Must you get married?

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فقط بر پايه خاك-تو-سري ميگرده. خاك-تو-سري هم اكثرا تنها با كردن ازدواج دستيابيش آسونتر ميشه. والسلام :-) 





We need each other--not!

by Milan on

A man without a wife is like a fish without a bicycle!

Poosteh Pesteh

please please

by Poosteh Pesteh on

 dont  make yourself a slave of your wife for rest of your life i made the biggest mistake in my life that i can never forget it ,dont sighn read the laws before lawers and goverments are crooks they put you in trap dont make yourself as iranian say zan zalileh



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فکرمی کنم تمام کسانی که به شکل معامله ای ازدواج کردن آدمهای خیلی بدبختی هستن- و گاهی خودشون نمی دونن!!ایا اینکه نمیخوان بپذیرن.این کجاکه دوتا آدم با عشق و علاقه کنار هم زندگی کنند و اون کجا که به جبر تفکر و فرهنگ و هزار مساله احمقانه دیگه ازدواج کرده باشند و مجبور به تحمل همدیگه و دائم درحسرت داشتن یک زوج دلخواه باشند. 


From Canada.

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If one checks the IC videos from Canada in many cases he has to track the video on Youtube to watch. 


"This video is private"

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Of course not.

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Of course not.  We don't have to get married.  There is no reason to marry if one feels the sense of security, productivity and safety in being single compared to living with another person.  On the other hand, marriage sounds a sacred partnership for religously bound people who are almost majority (at least in governments).  Therefore, giving a right of marriage present respect and acceptance of the presence of 2 individuals in that sociey. 

p.s. I wish we had the subject of "partnership" in Iran as well.