From Shiraz to Zanzibar

African Shirazis remnants of ancient ties between Iran and Africa

بی بی سی: فیلم مستند از شیراز تا زنگبار حاصل پژوهشی چند ساله و سفری دو هفته ای به زنگبار است. در این برنامه 52 دقیقه ای ابعاد تاریخی ارتباط بین ایران و آفریقا بررسی و رد پای ایرانیانی که درآن قاره نامی از خود به جا گذاشته اند دنبال می شود. از بین ایرانیانی که طی هزاره ها به آفریقا سفر کرده اند، شیرازی ها از همه مشهورتر و معروف ترند. بنا به روایات تاریخی شیرازی ها حدود هزار سال پیش پا به سواحل شرق آفریقا گذاشتند و در آنجا سلسله ای به همین نام تاسیس کردند که از آن آثاری (ساختمان، سکه، نوشته) در شهر کیلوه کیسیوانی تانزانیا، جزیره زنگبار، جزیره پنبه، جزیره تومباتو و نزدیکی مومباسا در کنیا پیدا شده است. مردمی که تا امروز خود را شیرازی می نامند و معتقدند به این دلیل که اجداد آنها از ایران آمده اند از دیگر اقوام آن خطه متفاوتند، ظاهرشان آفریقایی است و شباهتی به ایرانیان ندارند.


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Mat Godsave the Queen and

by Khebedin on

Mat Godsave the Queen and the British. Who have financed and made it possible forIranians to go and explore the Iranian roots all over the world. I am not surehow many of you saw the “ The Lost Empire” exhibition at British museum. Theywere the British who first translated Khayam’s Robaeyat, and they discovered Roomi. One can not ignore the British contributions to maintain and record theIranian heritage. And let us not forget who excavated the Syrous Cylinder. Theydeserve to be admired and as an Iranian I admire them. 

Immortal Guard

As Nas

by Immortal Guard on

Maybe the next time he can find out about the Persian sailors on Mississipi who introduced the card game of poker in the United States:





Africa-Persia relations

by ahvazi on

Goes back over two thousand years ago in relation between the Ethiopias and Persia, there were trades from the Red Sea through the Persian Gulf and Vice-Versa. Additionally, there were alliances between them against the Romans.



The African connection

by پندارنیک on

Just a bit of this in here and a tad of that over there and you'll have the most famous Persian-African celebrity that you could have or should have imagined.



Nice program, someone tell

by deev on

Nice program, someone tell Behzad 1978 called wanting its yaghe-chaak shirt back!


Agreed, this is highly fascinating

by Reality-Bites on

I had absolutely no idea about Iranians who went to eastern Africa as traders and settled there so long ago.

As an aside, what a wonderful thing youtube has turned out to be.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

For man years I had heard stories about Iranians who settled in east Africa. I always wanted to go there and find out. Thanks to Behzad Bolour for taking me there. I felt a connection. Fascinating...

Now someone should do a documentaries about African Iranians along the Persian Gulf coast.