People's "extraordinary confidence" in Islamic Republic

Khamenei addresses top officials

Press TV: Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has hailed the wave of Islamic Awakening in the Middle East and North Africa. Ayatollah Khamenei said on Sunday that the Islamic Awakening in the region has been unprecedented since the Islamic Revolution, the official website of the Leader reported. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution made the remarks addressing the heads of the three branches of government, chairman of Iran's Assembly of Experts, a number of Iranian parliament members and military commanders, and many other senior officials of the Islamic Republic.


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The people love it so much

by BacheShirazi on

The people love it so much that he has to cencor them =)


ali geda

by shushtari on

is on crack LOL......I guess that is all he can do to try to save face.....

he knows damn well that the majority of iran hates his guts!!! in fact, it is fact that his plane is on standby to take him to lebanon once the crap hits the fan 



by Arj on

All megalomaniacs suffer from dimentia-related hallucinations towards the end of their reign that prevents them from perceiving the reality around them. That is why when they fall, they go nose first!


Pathological Liars wonder why no one has any trust for them.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Mullahs are Irans pathological liars, they have disgraced their islam and pushed it out of the heart and minds of the people.

This is not politics, it is ignorance at work.


The Islamic Republic or "Nezaam"

by Benyamin on

The IR is an intity that is based on a totally made up idealogy and have been in power for the past 32 years for lack of a better opposition and ideaology or because IR have successfully been able to ashame any other thinking as "anti-god" type ideaology!

The "Nezaam" is more important than the lives of the youths and the people in Iran that is precisely why Nationalism is a sin because nothing is more important than "Nezaam", therfore saving "Nezaam" is more than a duty it equals worshipping god and it is ok to "kill" and "torture" anyone to save the "Nezaam"!!!

Things are getting very close to a situation which being a supporter of IR or a high ranking of the "Nezaam" equals treason and just believeing in IR will result anyone to go to jail. just like Nazis in most of the western world.

We need a viable, responssible, unified opposition


reminds me

by RostamZ on

Of  dumb and dumber movie.


Sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i don't

by عموجان on

What a great joy it is to watch him release hot air, Great speech.



by hirre on

This is the first time I have ever heard him talking about specific problems in different domains in the society... The only problem is that the IR will never correct those problems due to power corruptness and the iranian people inside Iran still haven't found anything to give their lifes for (compared to the syrians)...

Maryam Hojjat

Shame on those people who are listening to this crap

by Maryam Hojjat on

Shame on this velayet e  Vaghih who lies to the face of people. 

Curious Joe

The Twitching, Constantly Moving, Nervous Audience

by Curious Joe on

Look at the crowd, supposedly listening to this clown.  They are all twitching, banging their legs, moving their feet nervously up & down -- clearly demonstrating they have no patience/reason except "being forced" to listen to this BS. 

They all look bored stiff, and by the way, where are the women in the audience?   What a charade...


tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

k***s o sher goftan  ke maaliyat nadareh!


آش آنقدر شور شد که خان هم فهمید


حالا برو بگو امسال سال جهاد اقتصادی است و سعی کن اقتصاد را با حرف یا مفت درست کنی. در ضمن این جماعت آخوند را نگاه نکن بابا جان، بقیه مردم کار می کنند. اما حالا که شما هم فرمودید بیت المال را غارت می کنند معلوم شد کفگیرها به ته دیگ خورده است و سگها به دریدن تهیگاه یکدگر مشغول گشته اند.



by RostamZ on

I love this clown. The funniest one ever.


What a Joke, First You create an Injustice, then you praise it!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The heads of the three branches of government are all made up of either criminals or watermelon salesmen.  What confidence?


Is his holiness

by onlyinamrica on

Aware of what is going on in his velayat e Iran?