind

by I despise fascists and st... on

Your calling this lady a "fat cow" reflects the misogynist, bigoted minds.
There is much doubt about the authenticity of the 98% you refer to but consider this, nearly 98% if whte Southerners in the US supported slavery prior to 1865 and the the same portion supported segregation. Did the overwhelming support make those institutions right?
If IR is courageous enough, why not have submit to another refrendum.
Who are you to call JJ a rejected exile? You are living in the US and yourself is not accepted either by your masters in Tehran or by Iranian community in America.

Bijan Douli

CANNOT BELIEVE IT! FOUND MY very close relative in front row!

by Bijan Douli on

This cannot be!!!! Nobody in the family knew he has appeared in the movie let alone in this scene!!! God bless him! Good thing nobody in the family in iran watches this site otherwise his wife and the whole family would have a huge fit even though he passed away 20 years ago! Oh boy, Oh boy, I'd better keep my mouth shut!

JJ, it can be a lot of fun, it all depends on your personality. one brother can hate it, the other loves it!  obama

How can I save this? Please advise! Thanks!


intrigued by gender studies

by Monda on


At 18 & 19, my parents' souls never had the news about my educational observations, out of their extreme shelters but under the supervision of my youngest uncle (6 years older). I went to Ofogh Talaiee twice, Shokoofeh No and Cabaret Miami, a bunch of times.  Actually my parents took us to see Googoosh at the latter.  


Good Table Manners by All

by Faramarz on


Ofogh Talaii! You hung out in the rough part of the town!

I remember Shokoofeh No (which my parents never took me there) and Cabareh Miami (Mahmood Gorbani, Googoosh's husband.)


think i saw her once Live!

by Monda on

in Ofogh Talaiee... what a gem! like her dress too.

it's so redundant when vatanparastaan et al, get into the cultural political significance of these shows. such forms of entertainment are still around, just happen underground in the islamic world (e.g. bacheh baazi as the most repulsive).


Persian Lap Dance!

by Faramarz on


باز شد دیدگان من از خواب

به به از این آفتاب عالم تاب  

Jahanshah Javid

Tabe Dance (2)

by Jahanshah Javid on

I found a new link for the video. You should be able to see it now. Enjoy!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

People: the important thing is that the video isn't working!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

It says that, "The video has been removed by the user"!

Who the heck is this USER and why the hell would he remove such a work of art?


Tahgord Pirooz

by Khar on

98% of people voted for the Crap called IRI due to lack of strong democratic alternative, and that is the only reason they submitted to Khomeini e Maadar Ghahbeh and his thugs.

Plus at least 90% of the same 98% who voted for Islamic Rapist Republic are regretting and cursing it whole heartedly today. The other 10% like you have been bought with Money, Fear, Sandis and Satanic Islamic propaganda.

***Wake up and smell your own crap***

Nader Vanaki

سَلگولد پیلوز اینقدر سخت گیری نکن

Nader Vanaki

الان هم رقص روی میز رو عشق است.  نمی بینی ملت خوشن؟ کافه عرق فروشی خیلی جای این حرفها نیست.



by Rea on

Ah, you Peeping Tom.  Hope you enjoyed your bike ride, that's what sparked the Revolution. ;o)

Sargord Pirouz

You so sure about that,

by Sargord Pirouz on

You so sure about that, JJ?


And don't forget, 85% of us voted in the 2009 election. I don't have to ask if you did. 

So yeah, enjoy your preoccupation with fat cows dancing on tabletops, during a yesteryear that no longer exists but in the minds of wistful, rejected exiles. 

Jahanshah Javid

Fat Cows out Fascist Crowes in

by Jahanshah Javid on

We're so much better off today, thanks to the 98% who voted for the Islamic Republic!

Today 98% would prefer a table dance to the hell they've been put through.

Sargord Pirouz

With fat cows dancing on

by Sargord Pirouz on

With fat cows dancing on tabletops, as such, ask yourself, is it any wonder Islamic rule was voted in by a 98% majority?

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Sadra for the information.


انسان ها (1343)


Her name is Paria, according to this source:

كارگردان : مهدي ميثاقيه
نويسنده : مهدي ميثاقيه

More information

Jahanshah Javid

Allah o Akbar!

by Jahanshah Javid on

In the early 1970s in Abadan I was in my early teens and very curious about what went on in adults-only clubs. What were they hiding from me? What's going on over there?

The most famous and maybe the only such (licensed) establishment was simply called Abadan Nightclub, with a large blue neon sign in Persian, if I remember correctly. It was far away from our house on the way to the airport. I biked there at least once to see the glass display outside showing black and white photos of the luscious ladies dressed in burlesque. And I so wanted to be an adult and join the fun.

At the same time, there was this inner fear, almost, that this stuff aint right. That this was stepping over to the Dark Side. My parents never went there. And as an adult I've never been a fan. I have been to adult bars two or three times, but I don't see the point, or I do but it's just not fun for me. What's the point of sitting and watching naked or semi-naked women? Pure frustration. But hey, other people enjoy it and good for them.

Many times I've seen people react to clips like this by saying "that's why there was a revolution!" Usually they are trying to be funny, but there's some truth to it. The initial popular appeal of the Islamic Republic was that it quickly got rid of these "filthy" establishments, "saved" men and women from "corruption" and turned the consumption of alcohol from a personal religious sin to a state offense.

Meanwhile it got rid of nothing. It just made it more grotesque.

In today's Islamic Republic you can pick up a prostitute at any major intersection, have the craziest parties in your basement, and have porn and alcohol delivered right to your door. Allah o Akbar!