"Ya Ali!"

Khamenei's words when he was born

According to Ayatollah Saeedi in Qom, quoting Khamenei's half-sister. Also see Alireza Rezaee's comic response:




by mullah-kosh on

I have been told that as a baby, my first fart sounded like: Allaho akbar, Muhammad rasul -al allah. It is f**king miracles all around in the hospitals of Iran. Next thing you know, some baby's first diaper pattern will look like Khomeini's face on the moon.


خلایق هر چه لایق


خلایق هر چه لایق

نباید ما زنیم نق 

ز ما باشد که بر ماست

همه با هم کنیم دق

وقتی‌ بعد از سی‌ سال همچنان شعارهای زیر را سر میدهیم و یا برای تغییر به فاشیسم هیتلری رو می‌آوریم، و به دیکتاتوری عناصر جاه ‌طلب تن میدهیم, صلاحیت بیش از همین آیت‌الله سعیدی ها، احمدی نژادها، وملا حسنی ها را نداریم.

یا حسین، میر حسین
یا مهدی، شیخ مهدی



Shifteh Ansari

بیانیه رسمی انجمن اسلامی قابلگان سنتی در راستای بیانات آیت الله

Shifteh Ansari

Shifteh Ansari

Iranians react to Ayatollah Saeedi's B.S.

by Shifteh Ansari on

I would like to share some reactions Iranians have been showing to this remarkable brownnosing sermon.  There is a lot of anger, and as usual, humor to the reactions on the internet.  I hope it does not offend you or your sensibilities.  I'm just conveying what I have seen.

Worcester Mo

Bar jad va pedar madareh doroogh go la'anat

by Worcester Mo on

Which in this case, given the idiots black turban, is allegedly Ali himself. 



by IranMarzban on

first he was seyyed khorasani now this tomorrow he is god 1400 years later his grave will be a shrine and people go for ziyarat....



همون چیزی که هر کره خری می گه


همون چیزی که هر کره خری می گه



by afshinazad on

MARTIKEH AR AR KARDEH, What are the reasons for all these nonsense?

Are there any other stupid remarks left that these monkeys haven't used it yet. I don't really know whether to cry for my country or what.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Honestly, I- as i am sure, he- was expecting a huge approving  salavaat in response to what he said from the audience. But hardly anyone reacted as if they bought the story.


I guess we are making progress after all.


He didn't finish the story!

by Reality-Bites on

After Rahbar shouted "Ya Ali", as we he was being born, he immediately went on to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity, The structure of cosmic black holes, cures for several types of cancer and the design of wrap drive to enable light speed travel. Then he farted and fell asleep.


As long as there is an audience

by IIAF on

As long as there is an audience for this crap, the crap shall flow.


it's over !

by tabriz_balasi on

Naked lies are more dignified than  imperceivable ones !!!!  


~be an act of the knowing love~


Kalle pederi ademi durugh goo sag birined

by jasonrobardas on

   Said the Isfahani


Shayad Mamanesh Gozedeh :)

by Vattan on

Shayad nanash gozedeh ghabeleh kheeyal kardeh bacheh harf zadeh :))


Here is to those people who question me

by mahmoudg on

when i question Islam and religion.



by Benyamin on

Stories like this one makes you wanna review everything else i Islam altogether. Like when "Ali" wanted to be born his mother was entered to the "Ka`be" without accessing through the door!!!

Also this guy is not a good story teller he is a bit rusty. He doesn`t have the "Janam" enough to be believable. I recommand he should go back to the school of "sheereh maly" till he could tell better and more believable stories.

Khameneii is a 70 years old man and I still haven`t headr him saying "ya Ali"........lol


is it true Khomedy was half

by alx1711 on

is it true Khomedy was half Indian or Arab.