Iranian TV During Revolution

August 1978-February 1979

This is the trailer of a documentary made by Susan Bayani abouat how Iranian tv functioned during the revolution.

TV 1979 from Susan Bayani on Vimeo.


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Anonymous Observer

And those female morons who marched back into the station

by Anonymous Observer on

holding up "V" signs were forced to put on a "lachak" by wild-eyed revolutionaries who were chanting "ya roo-sari ya too-sari" as a show of appreciation for their resistance to the "evil" Shah.  

The male morons were either fired, imprsioned, shot and/or were subjected to all of the aforementioned.   

Great job losers!  I am sure you got what you deserved.   


I love documentaries like this, because they document lies used.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

What can one say?  If Propaganda is fascinating... it will be very fascinating footage indeed!!!

Each of the events that are mentioned to have not been covered by the
national media, were infact covered by national media.  It goes to
show, that when you have to lie to make some point, you really have no
point to make, except one, you are disingenuous.

Unfortunately for
you Susan, Iranians are so used to lies because of the clerical regime,
Iranians now check up on information.

At least more than the days when they
cheered on and ended up supportng fundamentalists who actually caused the widely
televised and written up on tragic event known as the cinema rex incident. 

I'm not saying there was not banned pieces, like khomeini's book
which was banned. 

For many Iranians that worked in news services in the
1970's they tell me the free media in the west is far worse than
anything experienced by Iranians before the revolution.

Just look at the front page today of rt //

don't see in western media the wiki leaks documents that show the
hundreds of million of dollars the USA is spending on syrian opposition
groups, or the captured American trained Iraqi soldiers that have been
killing many syrian police officers. 


Just wanted to show you the
real face of your Democracy, which most Iranians are learning the hard
was as they have been on the receiving end for the last 32 years.


Great footage

by deev on

Great footage but I wish they had included the original sound instead of the elevator music, and if the original sound is removed might as well narrate the story instead of forcing the audience to read subtitles!


I would like to know what

by comments on

I would like to know what could go wrong if we concentrate on Iranians/Iranian leaders goals at present.  People change, and the change should be embraced if the change is in a constructive direction.  On the other hand, an individual's parents are not replicates of those individuals in case if they have done something wrong.

I don't deny the history, but I don't see any reason to support or oppose all of our words constantly by the past of others.  If that's the case we should let renowned History professors lead and tell us what to do.  I think our own life and experience is a more realistic view to the world as long as we open our eyes and have the same observation converage to our past as well as our present. 


As it has already been mentioned

by Reality-Bites on

The cinema Rex mass murder (which for a long time was blamed on Shah's regime, but turned out to be the work of Islamists), was covered widely not only on radio and television, but also in the print media of the time.

This documentary indeed seems fascinating, but based on this clip, it appears to lack a couple of crucial elements of any good documentary, namely balance and impartial objectivity, not to mention factual accuracy, at least in this particular instance. Maybe the full version will put this right.

While on the subject, check out this clip by one of the NIRT strikers, Mirali Hosseini, who was the first TV presenter to go live on air the day of the fall of Shah's regime. He was also a presenter in the last few years of Shah's regime, before going on strike in the last few months before the regime's fall.


Darius Kadivar

No wonder your so Gullible:never heard of the Kuleshov Effect ?

by Darius Kadivar on

The Kuleshov Effect is a film editing (montage) effect demonstrated by Russian filmmaker Lev Kuleshov in the 1910s and 1920s

Kuleshov Effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The original kuleshov

Darius Kadivar

What a Load of Revisionist Rubbish full of False claims

by Darius Kadivar on

The Cinema Rex tragedy was widely covered on Iranian Television and I clearly remember it well how we were all glued on tv all day long watching the reports with the journalists being deeply moved and stoned by the gruesome images of calcinated bodies being carried out of the cinema.

Whether it were Earthquakes, national tragedies like Cinema Rex or other incidents that mourned the nation nothing was censored.

So What are You Talking about ?

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah of Iran visits Earthquake Victimes in Tabas (1978)

Even by the time Sharif Emamis government came to power the Parliamentary debates were being aired live for all to watch.

That actually was one of the biggest miscalculations of the regime thinking that the nation was mature enough to see Deputies shouting at one another and insulting the government to such extent that it became clear that the subject of their wrath was the Shah himself, the Royal family and the entire Royal Institution as a whole.

Such debates on major issues of national interest were always aired live and not just at the time of the Revolution:

PAN IRANIST: Pezeshkpour objects to Shah's decision on Bahrain Independence (1971)

And as such people became convinced that Reforming the Monarchy into a genuinely Parliamentary System would be impossible.

Not Everyone has Alzheimers You know ...

The Shah's regime was far less in self denial as to the seriousness of the situation in the country than what you see in Syria, Libya or other Arab, north african countries where uprisings are occuring today.

But Now all of a sudden you folks have discovered Secularism and claim the nation and intelligentsia at large were demanding to have a Secularist Regime in Iran ?

If that were the case then you folks would Not be Jomhurykah but Constitutionalists to begin with by advocating Reform and Not Revolution:

Pro Bakhtiar Demonstrations

CONSTITUTIONALIST FORUM: Daryoush Homayoun Political and Journalistic life Honored in Germany

and would have supported Bakhtiar or even the various governments named before him trying to find some compromise with the regime in an attempt to reform it:

pictory: Bakhtiar Denounces Bazargan's Provisionary Government in exile (1979)

Instead you followed these folks :

Mehdi Bazargan and the controversial legacy of Iran's Islamic intellectual movement

So stop looking for Excuses no serious historian will take such silly claims seriously !

I know how you can make images speak in a certain way that is the very basic concept of film grammar and film editing known as the KULECHOV EFFECT

The Recurrent attempt to find excuses for our own Collective Poor Choice 32 decades ago is nothing short of Intellectual dishonesty to say the least !


Shol va bimazzeh!

by Aarash4545 on

National TV employees were among the first group of traitors to this nation.

Eternal shame on you!!


3,2,and 1

by پندارنیک on

Of course it didn't end there. We all know that at first the progressive political parties, and militant groups tried to set their core groups throughout NIRT and were able for few short months continue to work free, and produce some programs which were unthinkable under the previous regime and were also totally different from today's programs.

And that was until the mullahs really arrived after being stalled at the door, so to speak for a while...

What do you think they did first, before their appearance in front of camera? Refusing to be brushed up by female makeup personnel....and we all sort of know the script from then on...


Coverage of Cinema Rex and Jaleh Square

by ahvazi on

I don't know if it will be included in the documentry but i remember that Cinema Rex was covered on TV Melli and so was Jaleh Square. A song came out immediately after the burning of Cinema Rex which i remembered being played on TV as they showed scenes of the funerals.




by yolanda on

Thank you for sharing the historical film!

I watched R Pahlavi's solo flight for the 1st time!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

these clips are real gems. it promises be one fascinating documentary on a key institution during the revolution.