News reel: Iran in early 1960's

Political, cultural developments and Pahlavi family



This idiot took shits in

by Zamin on

This idiot took shits in gold toilets, while the 50% of the population was illiterate. He is a traitor, and so are any of his followers.


He was a patriot and honest man

by rain bow movment on

The Shah was a true patriot and nationalist Iranian.

the problem was bunch of crook and boot licker around him in one side and Islamist (fadaeyan islam,anjoman hojateeyeh,MEK,nezhat azadi) and communist( tudehee,fadaeyan khalgh,paykar,ranjbaran) on the other side together undermine and sabatag the reforms.

Shame on them

There is no limit to stupidity & ignorance of islamist & communist


A present to the winking Rabbit...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Nice big juicy Carrot!

But dont be too greedy, make sure you save some for all your brothers :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


RG Where are you comparing it to? Heaven? Paradise?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

With Iranians? cmon please.

At least you have to admire the honesty of it all, I mean with the propaganda over here some people aren't even aware they are living in an unelected dictatorship, where the president can't do a thing and their vote is manufactured and manipulated.

Obama, please.. with his level of experience, he's has to ask permission when he wants go to the rest room.

Naughty, naughty have you been drinking that Democracy Cool Aid? ha, ha, I knew it.



RG please be fair

by Roger_Rabbit on

  At least HIM gave religious minorities, Baha'is in particular, one hell of an advantage. wink wink!   


"Bucket of nonsensical propaganda"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 "Which civic and political leaders? The whole political and daily life was forced to revolve around the dictator Shah, and His corrupt, dirty family. The whole demonstration was enforced by the SAVAK."

Yep you said it. Now to be spot on, Just change "Shah" with "khamenei" and "SAVAK", with you know who :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anahid Hojjati

Jason, we had to do this too

by Anahid Hojjati on

one memory I have is having to do that and scream "viv Giscard". that is when Giscard d'Estaing was visiting. I also remember al the effort that "maghamat" did so kids from private schools like Kharazmi, Marjan would be at front not those from poor schools. I remmeber that many kids did not seem to care for Shah but almost all liked Farah.  May be this was 12th Mehr of 1355 that this link is talking about.



Merci Anahaid khanom

by anglophile on

Just a little play with words :)

Anahid Hojjati

wow, anglophile, that was good.

by Anahid Hojjati on

Now wait for JD to see this.


قسمت دوم خاطرات پری بلنده


"از من پرسیدند تو چگون فهمیدی که این اینگلیسا سفلیس و سوزاک دارند؟ گفتم چون خودم این امراض را به آنها دادم. پرسیدند خودت چگونه یافتی که سفلیس و سوزاک داری؟ گفتم چون یکی‌ از علائمش اینست که دائم خیال می‌کنم "جیش دارم". "


Rome came to an end, USA is in decline, the future will belong

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

to russia and china as they climb.

We can restore freedom for Iran one day.

Javid Shah, the future of iran.




Thise who keep looking at rear view mirror...

by Disenchanted on


          will end up in accidents :-)

gorbeh pashmalo

God bless shah of Iran.

by gorbeh pashmalo on

Javid shah

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

Sadly 80% + of iranians are nothing but a whole bunch of wild animals stuck in the middle ages that do not deserve anything better than khamenei and his goons.

Jeesh Daram

نواختن مارش های ارتش آمریکا در مقابل شاه

Jeesh Daram

"بنده در یک ملاقات بسیار خصوصی با شخص شاه و در حضور آقای علم و آقای اردشیر زاهدی، به اعلیحضرت شاهنشاه آریا مهر، اشرف مخلوقات و سایه خدا و پدر ملت ایران عرض کردم،  که شما صلاح نیست در کشوری که دودستی درچنگ انگلستان است اجازه دهید در جشن ها و مراسم نظامی و بدرقه و استقبال از اعلیضرت دام البقا، موزیک و مارش های نظامی آمریکایی نواخته شود.  این بدون شک موجب ناخرسندی دربار انگلستان و سفلیسیون کادر سیاسی انگلستان در تهران خواهد شد و موجب نگرانی بسیار است.  پیشنهاد من آنبود که همان تار و کمانجه را وسط بکشند با سورنا و دهل و بگذارند مردم نفسی بکشند و شیر انگلستان هم بخوابد و آرام آرام نفت را ببرند......ایشان غضب کرد و مرا تا یکسال ممنوع الورود بدربار فرمودند"//.............نقل از خاطرات مرحومه پری بلنده در مصاحبه اش با رادیو بی-بی-سی.  متن کامل بصورت پاورقی در کتابخانه های جلو دانشگاه تهران موجود است و ترجمه انگلیسی آن در کتابخانه کنگره آمریکا بایگانی میباشد


Nation who never understood what he is talking about

by afshinazad on

The king who was trying to modernize the nation and the country and he never understood that this nation doesn't deserve to be better than others, only 40 years before him country was in Gajars hand and nation was starving and there was no law, tribal leaders and war lords and thugs and landlords were doing whatever they wished for, imagine changing society from Taliban society to modern society in short time and with the cold war and domestic and foreign enemies ,shah had no chance, the king who was thinking for his country and nation and he was trying to save the nation from all enemies, he was alone and his foreign enemies knew the nation is nothing but bunch of donkeys and they have been poisoned by Islam and treason is out nations blood, it didn't make much of different how much this nation have, after all they never understood what they have and what they want. the king who never was a dictator but dictatorship was the label from enemies were give to him, which nation up to now you know in 40 year to advance from Taliban system to what we had, democracy and freedom is the only names we Iranian know, if the society is reformed enough to understand and compromise and respect others rights, how this society could be democratic society, which everyone is deep down dictator itself.

Today those who still call him dictator and blame everything on him and lies after lies and accusation after accusation are no one than enemies of our nation like Todeh and comies and islamist groups and even so called nationalist, all these groups helped to destroy the country and hand it to cleric whose wish was to take the country to 1400 year back.

What would be future of Iran that is question today?

Can we compromise and respect others without attacking them?How long these Todeh and Islamist and others will continue to blame shah?

Why shah enemies still blame shah? Which they are the reason where we are? Do they have anything to offer to nation or just they know how to lies about shah which today is very clear to us that he was not the same person was described to nation.

In my opinion we cannot continue doing the same thing that were have doing till now and we have to take the responsibility of our own mistakes, we cannot have the democracy in Iran if we betray each other every day and I am puzzled every day how some Iranian write books and articles and give Interviews in favour of Islamic Regime, where is the dignity and where is the national pride?

Anahid Hojjati

Dictator is the person who thinks

by Anahid Hojjati on

that because he/she does not like certain things, they are not supposed to go on. Many Iranians have this dictator mentality. yaro fekr meekone choon yek cheezi eshghesh neest, nabayad peesh bere. Unfortunately, many of rest of us have that mentality that if some body acts like a dictator, we become scared, as if they can do sh..t. Yes, if they have army and tanks like IRI, they can kill people. But the little dictators operate on misinformation, tricks, trying to once charm people and then scare them. the key is to show them that we have read their hands. We will not be bullied and they are not our bosses.


Help is on the way, look up definition of dictator.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

A King is not a dictator.

So yes down with all forms of Dictatorship, i agree 100%.

What a great King we had.

Pity Iranians have so many disingenuous or misled people to deal with in order to restore their freedom.


When I was a child ,

by jasonrobardas on

in the elementary school. We would be taken out of school and we were each given a small falg and we had to wait and wait for hours .....until the Shah would pass through . This was a whole morning ritual , whenever the Shah came to our hometown. Little children waiting all morning along the street .

   Eventually we would catch a glimps of his snobbish dictatorial derrier !!!What a waste of time for the poor kids ...down with all forms of dictatorship.


Decades later, same mentality!

by Milan on

Just add some reesh and charghat!


Land Reform was a great program for Iran

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The 60's were far happier days for iran, although mullahs despised the laws improving womens rights and tudehs disliked the improvement in the standard of living of workers.  The political extremes were losing their grip on the people and freedom was finally starting to flourish.

Great memories. :-)  I feel gratitude for irans monarchy.

Pedar Nik:your comment on corrupt dirty family of dictator isn't exactly based on truth or anything nik, in order to maintain freedom it is necessary for people to defend the dignity and character of good people.  This family proved beyond a doubt they were and are angels for Iran.

hirre. lying is an ordinary part of life everywhere, the truth on the other hand is evident to most, like people are far more unhappy today without this great & patriotic family over seeing irans freedom, than they were with them.


There is a rule of thumb

by hirre on

The more a state is showing off to the rest of the world, the more is the probability that the leaders are lying and that the people are unhappy...


Selective memory...

by پندارنیک on

At some point the narrator said:"... civic and political leaders, addressing the crowd..." What a bucket of nonsensical propaganda!! Which civic and political leaders? The whole political and daily life was forced to revolve around the dictator Shah, and His corrupt, dirty family. The whole demonstration was enforced by the SAVAK.