A Very Close Encounter

Trailer for "Barkhord e Kheyli Nazdik", directed by Esmaeel Mihandoust

A car accident creates a suspicious for the investigator to find out the cause and the events that led to the accident...while discovering deep emotional and personal relationships among the characters. It is about a friendship that goes sour as the story widens through the detective findings.


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interesting thing about this preview

by azadi5 on

the women show a bit of hair, they have make up on. if you watch iranian films made in iran these days, you don't see that much of hair. Also, there was no piece of s#$t hezbolahi looking person in this preview, the men seem well groomed.

Nader Vanaki

Close Encounters of the Irooni Kind

by Nader Vanaki on

Regular garden variety Iranian movie designed to introduce new actors into the market.  The script could be written by any taxi driver in Tehran.



by afshin on

Crappy over the top Iranian acting.  The only time Iranian cinema produces anything note worthy, is when they shut up and show scenery.