Britain "needed to be slapped"

Friday prayer leader says sanctions will do no harm

Press TV: A senior Iranian cleric has dismissed the UK-backed sanctions imposed on Iran as a mere propaganda campaign and praised Tehran's having downgraded its diplomatic relations with London. Addressing a gathering of military forces on Wednesday, Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami noted that the British government had always been involved in hatching plots against Iran, ISNA reported. Khatami said the sanctions brought into force against Iran by the US and the Western countries had not only been ineffective, but had also had propelled the country towards further progress >>>


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Mardereh For Stupi Mullah

by jmyt17 on

I think they need to go back to that dirty school were they grow up.Looking of a day when they LOOKIG FOR A CHADOOR TO SCAPE>MULLAH I HOPE you have a same ball in your pants when they time stop for all of you.



Goosh-Maali doesn't mean "slap"

by deev on

Please be mindful of the impact of your translation when it's on a public forum, fat bastard said England needs an "ear pulling" not slapping!


This is like a bad movie played again and again! ;-)

by Disenchanted on


           Here is a test: Play a tape of Friday player from 20 years ago and one from last week to an unsuspecting audience. There is no way they can tell which one is which! Same old story, same old speech, same slogans!



Ungrateful servant

by divaneh on

No one talks like this about his ex master. Having a new Russian master does not mean that you have to bad mouth your old master.


I never thought I would say this about a person

by RostamZ on

But I hate this guy.

Jeesh Daram

The more...

by Jeesh Daram on

The more IRI openly criticizes the British and condemns them, the more I am convinced that the whole thing is nothing but another well executed plan by her majesty's (my foot) government. Now, folks start making your choices for who do you want them to install for the next three decades:

1-Moderate Islamic Regime?

2-Progressive Islamic Regime?

3-Hard core military Islamic regime?

4-Egyptian style military democracy with Islamic infused election?

5-Multiple Islamic state with each region having its own religious leader for self-ruling?

I mean don't be choosy, even Carter is still alive and can come as an observer for a fair election in Iran, if need be.


Slap enemies but execute people

by عموجان on


Great policy. They lapped Americans, They slapped Israel, French, Russian, not china yet, oh yes they did slapped Arabs too. But no mercy for Iranian people, one wrong doing and they are gone, dead.  

Isn’t this enough to believe these people aren’t Iranian

Koda ye pooly be mo bede ye aghly be inha