Farah Pahlavi, ~ 1977

Interview with Polish TV

Part 1

Part 2



God Belss You

by ariane on

Gode bless you and your your beloved husband!

What ever is remained of all good things iranian, if any, is all down to you and your husband's work and efforts.


class act

by shushtari on

my heart goes out to her for all she has endured at the hands of the filthy mullahs....

she is the symbol of a proud iranian woman.  god gless her! 


Beyond Heartbreaking to see

by Arthimis on

Beyond Heartbreaking to see these kinds of evidence about our promising past and see where we are as a country and nation today!!!

I don't know how any single true human being (Iranian or Not) can deny the facts on how uneducated (remember what she said! It's not about reading, writing and getting an academic degree...) and ignorants most Iranians were (and still are...) to go from that (slow progress) back to 1400 years back in terms of mentality, culture, behavior as a nation and a country! Chanting death to this and that , Stealing, Oppersing, Committing treason against our nation and country by accepting the "Status quo" and worse collaborating with a criminal regime that's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt internally and externally on every level globally!!!!

I wish Iran and Iranians Honor ,Education, Freedom & Peace. 


All Class......

by Amousonny on

..and all charm. Indeed a mighty fine representative of the family from which she came: the Dibas. Other than maybe Grace Kelly and perhaps Jahan Sadat, there's not another queen who comes even close to her.


Fariba Mirzaie

She is amazing!

by Fariba Mirzaie on

Fariba Mirzaie


Truly a Great Woman.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Discussing in her own words the impotance of living with Heart and cultivating from within a loving purpose, not just pursuing money, but also having freedom and happiness through the presevation of tme tested and good traditons, values and culture.

As I say in many places and can only repeat "To have had the Iranian Monarchyeh Melli, opposed by these Mullahs, the tudeh and Jepeh Melli will always be a badge of honor for the Peoples Monarchy."

Marg Bar khaena Iran.

Javid Shah!!!!!!