Shahpasand TV Commercial

Cooking oil TV advertising, circa 1963, with Bita Tabatabai


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by yolanda on

     LOL! You don't need to be a facebook member to visit the front page of her website......her photo is there, now she is a brunette......I think her smile is very similar to her childhood smile.......her webpage is private on only her friends can access to her entire webpage.......

Oh, if you convert  100/9  into Fahrenheit, that will be her current age! :O)

Here is another Shahpasand commercial:


Bita is an Environmental engineer:



Multiple Personality Disorder

I'm not a member of Facebook,,,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

,,, so I don't know what Bita Tabatabai has on her Facebook Page.  Can someone please post some information here about her..  I was really in love with her when I was a kid.  Is she healthy?  I mean, since she only ate food that was cooked with Shahpasand cooking oil, did that have any effect on her health?



by Reality-Bites on

At the risk stating the obvious: maybe they renamed the company "Mullah pasand".

Jeesh Daram

روغن شاه پسند

Jeesh Daram

آری بعد از انقلاب هم این کارخانه بکار خودش با نام "کارخانه روغنهای سنگین" ادامه داد و امروزه بهترین تولیداتش از این قرارند:   روغن گیربکس، روغن گیریس، روغن واسکازین، وازلین و پارافین و روغن چرخ خیاطی.  چه پدری این روغن شاه پسند از ما در آورد و تمام روغنهای کرمانشاه به فرانسه صادر میشد و میشود.  خود اعلیحضرت هم لب به این روغن ها که باسم ایشان میفروختند نزد

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Such a sweet commercial :)

I'm pretty sure the company that produced the oil continued operating after 1979. But I don't know what new name they picked.



by yolanda on

She has a facebook page and she is based in Irvine, CA



Multiple Personality Disorder

Wow! What a treasure to find!!! :O)

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I remember this commercial very well, just like it was yesterday!  Do you have any information about Bita Tabatabai, and the mother in the commercial?  Is there any information on the Shahpasand cooking oil.  Is it still around, under a different name of course, like Akhoodpasand?

Thank you for finding this.