IRGC Navy Mini Submarine

TV reporter drives Revolutionary Guards "secret" weapon in Persian Gulf


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Let's say IRI's Navy can damage US 5th Fleet & sink US carriers

by AMIR1973 on

Let us entertain this hypothetical scenario and forget what actually happened to the IRI's Navy when there was a real confrontation with the US Navy (Operation Praying Mantis). If this sub and the IRI's other "highly advanced" naval craft manage to inflict serious damage on the US Navy, possibly killing thousands of Americans in the process -- what will the response of the US be to such an event? Do you expect that the US will simply shrug its shoulders and say, "You killed thousands of our military personnel in an attack. You win, and we're walking away"? What would the U.S. do in retaliation to the IRI if it kills thousands of Americans (and I don't mean getting Lebanese terrorists to bomb embassies and kidnap Americans), but actually carries out this kind of attack?


I am not at all surprised

by on

to see how little people here know of Iran's military in general and this small 'wet sub' (Assabehat) in particular.

The featured sub here (Assabehat) is actually well suited for Iranian Navy strategy in Persian Gulf. This sub has a range of 50 Km, it carries its own sonar and GPS onboard among other technologies. Its main mission is penetration into enemy territory undetected for subversive commando operations. Persian Gulf is full of oil rigs/platforms and naval bases. One such base is in Bahrain that hosts the US navy fifth fleet. In theory, this very little sub can create havoc by placing explosives in sensitive locations of the base or even on warships docked at the base.

The detection of any sub in the Persian Gulf is a difficult task simply because of the shallow waters of the PG and sonar inherent problems in such conditions. This is the main reason that US subs are sitting ducks in PG because they can be easily detected by IRIN and attacked by small subs (Ghadir and Assabehat class).

Assabehat may look like a toy to many who have no clue of its capabilities but at the end of the day it is a powerful tool among many others for IRIN to protect Iran and Iranians.



Not so bad...

by hirre on

For someone who works in the military I can say that these subs (if you do more work on them (smaller size, stealth, heavier explosives)) are perfect in asymmetric warfare especially against big ships, like carriers. The reason is that they are small and if any radar detects them the signal could easily be mistaken for larger mammals or fish stims. One massive explosive from 2-3 of these can easily sink e.g. the USS Abraham Lincoln present in the gulf. In case of war, what Iran could do is to create a symbolic (decoy) military presence in the gulf (big ships, big submarines) but do the actual damage with the small submarines...


This minisub was featured in Tintin, Red Rackham Treasure, 1944!

by AMT on

You may find Tintin's mini submarine featured in the Red Rackham Treasure.

It was the latest technology of 1944!



baba ta ghabr A-A-A

by ali_aaa on

Mayeh abero rizi.  In be dard jang mama-sani mikhoreh


یکی‌ از مرگبارترین ماشین‌های جنگی جمهوری اسلامی


این ماشین واقعا مرگبار است،فکر کنید وقتی‌ افراد در ناوگان آمریکا این ماشینها را ببیند چند نفر از آنها بر اثر خنده فراوان کشته میشوند !!!!

Jeesh Daram

یک مدل

Jeesh Daram

یک مدل بسیار پیچیده و سری آن هم تازه گی از چین وارد شده که در جیب جای میگیرد


I don't get it

by MRX1 on

As far as I know Persian Gulf is not that deep, so any submarine regardless of size or sophistication (Well this one really looks like a toy let's face it!) can easily become a target. so beside creating jobs here and there for some people this thing doesn't have any value. May be they can sell it or excuse me give it away to Bashar asad of syria?


مبارزه استخری با استکبار جهانی!


When I was very little I used to have one of those little boats that you blow a balloon and squeeze it to the back of the boat and as the air rushes out the boat would go fast in the bath tub!


Power source?

by Cost-of-Progress on

How's this thing powered again? Perhaps lots of loobia in the abgoosht provides enough gas for the sub engines to run on methane...That'd be cool, no? And, wouldn't that inserted tube be kinda uncomfortable? I think those "nationalist scientists" are really busy these days....-->


____________ IRAN FIRST



"top secret" weapon on youtube and motel Ghoo

by Bavafa on

Cousin Farmarz,

I think these are modeled after those little "pet pet" steam boat that I used to play with when I was kid. The type that had two exhaust pipe with little flame under the reservoir. Do your remember the type?

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Jahanshah Javid

Toy sub

by Jahanshah Javid on

Yeah Faramarz. I had a toy submarine too. It came in a cereal box :)

So silly... this is how they're going to defend the country. Tin subs and missiles... Billions wasted...


زیر دریایی با پارو!



از این اسباب بازی ها تو زمان شاه در متل قو و دریا کنار فراوون بود. منهم خودم چندبار سوار پدالو شدم با دوستان جنگ دریایی مفصلی کردیم.