Sex education

Produced with approval of Islamic Guidance Ministry

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What if "the moment is

by varjavand on

What if "the moment is right" and she is not ready?!


Coming up!

by Arj on

Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes on fetish, bondage, S&M, femdom... courtesy of IRIB!!!

hajj khnom


hajj khnom

کتاب خمینی و بقیه آخوندها را لطفآ مطالعه بفرماید. قسمت اعظم این کتابها در رابطه با سکس است و بس


I wonder how Ahmadi Nejad prepares himself before the action...

by Marathon-Man on

I have to say for once the IRI TV has broadcast something useful and informative although very old and out of date.

I think it would have been much easier if they put in action rather making the viwers using their imaginations. lol

I have to say the Doctor sounds very very exprience indeed but saying trying it 4 times a night is beeing over confident.



Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

هرچند در نوع خود آوانگارد است ولی 

وشگون نگیر خنج ننداز زیاد نبوس و نوازش نکن، برو بیات هم انداره باشه ...!

بالاخره باید سپرد به دست هرچه خوش بود رو انجام دادن یا بشینیم از قبل جدول زمان بندی درست کنیم؟؟



by yolanda on

I had a long day....when I got home, I visited IC 1st........under the Iranian of Day section, I saw a pink picture.......initially, I thought it is the skeleton of big horn sheep, and then I realized that it is woman's ovary.

I read in the news that this sex ed video is flying off the shelf in is some type of taboo breaking/milestone video............but apparently they can't even use the pictures of real thing to illustrate the "mechanism",........has to use flowers to symbolize human body! very creative :O))

I guess if they use the picture of real thing, the video will be classified as porn!

Anahid Hojjati

goosh koneed bacheha

by Anahid Hojjati on

harekat koneed. Hama baham. Bacheha maa baa shomaa hasteem.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

نصیحت دکتر به خانم‌های ایرانی‌

"از تو حرکت از من برکت"



He failed to mention

by BabakNeekpey on

ajab mah ramazoon e bahali e emsal

Any substitute in the possiable absence of "vacume tube"??


Sex 102 Persian ladies ...dont u have any comments??

by BabakNeekpey on

Next sesion please discuss P O S I T I O N SAS FAR AS I KNOW Iranian women need to learn how to be on top.And its not only on thursday nights.Besides, Kissing should be much longer than few seconds.In future please consider the role of nutrition & sexualityTrully IR has come of age now; will no longer execute MEK,allows open talk on mass media, Gherati speaks of making people laughSO WHY THE HELL DO THIS TO OUR UOUTH AT " Abo Atash water park"???'n


Sex therapy

by BabakNeekpey on

Agha man k hal kardam va yad ghereftam.I did not know urination b4 intercorse is beneficial.You ladies who want to get rid of this precious semen immediatly after sex remember to keep it inside to be absorbed by your body; helps your skin.Baba man k har rooz meeram gym o khodamo meesazam baza k.... Khabari neest!!!

Jeesh Daram

سیگار بعدش

Jeesh Daram

دولت جمهوری اسلامی که در طی این سی و دو سال کمکهای نقدی و مالی بمردم کرده است، اکنون جای آن دارد که بعد از پخش چنین ویدیویی در شبکه ملی، لااقل برای رفاه عموم، توزیع کمکهای جنسی را نیز شروع کند.  وگرنه دیگرکیست که توی این دوره از قدرت زبان در لمس کردن پوست و یا مالیدن بل بل گوش بی خبر باشد.  در قسمت دوم این برنامه که هفته آینده پخش میگردد، در مورد آنکه سیگار بعدش  خیلی میچسبد صحبت خواهد شد


They Forgot to say, This is our National Right

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

And that nothing will stop the love train,

Our nation is now among the club of nations that can talk about sex

and we will engage in such discussions only if we are respected as equals and

with no preconditions.

We will continue to have 60 year old men give instructions on how to create arousal and proper technique no matter how much we are condemned, those words have o legal value to us.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

ما از این جریانِ عشق بازی و سر به فلانِ جنس مخالف گذاشتن بی‌ خبر هستیم،حضراتِ ازدواج کرده پیش پا گذارند و کلاسِ اکابر در این زمینه تشکیل دهند و ما را به شاگردی قبول نمایند که حقیریم در زمینه ارتباطِ با نسوان و فقیر در زمینه بمال بمال !

Ari Siletz

لنگه کفش کهنه

Ari Siletz

این حرف هارو که تو هر مجله‌ای تو آمریکا می‌شه خوند. اگر
مردی، دکتر جون، در مورد اسلوب صحیح نزدیکی‌ با چهار تا زن توضیحاتی‌

ولی‌ خوب، بی‌ انصافی نباشد، پیشرفتی هست. لنگه کفش کهنه...



Funny Souri!

by Faramarz on

Really Funny!

Saman Ahmadi

and the music from

by Saman Ahmadi on

"2001 A Space Odyssey"

Saman Ahmadi

why are all the technical terms in

by Saman Ahmadi on

english? "estop and estart"?




by Souri on

I just read your comment, mordam az khandeh:

"an instruction manual from IKEA on how to assemble a table 

Sooooooo funny!

What to do with the extra parts and pieces ?

Ususally we keep them for a rainy day, when a part goes missing or broken ;-)


Bazam begin Jomhouri Eslami badeh....!

by Souri on

You guys are never happy , ha be khoda !!!



روش جفت گیری اسلامی!



درس که چه عرض کنم دستور جفتگیری بود!

استاد اعظم میگن بیخودی همه جا را لمس نکنین!

چشم هر چی شما بگین!

This clip was like an instruction manual from IKEA on how to assemble a table

?What do I do with the extra parts and pieces


Allah o Akbar #3

by comments on

Can the instruction be simulated for husband&apos?


Allah o Akbar #2

by comments on

I am curious how many males masturbated for this video in Iran?!


Allah o Akbar #1

by comments on

....شما مردان هم باید برای بهرهمندی آنان خودتان را آرایش و مراتب کنید.... 

Soosan Khanoom

LOL ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

how romantic !!!!  especially the vacuum thingy .....






by Parham on

That beginning sequence (the flowers) has been taken out of a Monty Python movie.

Jahanshah Javid

khaak beh saram!

by Jahanshah Javid on

they suppress normal sexual relations and expression and don't talk about it in public for 30+ years and then come out with this mix of science, fiction and superstition. allah o akbar!

daareh haalam bad misheh... excuse me for a minute!


What is going on here? Who is in charge of this station.Fire eve

by Sialashgar on

Nafahmeedam as kay to halla Ma as een barnameha neshoon meedeam.Nabeenam dega.Bereen gom sheen hamatoon.Eaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Shah Hossein