Protesters Disrupt Abbasi Speech

Shouts of "Death to Dictator" as radical Islamist tries to speak at university


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Lie, Lie, and more lIes!

by shahabshahab on

Why not? The whole country is run on lies. He does what the whole system does: Lying.


Reply to alaaf: Death to this, Death to that

by Ayatoilet on

Dear alaaf'ollah

First of all, I am an Ayatoilet and a grand one at it, therefore my
words must be taken as indisputable truth and if you say otherwise you
are a blasphemer, that is how religious authority works, if you do not
like what I say, you may go to hell.

Second, what are you characterizing as baseless accusations?
Hassan Abbassi's birth name? Assumption based on his speeches that he
suffers from a serious mental disease,? Or that his audience is
primarily made up of degenerate Basijis who would commit any atrocity on
command? Be more specific.


Bingo Manoucher

by alaaf on

Only on you'll get a recycled 3 year old clip presented as news.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 //

Manoucher Avaznia

کاش نوشته بودی

Manoucher Avaznia

کاش نوشته بودی که این حادثه را نزدیک دو سال پیش در همین سایت منتشر کرده بودید.  بنده هم همینجا آن را تماشا کردم.  یک خرده تاریخ بیخرج حلال بسیازی از مشکلات است.


خیر پیش


جداً که خر از این اوضاع خندش میگیره


این یوانه مزدور میگه دستهای منو ببینید آیا چماق دست منه

شما به هر جنبنده‌ای که با شما هر گونه مخالفتی کرده کثیف‌ترین و بی‌شرم‌ترین برخوردها رو کردین

شما تو زندان‌هاتون به مردها هم تجاوز کردین ،

دختر‌های مردم رو بیصیرت کردین بعد اعدام کردین و پول گلوله‌هاتون رو هم از پدر و مادر بیچاره شون گرفتین

از شما حیواناتی کثیفتر تا حالا تو این دنیا نبوده ، شما اگه فقط یک جوی شرف داشتید خودتون رو دار میزدید.


گر سنگ از این حدیث بنالد عجب مدار ،        عجب خر بازاریه  جداً



They beat, rape, torture and then deny it

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

This is the real islam, all hypocrisy, but people have lived it for 30 years and are no longer fooled by their politics.  Religous views have no place in logic.


Re: aLaaf, Death to this/ to that, on behalf of my fellows here

by opinionpost on

leading questions are allowed on cross examinations, to prove allegations... OK, lets start:

Niru ghodsi hasti ya sarbaze gomnam? chand kharidanet? liste chizay ke forukhti chiye?  hamasho forukhti ya kami baghi mundeh? bezar refresh konam memorito... Ummmm" sharaf? Gheirat? marefat? Ensaniyat? fetrat? vatan? ....

Age ghazi ejazeh bedeh, I will refresh your memories ba "videos of killings, rapes, and murders of young Iranians in Notorius prisons...."....



another crazy dangerous wannabe !

by Shemirani on

Ayatoilet you are right, its very obvious that he is exactly like you said !!!

 a dangerous hateful man with all sort of theories for dummies ! any of his talks makes sense  !

he should be in a mental house.

I'm very happy that young generation are very aware, daste hamashoono khoondan :)


Ajab royee dareh

by statira on

You could hear basiji's gunshots in the background, and he says they dont use force and intimidation. Een mardake ahmagh, toyeh rooze roshan ham dooroogh migeh! He's worried about Palestinians and Iraqis while our best people in the Islamic Republic jails get tortured, raped and killed for just asking their basic human rights.

Adamayeh mesle een mardak ra bayad ateesheshoon zad.



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Looks like I touched a joojeh etelaati's raw nerve again by throwing his own s**t back into his face! Job well done, lunch break over, now back to work, rashti murmures to himself :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by alaaf on

The only clown here is you. You're also a brainless buffoon who easily falls for any rumour or basless accusation someone throws out there. He doesn't have PhD and he's name isn't really Abbasi? OK back it up. Put forward your evidence for all of us to see or shut up. 


He is strategist, scientist, historian, poet, brave bassiji.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

And got a "PhD" in all above topics! 

Dont believe me? ask the clown beneath me, he'd swear to that!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Death to this, Death to that

by alaaf on

I swear in 500 years Iranians will still be shouting death to something or someone. I don't personally care for Abassi or his followers but I thought he handled this situation really well.                                                                                                                                                                                                 @Ayatoilet: You need to back up your accusations with proof. If you tried to add all those baseless allegations to his wekepida page, they'll be rejected for lack of citation. 


A true sanctimonious tosspot

by KB on

He would have been a top inquisitor/torturer during the
Spanish inquisition



by Ayatoilet on

Dr. Hassan Abbassi's real name is Yadollah
Ghazvini, no institution ever awarded any type of doctorate to either
Abbassi or Ghazvini. He is well known for displays of grandeur to degenerate basijis. With great certainty he suffers from narcissist personality disorder.

Another note on content of
the video , is it not time Iranian people learned from these thugs to
put the slogan of "Allah o Akbar" to rest. Iranians are a lot more
creative than  to shout something so ridiculous.



by rtayebi1 on

He should make his own Hollywood movies!!! he has a great script and some good actors


در جواب به حداد عادل و این گوساله


در جواب به حداد عادل

زمان آلمان هیتلری هم

بزرگان ادب بسیار بودند

همه فکر نجات ملت خود

در این ره مردمان پر کار بودند

همه اهل قلم اهل تفکر

در آن ایام در گفتار بودند

هزاران دفتر فکری‌ در آمد

همه بر ضدّ آن اشرار بودند

مبادا اینکه تو بر خود ببالی

 علیه هیتلرو کشتار بودند

این بی شرفها هر گونه صدایی را خفه می‌کنند و دم از منطق میزنند.

 خوب اگر راست میگویید، اجازه یک تظاهرات مسالمت آمیز بدهید و یا  یک رفراندوم بگذارید.

Please see ahosseini weblog for more  



I bet if he didnt have

by alx1711 on

I bet if he didnt have islamics crowd support in there he would have either:

1-they would have bit the sh*t off him

2-he would have ran for his life

either way, you can tell how nervous he

Mash Ghasem

This stupid little clown is so mechanical

by Mash Ghasem on

his pretensions are beyond contempt.