Shah: Popularity, Dissidents

If a leader is not popular, he'll be kicked out, he says



JJ you're good at seeing different points of view...

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what do you think about this article?




JJ good points

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breathtaking arrogance... one dictator after the other from the beginning of history till the end of time...

This vicious cycle will go on forever unless we learn to govern
ourselves, instead of being governed, instead of allowing madmen to take
power and keep it all to themselves, above the law, uncontested,
permanently, until another coup or revolution comes along.


So reading this, you ackowledge that the problem was not the shah or monarchy, but the people.  3rd world, backward, and it as only the magnanimous nature of the shah which helped put iran on a progressive course, which had it continued would see Iranians governing themselves.

Having a Shah was better than being governed by the dictates of USA/UK/France/Germany.

The Arrogance is from the sense of deep seated insecurity that one feels when they are serving people generously, but you just see the people have few highly principalled or idealistic among them and fear for yourself.  Its a defense mechanism, have you ever tried leading a group of back stabbing crooks? You'd know the feeling.

As for Iran producing Khomeini types, that will come to an end once iranian culture is liberated from islam and lead by a good king like MRP hand in hand with a good people.


Re: Supreme Arrogance

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"one dictator after the other from the beginning of history till the end of time... ..allowing madmen to take power and keep it all to themselves, above the law, uncontested" Jahanshah Javid

That need education my friend. Illetracy was about 90% when shah took the office in 1940. By sending "Sepahe Danesh" to villeages and remote area of country the illetracy rate dropped from 90% to 45% by the late 70's. With all shah's effort to fight against illeracy, many people still saw Khomainie's picture on the surface of the moon in 1979.

Jeesh Daram


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To P-J and Gorbeh Pasmaloo. Thanks for the notes.


از حرف تا عمل


اگر راست میگفت حرف نداشت ولی افسوس که همه اش حرف بود . 

maziar 58

who wants

by maziar 58 on

what ?

jj if there should be a change(bloodless) hopefuly 

By popolar votes we 've these peoples on menu

Reza pahlavi  his only mission is to bring prosperity and fresh air to iranians as he claim and he wishes no position to lead or any if iranian wishes so.

Bani sadr  claims he is still president in exile and wants mollah to leave first.

Rajavi claims she was choosen to be president and we don't want to know about massoud now.

Mojtaba says his father was orderd in dream by mahdi!! to leave the vf  post to him  before iran goes to the hand of monafeghins .

no one from ghajar yet claim to come to tehrane kasif when they have paghi (paris) or london to live.

some others may come to the list if the issue come closer to reality.

peace                      Maziar

gorbeh pashmalo

The interviewer is Mike Wallace NOT Mike Russel!

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You can't even run your website without resorting to all sorts of harsh practices (e.g., deleting, banning, and blocking, etc.) just to make your so-called civilized and democratic-minded Iranian clients respecting your rules and regulations...!

Shah had to deal with a bunch of barbaric Iraqi Arabs in the West, a bunch of barbaric Afghans/Pakis in the East, a bunch of criminal Soviet communists in the North, 30 million barbaric akhhoonds, commies, mujaheds, JMs, thugs, lazy, thieves, and every low-lives inside Iran while simultaneously making all sorts of concessions with the Americans and the Brits just to dodge not getting undermined by them.

The very fact that he survived 37 years was a miracle of its own! And standard of living for Iranians was orders of magnitude better back then than now even compared to West.  

Next time you people want to utter opinion about the Shah, first take your hindsight glasses off, put yourself in the conditions and realities of that era, and then pass judgments about his behavior, practices, and performance.

Darius Kadivar

That's Not True JJ ...and You Should know better

by Darius Kadivar on

But first allow me to apologize for not offering my argumented rebuttal to your statement immediately but It's 1 AM 00 in the morning in the Country of Voltaire and Montesquieu and I have an important meeting tomorrow and need some sleep to think straight. 


But I do look forward to a healthy debate on this issue in a near future. 

So please stay tuned for my response on this thread or in an upcoming blog. 

Thank you for your patience and eventual interest. 

Warm Regards,




Jahanshah Javid

Pahlavi Monarchy

by Jahanshah Javid on

Those who wish to bring the monarchy back are not just saying so because they think it is the best form of government for Iran. They are specifically seeking the return the Pahlavi family. They'll have a heart attack if a Qajar becomes king, or an Afshar or a Safavi or any one else.

So, be honest and just say you just want the Pahlavis back in power instead of saying how great it would be to have a monarchy. And why the Pahlavis? Because it says "Shah" on their forehead and their DNA spells "monarchy".

Darius Kadivar

Who Said 'Republicanism' Necessarily Equates 'Democracy' ?

by Darius Kadivar on


Same... Different Clothes!

by HHH on

Shah killed with the excuse of "Betraying the country", Islamic Republic kills with the excuse of "Betraying the Islam", same ... different clothes.

We deserve a human in the leadership post. Or better yet, we deserve no leadership post, but people-leadership or democracy.


To Live in the PAST, or NOT!

by P_J on

This man was as ILL, suffering, among all other diseases, from a heavy dosage of megalomania and not unlike all other dictators.

But, we should move on and plan for a more prosperous future.   Today a large percentage of Iranians are college educated…they are building satellites, involved in nanotechnology, a far departure from where we were 30 or 50 years ago.

According to the UN, Iran has one of the highest rates of literacy in the world.   So, everything is ready for a great take off!

Past is gone, although we should learn from it, but we definitely should not live in it.

To Jeesh Daram:  I love your pen name, and your sense of humor is not bad either!

Anahid Hojjati

Moving forward is indeed the best

by Anahid Hojjati on

Some day we will have a better government in Iran. Better than Shah and better than IRI.

Jeesh Daram

چشمهای شاه

Jeesh Daram

" در جلسه ای که قبل از این مصاحبه تشکیل شد و آقایان علم، آتابای، شریف امامی، قدس نخعی و دکتر باهری حضور داشند، به شخص اعلیحضرت، اشرف مخلوقات و سایه خدا عرض کردم که شما مواظب این مردک مصاحبه گر "مایک والاس" باشید که او از آن یهودیان زرنگ است و کارش فروش اجناس زیرخاکی و چپاندن به خلق الله است و اگر غفلت کنید هم بشما توهین میکند (که کرد) و هم فتیله پیچتان مینماید.  شاه پرسید چکار کنم، عرض کردم توی دوربین خیره نشوید و عصبانی هم نشوید و نفس عمیق بکشید.  خدا بیامرز گوش نکرد و مثل آن کارآگاه پلیس فرانسه در فیلم پلنگ صورتی شروع کرد عصبانی شدن و چشمها را آن حالت خرکچی گری رضاخانی دادن و خلاصه یک گزک خوبی داد دست مایک والاس که برگردد به آمریکا و بگوید شاه هم یک دیکتاتور بیش نیست و کم کم پایه های جمهوری اسلامی را باید برای آن مملکت ریخت و تکلیف آن ملت را باید داد بدست امام زمان و سفیر انگلستان "چون ازدست ما که کاری بر نمی آید".   خلاصه روز عجیبی بود و ما همه نگران عواقب بد آن مصاحبه.  جلسه تعطیل شد و ما را مرخص کردند و ماهم در همان باغ صاحبقرانیه پشت یکی از آن درختان چنار یک شاش سیری کردیم و به دونی روزگار بسیار اندیشه نمودیم، چه او نمیدانست که دشمنانش کمونیست ها نبودند و فقط دولت انگلستان بود و بس........"// از خاطرات بهلول درویش بجه بازی که مرتب در تجریش گوشه خیابان دربند میپلکید....و احتمالا برای انگلیس هم جاسوسی میکرد.  متن کامل این مصاحبه در آرشیوهای دولت انگلستان موجود است


Father figure!

by Arj on

Tafar'on (adopted from Arabic), is an attribue of a leader who has taken righteousness to a level of god-like status as per the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. However, "father figure" is the other side of the coin of a self-righteous dictator's ploy to justify his chockehold of a nation. Interestingly, Shah's father figure claim at the beginning of the clip here is immediately belied by his extreme zeal for the use of violence (tafar'on) vis a vis the opposition "for being Marxist and betraying their country!"

Not unlike Khamenei or any other megalomeniac, he tries to hide his lust for power with a sense of false humility as in, "I can forgive those who kidnapped my family, but..." Whereas, the two dissidents referred to here are probably Khosro Golesorkhi (a journalist) and Keramat Daneshian (a film maker) who were executed on trumped up charges of "planning to kidnap the royal family!" Khamenei too said he'll forgive those who burned his pictures, yet the whole world witnessed how he dealt with them.

Tendency to talk from both sides of their mouth and having their own version of reality seem to be the fundamental traits of all dictators. What's ironic here is that they all share the impression that they're close to their people! Even at the height of their unpopularity!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

my suggestion ?
who am I to prescribe...........
noskheh pichi mamnoo ast.
But a FREE Iran and prosperous Iranian is/was/will be on my wish list.Maziar

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

What about Americans? Obama sucks? They'll vote for someone else next time.

What is your suggestion for a system of government better than a democracy? One man ruling by himself as king, or a bunch of ayatollahs ruling in the name of god? Or Marxists in the name of the working class?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

how nice to be able to put together few nice and meaningless sentences while sipping latte just to show our own openness, while millions of our peoples are still suffering inside and outside of our motherland .

picture 1000's on American streets smashing windows,putting fire to the cars AND asking simply we want  "jobs and affordable living" .

Does USA responds to them like: OOH I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN EXACTLY.


Jahanshah Javid

Moving forward

by Jahanshah Javid on

Was the shah better than the ayatollahs? yes, much better. would it have better if the revolution never happened? of course. but the past is over and done with. do we want to go back to the shah's era or should we move forward to something better, something more stable, something based on the will of the people, not the whims of one man, or the clergy, or the military, decide what's best for an entire nation?


Overwhelming Megalomania

by jasonrobardas on

     Through "Monarchy" , he had inherited omnipotence, self- rightousness  and grandeur to rule over this pitiful nation of a lower social status . In a country where abject poverty and political stagnation went hand in hand, no wonder Marxism and the promise of a "classless society " seemed  attractive to the intelligencia .

Jahanshah Javid

Supreme Arrogance

by Jahanshah Javid on

breathtaking arrogance... one dictator after the other from the beginning of history till the end of time...

This vicious cycle will go on forever unless we learn to govern ourselves, instead of being governed, instead of allowing madmen to take power and keep it all to themselves, above the law, uncontested, permanently, until another coup or revolution comes along.