Ahmadinejad urges UN to react on Britain riot

"The U.N. is silent. Human rights bodies are silent"

AP: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday urged the U.N. Security Council to take action over the rioting in Britain, arguing it was hypocritical in its reaction to such events. Ahmadinejad, whose government is under international sanction for its controversial nuclear program and has been condemned by the Western countries such as Britain for its handling of protests and dissent, also called on British officials to listen to the demands of their people. "The U.N. is silent. Human rights bodies are silent," Ahmadinejad said on state radio following a Cabinet meeting. "If one percent of this happens in countries that oppose the West, they scream until they are hoarse >>>



عنتری نژاد بدجوری حالش خرابه


به‌‌ نظر میاد عنتری نژاد بدجوری حالش خرابه، دقیقا شرح اتفاقات
ایرانو بسط داده به‌‌ انگلیس مردم دستشون خالی‌ بوده په نه‌ عمه من بوده که
با وانت بار نیروی انتظامی مردم بی‌ دفاع رو زیر میگرفته یا با تفنگ‌های
دوربین دار شکار میکرده برو این دری بری‌ها رو به‌‌ کسی بگو که شما مادر
به‌‌ خطاها رو نشناسه


Thank you Mr President

by anglophile on



I will pass your advice to Mr Cameron in our next COBRA meeting :))

BTW, The last time an Iranian ruler gave advice to the British was the Shah, and we know what happened to him. 

Is the history is repeating itself?




Khafeh sho martikeh aldang ....

by Marathon-Man on

You know well your are taking a piss you shameless thug.

If you just take a glance of the Iran's history and it's invaidors and looters , you wouldn't find anyone  like yourself. You've broken all the records already.

People in Iran and Syria are being  slutterd for expressing thier opinion and your own Muslem brothers in Chechnia have been crushed to death by the mindless Putin gangs and  that's all okwith you  but Sweeping some lawless thugs of London's street is a majour problem for you now !!!



الا لرد ديوس اشرار و بد


الا لرد ديوس اشرار و بد - اگر مى كشى مثل بشار اسد - نه يكى، نه دوتا، نه هشت و نه ده - بكش لااقل روزى هشتاد و صد


I am puzzled

by onlyinamrica on

Don't know what to say.


Perfect reading of the Iranian society!

by shahabshahab on

He truly described the Iranian system. Although he is being funny, he is describing tody's Iran. This is what's happening in Iran.

As for England, we should not care about them. They are the (British) the vicious nation, which robbed the world for 500 years. They deserve whatever they get. As their first punishment: the the British Moslems. The country is begining to llok like Pakistan. More Moslems=more punishment. 


He could've proposed help

by Rea on

Syrian army, for ex. They are quite efficient in dealing with troublemakers.

Anyway, comforting to know AN is worried about Europe.  Next time there is trouble in France, we'll call on him.


Taghatamoon Tagh shod.

by Sialashgar on

Aghae Ahmadinegad Halla shoma kotah beaid.

All politations are made from the same shit.

Shah Hossein

Immortal Guard

Aafarin, Aafarin!

by Immortal Guard on

Kheili khosham oomad!

They should send the Iranian television crews to film the back alleys of New York City and show in what appalling conditions people live. 

David ET

So which is Ahmadinajad supporting?

by David ET on

The anachists who are burning people's cars , shops and stealing DVD's?

or the racists who just killed 3 muslims in London?


Bahram Gohari

Mr. Ahmaghinajad's

by Bahram Gohari on

Mr. Ahmaghinajad's philosophy is, do as I say but don't do as I do.


providing goons

by MRX1 on

why doesn't he provide some basiji or sepahi  goons to U.K to beat the shit out of all the rioters? or better yet provide some cash (just like rahbar did few weeks a go, 6 billion to assad of syria)  I mean afterall he is concerned about folks over there having a tough time economically. 

Pour rooyee va veghahat in janveran islami cheez besiar ajibist!


lol @ Jeesh Daram ... New

by Arthimis on

lol @ Jeesh Daram ... New Slogan : An is the best comediAn... Where is the subtitle in English for his English Bosses ? If he tells them directly, They will bring him down faster than rabbit gets... ehem ... and he knows it too! lol PS. Thanks for the laugh...



by afshin on


Jeesh Daram

آقای احمدی نژاد

Jeesh Daram

صبح اول صبحی کلی مارو خندوندی.  داداش اگر جیگرشو داری چرا سفیر انگلیس را احضار نمیکنی و شخصا بهش این مطالب را گوشزد نمیکنی؟  مگر انگلیسها نبودند که سفیر شما در لندن را زمان انتخابات برای سین جین احضار کردند، شما هم همین کار انجام بده تا ببینیم سه هفته بعدش زیرابت را بزنند و با پس گردنی بفرستندت به همان کنیسه ای که رای آن تو را گذاشت سر کار و سرنوشت سازت کرد.  مجسم کنید سفیر انگلیس در تهران این مطالب را که میشنود دلش را میگیرد و حالا نخند و کی بخند.  یک مشت کمدین و مزقون چی دارند اون مملکت را میگردانند و خرس را برقص آورده اند و ما هم تماشاگران این معرکه ها.  فقط جای یکی مثل خلیل عقاب خالی است که بعد از هر مصاحبه مطبوعاتی و یا نماز جمعه یک نمایش پاره کردن زنجیر و یا کشیدن دیزل هجده چرخ با طناب و دندان، سر مردم را بهتر گرم کند.  حالا نشان بده جای دوست و دشمن کجاست 


عقل کلّ


اگر تو بیل زنی‌ باغچه خودت را بیل بزن،نگران جایی نباش،اینها تو لندن خس و خاشاک هستند.

Poosteh Pesteh


by Poosteh Pesteh on

totaly right


what a bozo, he is

by alx1711 on

what a bozo, he is comparing himslef to others (governments) and belives he is right and what he says is correct!

Sounds like a mental diesease to me...


So AN, the "president select", the murderer, the lier & thief..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Responsible for the murder of at least hundreds of iranian people whose sole crime was participating in peacefull million plus demosntrations against the theft of their votes, is taking britain to UN in support of a bunch of hooligans who burn public and private  property, attack civilians for the sake of a 50 inch HDTV?

Roo ke nist........

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Va in boood....

by pedramx on

Va in bood kalami az madareh arooos!

Maryam Hojjat

An Must shut up since An has no understanding of

by Maryam Hojjat on

democratic countries.  Just remember how many Iranians were killed for saying "where is my vote?'